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Report and Group Variables in Reporting Services - MSBI

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Report and Group Variables in Reporting Services - MSBI


The variables are of two types. They are

  • a) Report variable
  • b) Group variable

Report Variables

This variable is used across anywhere in the report

Report Menu → Report → properties → variables → Add  → Name : PINC

                                              Expression window:

                                             Set the expression


                                                       Click Ok

Go to text box → rt click expression → expression window

              = fields! Partyincome.value * variables! PINC.value click ok

Note:- We cannot use in calculated or query fields

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Group Variables:

These are used within the same group only group → group properties → variables → add → NAME (PIC) → Expression (=12/100)

Creating a Query Field

  • These query fields added at data set level
  • No calculations allowed for these fields
  • Data set (DST_DBMSBI) → rt click → Dataset properties → Fields → add → select query field → OK

Adding calculated fields: 
Here the fields are created based on Calculation.

dataset properties → fields → Data set → rt click → Add.calculated field → Party Inc _DWH → expression → = fields! Partyincome.value *12.100 → OK


  1. This calculated field perform the operation while it is retrieving from source (according to situation)
  2. This field is usable across anywhere without rewriting calculation

Frequently Asked MSBI Interview Questions & Answers

Data Set Properties

a) Query:- 2) Name, Data source, query Type → text → Query: *Refresh fields → If the data in the sources change, to get the fresh data, this option is useful
b) parameters
c) fields
d) Options → Here options are case sensitive
e) Filter:- It filters the data of the dataset

Working with page header and footer:

 Working with page header and footerTool box → image option → take image → Embedded → Import image → Image properties → general → name → size → In Display → select the option fit to size

 RT click → Text box properties → Expression

For expression → RT click → Text box properties → Expression

  • Globals! Reportname & VBCRLF & Globals! Execution Time
  • Globals! Pagenumber & “_TO_” & Globals! Total pages
  • Total Income::” & Sum (Reportitems (“Partyincome”).Value) 
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