Report and Group Variables in Reporting Services


The variables are of two types. They are

a) Report variable

b) Group variable

Report Variables

This variable is used across anywhere in the report


Report Menu → Report → properties → variables → Add  → Name : PINC


                                                                                                                        Expression window:

                                                                                                                         Set the expression


                                                                                                                             Click Ok

Go to text box → rt click expression → expression window

              = fields! Partyincome.value * variables! PINC.value click ok

Note:- We cannot use in calculated or query fields

Group Variables:

These are used within the same group only group → group properties → variables → add → NAME (PIC) → Expression (=12/100)

Creating a Query Field

  • These query fields added at data set level
  • No calculations allowed for these fields
  • Data set (DST_DBMSBI) → rt click → Dataset properties → Fields → add → select query field → OK

Adding calculated fields: 

Here the fields are created based on Calculation.


dataset properties → fields → Data set → rt click → Add.calculated field → Party Inc _DWH → expression → = fields! Partyincome.value *12.100 → OK


  1. This calculated field perform the operation while it is retrieving from source (according to situation)
  2. This field is usable across anywhere without rewriting calculation

Data Set Properties

a) Query:- 2) Name, Data source, query Type → text → Query: *Refresh fields → If the data in the sources change, to get the fresh data, this option is useful

b) parameters

c) fields

d) Options → Here options are case sensitive

e) Filter:- It filters the data of the dataset

Working with page header and footer:


Tool box → image option → take image → Embedded → Import image → Image properties → general → name → size → In Display → select the option fit to size


For expression → RT click → Text box properties → Expression

  1. Globals! Reportname & VBCRLF & Globals! Execution Time
  2. Globals! Pagenumber & “_TO_” & Globals! Total pages
  3. Total Income::” & Sum (Reportitems (“Partyincome”).Value)

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