SQL Server 2008 R2 – LookUp Enhancement in SSRS

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LookUp Enhancement in SSRS 2008 R2

The look up enhancement functions available in 2008 in below navigation

Go to Text book (Table) → RT click → Expression → category → common functions → miscellaneous →

Item →  In scope

→  Look up

→ Look upset

→ Multi look up


  • Look up (source column, destination column, result set, data set
  • Look upset (source column, Destination column, Result set, data set
  • Multi look up (source column, Destination column, Result set, data set

Look up function usage (single value relations)


a) Create 2 data sets for emp, dept ie, EDS, DDS

b) Expression properties:

= Lookup (fields! Emp.DID, Fields! Dept. DID, Fields! Dept. D Name

O/P:          EMP Table                              Dept Table

                                EID         EN                        DID          D NAME

1              X                            10               IT

2              X                           20              HR

Look up set: set of values (or) Result set relations

Eg:- For DID in Dept, mutti emp Id’s in emp

= Join (look up set (fields! Dept. DID

Fields 1 Emp. DID. Fields ! Emp.EID .”EDS” ) “,” )

o/p :-                    D ID      D NAME        E ID

10           IT                  1    4        7
2    5        8
3    6        9

Multi Look Up:

Generally multi lookup use at the time of multi valued the parameters because users can send multiple values.

This lookup returns based on every value, passed from the source in multi value list.

JOIN (multi look up (fields! Dept. DID, fields! emplDID, Fields! EMP.Did. “EDS”) , (“\”)

Displaying different colors for text box value:

Party code textbox → press F4 → color properties → In Expression window → =Code. Getcolor (Fields! Partycode.value)

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