Action Properties Dialog Box (Report Builder and SSRS)

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Action Properties

a) Go to report → refer to the drill through report concept for this action
b) Go to URL:  → Calling a URL while doing report actions.

Ex: After clicking respective party location value it displays respective URL location.

Sol: = Switch (fields! Partyloc.value= “HYD”,


Fields! Partyloc.value=”CHE”,


Fields! Party loc.value = “MUM”,


is nothing (fields! Paryt loc.value), Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.)

c) Go to book Mark :  → Refer to the chart report concept where there is an example for book mark option

More examples for custom coding

1. Take this code in Report properties public function vinay msg (by val opp as string) as str Return “MSBI opportunities at 11 & opp end function

2. In text box → expression write the below

= code. Vinay msg (“DWH Technologies”)

Adding custom Assemblies

1) Open an instance of vs.net and create a new class library template. Here I am using C# (you can use any language). Give it a name “vinayhib” and specify its locate on.

2) Rename class1.cs to welcome class. Cs, open it and add the following methods to the class

Public string vinay msg (string name)

{return “MSBI opportunities at “+ name:}

Public static string svinay msg (string name)

{return “MSBI opportunities at “ + name:}

In the above case two methods

  • Static
  • Normal

3) Build project, take “vinaylib.dll” in bin\debug folder to “\IDE\ private Assemblies” in your machine.

4) Go to report, report  → report properties → references       ↓

Browse: vinay lib.dlc ←             Add     ←     ↓

Add (or) remove classes:

Click ← Add

Class Name                                           Instance name

Vinaylib. Welcome class.cs             My welcome class

5) Take text box and call the functions with the below syntaxes

a) = code.class instance name. Instance method name (List of Para)

b) = assemblyname.classname. staticmethodname (list of para)


  • =code. Mywelcomeclass. Vinaymsg(“DWHTechnologies”)
  •  =Vinaylib.welcomeclass. Svinaymsg(“DWHTechnologies”)

6) Copy “vinayhib.dll” in “\Report server\bin” folder in you machine

7)  deploy and see the results.

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