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How to Create Drill Down report in SSRS 2008

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Drill Down Report

With in the same report we want to do navigations like expansions, collapsion …. Etc then we got for drill down report


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Note:-  This report is use full to per from top down (or)
“Bottom UP” analysis.

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Drill Through Reports

Moving from one report to a another report based on report action
1) Create a new report → report 2 (name specify)
2) Create a parameter like the below in the report view → Report data → parameters → rt click → Add parameter →
Name : Varloc
Click ok
3) The report 2 → data set → query
Add the below condition where party Loc=@VARLOC
4) Go to Main report.
report 1 → go to textbox → partyLoc → rt Click → text box properties → actions → go to report (option) select the report from the list :  [Report 2]


5) Browse the report 1 and click the location. So that it goes to the other report (i.e, report 2) and displays the corresponding content

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