How to Create Drill Down report in SSRS 2008

Drill Down Report

With in the same report we want to do navigations like expansions, collapsion …. Etc then we got for drill down report


Note:-  This report is use full to per from top down (or)
“Bottom UP” analysis.

Drill Through Reports

Moving from one report to a another report based on report action
1) Create a new report → report 2 (name specify)
2) Create a parameter like the below in the report view → Report data → parameters → rt click → Add parameter →
Name : Varloc
Click ok
3) The report 2 → data set → query
Add the below condition where party Loc=@VARLOC
4) Go to Main report.
report 1 → go to textbox → partyLoc → rt Click → text box properties → actions → go to report (option) select the report from the list :  [Report 2]


5) Browse the report 1 and click the location. So that it goes to the other report (i.e, report 2) and displays the corresponding content
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