MSBI Advantages and Its Data Evaluation Stages

MSBI Competitive Advantages

1) It is a single suite for end-to-end business solution.

2) It has extended capability for extraction, transformation and loading.

3) Low cost TCO [Total cost of ownership]

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cheaper price

4) Highly scalable – It supports multiple instances to connect o the server without sacrificing its performances.

Before 2008                    2008 onwards

    Instances                               Instances

     Linearly                        Performance(server)

– The BMI is said to be “linear scalable application” due to having CMS (central management server) and PBM (policy Based Management) servers. (“2008R2”).

Full compatibility between the components of MSBI

– All components runs in the single runtime called ‘CLR’ [common language runtime].

i.e., it is having similar coding, Notation (naming).

– Full support to .Net, XML. and webservices (universal language)

– MSBI provides very good support to the semiware house application (if we are reusing OLTP functionality in ware house.

Data Evaluation Stages

System Type Time Taken No.of rows it operates
OLTP(Online Transaction Processing)Ex: Immediate operations booking tickets, movie tickets etc… Seconds Less
DSS(Decision Support System)Ex: The no.of saving account opened in year 2009 and 2010 Minutes/ hours More
OLCP(Online Complex Processing)Ex: Loan Application Minutes/hrs/days More
OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) Minutes/hrs/days More

 OLTP and DSS are Traditional systems

 OLCP and OLAP are Modern system

 Ex: The no of saving accounts opened for the year 2009 & 2010 every month wise and every location of INDIA & SINGAPORE.

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