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Importance Of Selenium:

Gadgets around as are becoming smarter at a very fast rate. One of the major credits for this goes to the software and web application development sector. It is very much true that most of the tasks that were once performed manually are now widely performed through software. Another leading reason is increasing number of users of the internet. Well, we soon have 6 billion-plus users on the internet in 2019. With such a wide spectrum of users, something that always matters is the accuracy of the software or the web application performing a concerned task. You might have no idea but the fact is software testing is becoming a great career options and platforms like Selenium have widely contributed in this matter. Of course, it would be good for you to learn this framework in order to gain exponential potential in your career. There are actually certain reasons for this. Check out the top 10 reasons why you should learn Selenium in below paragraphs.

10. Skills required are not so complex
9.  Overall demand and skill shortage 
8.  Its data-driven and creative
7.  You can constantly learn
6.  It seems repeating same task daily but actually it’s not
5.  Software testing is a rewarding job
4.  Can simply boost your career
3.  Improves your decision making
2.  You could be a person with patience
1.  Endless opportunities

Let us now explore these reasons in a bit detailed manner

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10. Skills required are not so complex

Learning Selenium is not at all a big deal when it comes to skills. Those who are prospective trainers can easily keep up the pace without worrying about anything.

  •  The communication, technical, non-technical, analytical, productivity and other skills that you need to keep up the pace with Selenium are not very difficult. Ushers always have the ability to make sure that they are gaining the true potential.
  • Due to the availability of wide support with this framework, learners can always make sure that they have the best solutions available to all their problems and best answers to all their questions too.
  •  Selenium is free from all the issues that are common with software testing software. Any sort of web application and software can easily be tested with it without worrying about anything.
  •  With respect to the availability of a very large number of resources, it is possible to gain required skills easily.

 The overall demand of this technology and the certified & experienced professionals in it has grown upto a good extent in recent years.

9. Overall demand and skill shortage 

  •  Those with good skills and learning ability in Selenium can always make sure to have the best jobs with them after completing their certification. 
  •  A significant growth has been seen in the overall salaries of the experts. Many organizations have started hiring the professionals in this IT domain at a very large scale.
  •  Due to more demand and less resource availability, the experts have good reasons to negotiate on the salary.
  •  Due to huge demand, the overall number of vacant jobs has enhanced and it is also true that a lot of new future jobs will also be there in the time to come.

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8. Its data driven and creative

This is another leading reason to pursue career in this domain. The data driven and creative approach simply make sure of skills that no other domain can provide to the learners. In addition to this, learners can always make sure of knowledge beyond expectation.

  •  The good thing is you can enjoy a lot of innovation while learning the software testing. Although it seems similar to the job of a detector, you need to introduce yourself with various new terms that can simply make sure of learning new methods every day.
  •  Finding inconsistencies is something that automatically enable users to think innovatively.
  •  The data driven approach of this technology simply let you eliminate all the batteries to your knowledge and the best part is you can simply gain your knowledge on the various in’s and out’s of the web applications and software.

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7. You can constantly learn

Constant learning is very important in the present time. You might have no idea but the fact is it could be the reason to enable you gains the best available jobs. Also, you can stay updated with the latest trends in the testing and various other IT domains.

  •  Software testing experts can always make sure of having a supportive team behind you. Team work let you introduce yourself with something you couldn’t know about.
  •  Because this is a practice work, learners can always make sure of having new skills in front of them which is widely regarded as the finest source of knowledge for the testers.
  •  Learning new things always give you opportunities to strength your skills and can easily cop up with the situations which are challenging and daunting.

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6. It seems repeating same task daily but actually it’s not

  •  Learners can always make sure of growth as the work on different projects that seems similar but actually it not.
  •  Bugs and glitches are not always similar in nature and behavior. Each software and web application needs to be examined carefully. This introduces you to the core segments of the applications and software.
  •  This is exactly what that makes it a simple yet powerful domain.
  •  Finding the bugs is always a fun .

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5. Software testing is a rewarding job

  •  Rewards in the job is something that always give your reason to stay motivated with your work.
  •  Software testing through Selenium is always a specialized skill. You will be having in-depth knowledge of the software development sector in a very short time period.
  •  Because you are assisting your organization in bringing quality to the market, a part of the credit for the same will probably goes to you also.
  •  Organization goals can simply be achieved and when you are a part of same, probably you will be given a lot of rewards for the same.
  •  Many professionals can easily boost their impact on the job because of no other reason than this.

4. Can simply boost your career

Software testing is one such profession in which one can gain knowledge about the development sector and the languages very quickly

  •  The professionals with more knowledge always have the opportunities to get jobs at their desired locations and salary expectations.
  •  There are several other domain in the Information Technology in which learners can gain skills while being a software testing expert.
  •  Many leading IT organizations are increasing the overall number of vacancies every year for the experts in this domain. 

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3. Improves your decision making

  • One of the most common saying about the 21st century leaders is they are successful just because they have good decision making ability.
  •  Good decision making is a leading factor that assures success for those who have this ability in them.
  •  Because software testing experts have to make a lot of efforts and have to take conscious decisions about removing bugs, they can simply improve their decision making ability. 
  •  In IT, there are actually many situations in which quick decision making is required. Testers can contribute a lot in shaping the future of the organizations.

2. You could be a person with patience

In a world we are living in, patience is something that largely matters. However, not everyone have the same.

  •  Because in software testing you will be knowing the true meaning of patience, it would probably be good for you in the long run. Patience matters a lot in the core IT sector.
  •  Actually this can help you to deal with stakeholders, customers and you can wait patiently in a lot of useful tasks that matters.
  •  You can handle multiple clients at the same time with such a ability.
  •  At the same time, patience simply let you stay calm in your arena which always make sure of excellence in the long run.

1. Endless opportunities

Information Technology is a vast domain. There is nothing wrong to say that there are endless opportunities that you can always have with you simply without worrying about anything.

  •  The fact is every organization is going digital and because the accuracy matters a lot, software testing is becoming more and more visible option to build career.
  •  Skilled testers are demanded widely and there are many parts of the world in which the overall available opportunities have been increased upto a great extent. 
  •  If you think automation is cutting down the testing jobs, you are totally wrong. 
  •  Experts can always make sure of having jobs anywhere they want.

These are the top 10 reasons why you should learn Selenium in the present time. You can simply transform your career to the next level and can have most satisfying and highest-paid jobs with you after acquiring the right skills. The Selenium training is available very simply and the good thing is you can get the same anytime you want. 

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