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Installation of Selenium IDE

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Installing Selenium IDE

Pre Requisites:

  • Mozilla Firefox


  • Go to https://seleniumhq.org/download/.
  • Click on the download link for Selenium IDE. You may get a message saying Firefox prevented this site (seleniumhq.org) from asking you to install software on your computer.
  • Please click on the Allow button.
  • A pop up will appear.
  • Install button will become active and then click on it.
  • This will now install the Selenium IDE as a Firefox add-on.
  • Once the installation process is complete, it will ask you to restart Firefox.
  • Click on the Restart button. Firefox will close and then reopen.
  • Once the installation is complete, the Add-ons window will show the Selenium IDE and its current version.

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Start Selenium IDE:

  1. Open a new Firefox browser
  2. Click on tools
  3. Click on Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE

  • Base URL—This is the URL that the test will start. All open commands will be relative to the Base URL unless a full path is inserted in the open command.

IDE commands

  • The Selenese Command select box has a list of all the commands that are needed to create a test. You can type into it to use the auto complete functionality or use it as a dropdown.
  • Target textbox allows you to input the location of the element that you want to work against.
  • The Find button, once the target box is populated, can be clicked on to highlight the element on the page.
  • A value textbox is where you place the value that needs to change. For example, if you want your test to type in an input box on the web page, you would put what you want it to type in the value box.

The Test table will keep track of all of your commands, targets, and values. It has been structured this way because the original version of Selenium was styled on FIT tests. The tests were originally designed to be run from HTML files and the IDE keeps this idea for its tests. If you click on the Source tab, you will be able to see the HTML that will store the test. ?

The area below the Value textbox will show the Selenium log while the tests are running. If an item fails, then it will have an [error] entry. This area will also show help on Selenium commands when you are working in the Command select box. This can be extremely useful when typing commands into the Selenium IDE instead of using the record feature.

Important icons in the side


Test case pane:

The script will be displayed in the test case pane.

It has two tabs, one for displaying the command and their parameters in a readable “table” format. The other tab – Source displays the test case in the native format in which the file will be stored. By default, this is HTML although it can be changed to a programming language such as Java or C#, or a scripting language like Python.

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The Command, Target, and Value entry fields display the currently selected command along with its parameters. These are entry fields where you can modify the currently selected command. The first parameter specified for a command in the Reference tab of the bottom pane always goes in the Target field. If a second parameter is specified by the Reference tab, it always goes in the Value field. If you start typing in the Command field, a drop-down list will be populated based on the first characters you type; you can then select your desired command from the drop-down

case pane

Log pane:

Log pane


When you run your test case, error messages and information messages showing the progress are displayed in this pane automatically, even if you do not first select the Log tab. These messages are often useful for test case debugging. Notice the Clear button for clearing the Log. Also notice the Info button is a drop-down allowing selection of different levels of information to log.

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The Reference tab is the default selection whenever you are entering or modifying Selenese commands and parameters in Table mode. In Table mode, the Reference pane will display documentation on the current command.

Selenium Tutorials

Recording your first test with Selenium IDE

Recording with Selenium IDE


  1. Open URL www.google.com
  2. Type “selenium” in search box
  3. Click on search button
  4. Click on first link in search results


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