Software testing tools have been emerging with the best features and make the tester’s work much more comfortable. There are plenty of software testing tools available in the market, such as Selenium, QTP (UFT), RTF, etc. But the main focus is to provide a quality tool that helps to save time and money. To meet these requirements, the Tosca Automation tool has arrived with the best features and gained a lot of attention by providing a wide range of functions and options.

Tricentis is a software testing company founded in 2007. It offers the best solutions for software testing and software quality assurance. Tricentis Tosca is a software testing tool designed and developed by Tricentis Technology and Consulting GmbH to automate continuous end-to-end testing for software applications. It offers flexible test automation for any test case. TOSCA stands for Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Application. 

In this article, we will learn the following topics:

  • What is the Tosca Test suite?
  • What are the features of the Tosca Test suite?
  • What is the use of Tosca tools?
  • Tosca Test suite architecture
  • Tosca Test suite components
  • Tosca Commander
  • Tosca Executor
  • Tosca Xscan
  • Tosca Test repository
  • Comparison between Tosca and Selenium
  • Advantages of using Tosca test suite
  • Disadvantages of using Tosca test suite

What is the Tosca Test suite?

Tricentis Test suite automates functional software that is to be tested. It combines the multiple aspects of software testing such as test case design, test data design, test automation, generation and analytics to test Application Programming Interface (API), Integrated Test Management, Command Line Interface(CLI), and Graphical User Interface (GUI) from a business point of view. 

The test suite supports the entire lifecycle of the test project. It begins with transferring and synchronizing specifications from the requirement management system. It allows the users to create efficient test cases based on methodologies, servers as an executive assistant and provides test results in several reports.

What are the features of the Tosca Test suite?

The features of Tosca Testsuite are as follows:

  • Automated and Manual Testing
  • Browser-Based Performance Testing
  • The Most Comprehensive Support for SAP UIs & Technologies
  • Scriptless test cases using drag and drop feature
  • Unicode Compliance
  • Hierarchical View
  • Parameterized Testing
  • Supports Parallel Execution
  • Requirements-Based Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Test Script Reviews
  • Can be integrated with CI tools such as Jenkins using Tosca CI
  • UI and Non UI applications can be automated

What is the use of Tosca tools?

Tosca tool is an enterprise tool and is best suited to use in large scale applications. The Tosca automation tool is the best and popular tool to find effective results for large scale applications. 

Tosca tool provides user-friendly features that help testers in automotive industries, Financial industries, education institutes, metal and mining enterprises. The test data and artefacts can be reused using Tosca tools. It reduces regression testing from weeks to minutes. 

Tosca Testsuite architecture

The figure given below is the underlying Tricentis Tosca architecture:

Image source:

Tosca Testsuite components

The current version of Tosca test suite comprises the following components:

  • Tosca Commander
  • Tosca Executor
  • Tosca Xscan
  • Tosca Repository

#1 Tosca Commander

The Tosca commander is the core backbone that is used to enable the test creation, execution, management, and analysis of test scripts efficiently. The commander utilizes the workspace for the administration of the test cases. The elements in the Tosca commander are structured and are strictly placed in hierarchical order So that each operation is performed using the object hierarchy.

Image source: 

With the help of drag and drop feature, the user can move the elements within the application. The docking function allows the user to arrange the layout as per the requirement. 

#2 Tosca Executor

The Tosca commander forwards the test cases to the Tosca Executor that runs the test cases on the test object. The test object includes a series of continuous screens directed by using automated tests.

Image source:

#3 Tosca Xscan

Tosca Xscan is used to scan the screens, and their input fields and saves the information as modules in Tosca Commander. These modules include technical information that is used to identify and direct screen elements. It is also known as Tosca wizard. For example, in the manufacturing industry, the vehicle data will contain the details of the vehicle as in the figure below.

Image source:

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#4 Tosca Repository

If the Tosca Commander operates in multi-user mode, the standard repositories are used to manage projects in databases. 

The following types of repositories are available for multi-user environment:

  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • SQLite

Comparison between Tosca and Selenium

Let’s see the comparison of Tosca with selenium.




Type of application

Tosca supports almost all types of application

Selenium supports web application only


Vendor tool by Tricentis

Selenium is an open-source

Automation Type

Model-based automation

Code-based automation 


Scripting is not required for Tosca

Multiple scripts are required for Selenium such as Java, Python, C, etc.

API Testing

It is possible for API testing

It is not feasible for API testing

Test data management

It supports test data management with an internal tool

It does not support test data management

Reusability of test case

The reusability of test data and artefacts is high for Tosca

The reusability of test data is low when compared with Tosca

Exploratory testing

The exploratory testing can be done in Tosca

It is not possible in Selenium

CI integration

Tosca supports any CI tools

Selenium supports most of the CI tools like Jenkins

QC/JIRA integration

QC/JIRA is possible with Tosca tool

It is possible in Selenium but with third-party dependencies


Tricentis provides dedicated support for Tosca with tickets, Chart, etc.

Less support from Selenium


It is expensive based on the license, organization, and other aspects.

Selenium is free and open-source.

Advantages of using Tosca test suite

The advantages of using Tosca test suite are as follows:

  • Tosca provides the best solution for all automation test types
  • There is no need for scripting
  • It provides the best features like drag and drop feature for desktop application
  • It offers a complete test management tool
  • It supports both GUI and Non-GUI applications
  • It does not require an Explicit framework
  • It supports a large number of technologies along with DevOps
  • Provides Good vendor support from Tricentis

Disadvantages of using Tosca Test suite

  • The disadvantages of using Tosca test suite are as follows:
  • It is highly expensive when compared with other automation tools
  • It is a heavy tool to maintain.
  • Provides less performance while scanning the application.


Tosca tool has brought a revolution in terms of automation testing where every automation tester’s are looking for the best features and options. Lots of companies from the United States are using Tosca test suites. Computer software domains are more often using this tool. Some of the companies using Tosca are Accenture, Wipro, Infosys, Toyota, Cap Gemini, Bosch, Bank of America, and many more. Career opportunities as Tosca Automations tester are increasing these days.