Tosca vs Selenium

Are you baffled or unable to identify a more effective and efficient test automation tool for your organization? This post will discuss Tosca vs. Selenium, two of the most widely used and prominent test automation methodologies. Both are distinct, even if they share some common features or plans.
Knowing the difference between Tosca vs. Selenium will help you select the best test automation application for your organization. Due to the fact that Tosca was launched several years ago, it is used by a smaller number of organizations than that of selenium. Selenium is used by a large number of large businesses in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and other major countries.

Tosca vs Selenium - Table of Content
  1. What is Tricentis Tosca used for?
  2. What is Selenium mainly used for?
  3. Why Choose Tosca?
  4. Why Choose Selenium?
  5. Advantages and Disadvantages Of Tosca?
  6. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Selenium
  7. Tosca vs. Selenium: Comparison

Tosca vs Selenium: Which One Is Better?

What is Tricentis Tosca used for?

Tosca is a test automation tool that can be used to perform both responsive and regression testing on software applications. It features a Graphical User Interface, Command-Line Interface, as well as Integrated Test Management System. Tosca is capable of supporting a variety of programming languages, including Visual Basic, Java, and C#.

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What is Selenium mainly used for?

Selenium is an open-source platform for automating the validation of web applications across multiple browsers and operating systems. Selenium Scripts are coded in various languages, such as Python or Java. Selenium Testing is the term used to refer to validation performed with the Selenium analysis tool.

Why Choose Tosca?

Tosca is a cutting-edge enterprise-level testing tool that enables the optimization of all levels of test cases and the generation of comprehensive test analysis for application software. This software is developed on the linearQ technique. The major element of this tool that differentiates it from the competition is its model-based approach, which generates an Application Under Test model rather than an Analysis Automation Script.

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Why Choose Selenium?

Selenium is extremely flexible and provides a plethora of options for all UI elements depending on the projected application behavior. Selenium can run tests on an infinite number of browsers. It is compatible with a wide variety of programming languages and platforms. For example, it may interact with frameworks like ANT or Maven to facilitate source code compilation. Furthermore, it may interact with the TestNG architecture for the purpose of testing programs and monitoring. Selenium supports nearly all facets of functional testing through the use of add-on tools that extend the scope of the evaluation.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Tosca?

Advantages Of Tosca

  • Scriptless Testing: Utilizing Tosca significantly improves the efficiency of scriptless test automation. Tosca enables scriptless automation for all devices and organizations.
  • Simple to Use: Everyone can get familiar with this incredible Tosca automation testing software in a matter of minutes. Any expert can quickly master this tool.
  • Less Framework Writing: Tosca automates the framework writing process through a model-based approach.
  • High Reliability: Tosca claims to support asset reuse and copy-paste functionality for unit testing and subsystems.
  • Powerful Query Solution: It includes support for TSQL and SQL.

Disadvantages Of Tosca

  • Compatibility Issues: Tosca is not compatible with MAC or Linux devices. As a result, users looking to run the application on Mac or Linux machines should avoid Tosca.
  • Difficult Modules: Under Tosca, components are saved in modules that are identical to objects, but modules are much more complex to handle in comparison to objects.
  • Significant Maintenance Issue: The model-based test automation framework will create additional maintenance issues.
  • Integration Issues: It cannot be used in conjunction with GIT to manage testing resources.
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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Selenium?

Advantages Of Selenium

  • Multi-Platform Support: If you want to run selenium tests and their associated test scenarios on your mobile phone, you can rest easy knowing that selenium is compatible with Android and iOS.
  • Enhanced Feature: Selenium enables AJAX testing since it incorporates AJAX features to have a result-oriented strategy.
  • A Multi-purpose Automation Tool: Selenium can be used as an operational, compressive, and regressive analysis tool simultaneously.
  • Entity synchronization: A web driver can be used to locate any object planned and executed by selenium.
  • Simple to Use: Users can readily utilize selenium by linking it via the device browser’s front and back toggles.

Disadvantages Of Selenium

  • Significant Investment: Using selenium effectively in your organization requires extensive training and capital expenditure.
  • Resource-Intensive: Storing information with selenium carries a high risk, and it is also resource-intensive.
  • Substantial Manpower Needed: Significant manpower is required to set up test cases.
  • Unexposed Test Areas: Numerous selenium test areas are still undiscovered.

Tosca vs Selenium: What Is The Difference?

Tosca is a licensed software application.Selenium is a free and open-source software application.
Tosca has the Tricentis team's solid customer support.Selenium is not supported by a dedicated team. R&D is the only course of action.
The framework is defined in detail and is proposed by the customer service team.Selenium does not have a unique/specific framework.
Tosca requires no coding.Selenium is heavily reliant on coding.
A library of objects is available.It lacks an integrated object repository. Thus, whenever the percentage of scripts grows too large, management becomes difficult.
Tosca includes built-in reporting. They also have a control panel for viewing additional information such as timing graphs and pie charts.It lacks built-in reporting.
In comparison to Selenium, Tosca's test cases are highly reusable.Selenium's test cases are not easily reusable.
Tosca is equipped to perform SAP impact assessment, data warehouse testing, and exploratory management.Selenium does not support SAP impact assessment, unit test design, test data management, or exploratory management.


In this blog, we have discussed Tosca vs. Selenium in detail, which can assist any organization in achieving its objectives. Adopt the marvelous technique of automation tools to create a better future for your organization. After reading this post, we hope it will be easy for you now to make a choice between Tosca vs. Selenium in accordance with your desired goals and outcomes that elevates your organization to the top lists.

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