Debugbar Tool Installation

Open the URL:
Go to Download Tab, Click on Download now

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Debugbar Tool Installation

Save the“install-debugbar-v5.4.1.exe”file

Double click on the“install-debugbar-v5.4.1.exe”file, Get a popup “Please close all your Internet Explorer windows before installing the Debug bar” Click on OK

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Debugar Tool Installation

After installing the debug bar
Go to View menu — > Toolbars —- > select Debug bar
We will get the Debug bar below the Menu bar in Internet Explorer as shown below:

Debugar Tool Installation in Selenium

We will get the code of the element by dragging the “Drag target on the document to find element” as shown below:

Debugar Tool Installation in Selenium

Google Chrome Developer tool

No need to install any tool to identify objects.  The developer tool is inbuilt for Google Chrome.
Google Chrome Developer Tool is inbuilt in the browser. No need to install any tool for Google chrome.
To get the code of an element:
We will get Inspect element option by right click on the element as shown below:

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You can see the code for the search box:

Debugar Tool Installation in Selenium