Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions

Are you planning to make your career as a selenium WebDriver professional? Have you covered all the required basic and advanced-level questions? If your answer is no, then this is the guide for you. This blog contains Selenium WebDriver interview questions and answers 2024 which are prepared by industry experts so that you can crack the toughest of the interviews.

In 2006, Paul Hammant created Selenium WebDriver. The very first cross-platform functional testing capable of configuring and managing browsers at the OS level was Selenium WebDriver.  Web applications can be tested using Selenium, an open-source test automation tool. Many browsers and computer languages are supported, and Java is the primary building block.

It's clear that there is a lot of demand for Selenium WebDrivers professionals, and the competition is also quite high. We promise that after reading this blog, you will have a good idea of how to handle the Selenium WebDriver interview. We've put the questions into different groups to make the whole process go much more smoothly.

We have categorized Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions 2024 into 4 levels they are:

Top 10 Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions

  1. How do you use selenium to fetch a component?
  2. What does the single slash and // in Xpath mean?
  3. What distinguishes the commands verify and assert?
  4. What benefits does selenium offer?
  5. What are enhanced privilege web browsers?
  6. Discuss implicit and explicit queuing.
  7. Describe the Object Repository.
  8. How does the web driver handle colors?
  9. How do you build an HTML test report from your test script?
  10. What are the many categories of locators?

Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions For Freshers

1. What is selenium made of?

A set of equipment for online website testing is called Selenium. It is made up of

  • Integrated Development Environment for Selenium (Selenium IDE): This is equipment used for replaying and recording.
  • WebDriver and RC: It is a Firefox plugin called WebDriver and RC that offers APIs for many different programming languages, including PHP, .NET, Java, and others. The majority of browsers support RC and Webdriver.
  • Grid: Grid lets you spread tests across multiple machines so that they can run at the same time. This cuts down on the time it takes to run in-browser test suites.
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2. How do you use selenium to fetch a component?

In Selenium, a "component" is any item or function on a website. There are several ways to find something.

  • ID
  • Name
  • Tags
  • Attributes
  • CSS
  • Xpath
  • Linktext 
  • Partial.

3. Describe assertions in Selenium and the many sorts of assertions.

A cross-checking data is used with assertion. It confirms that the application's current state is consistent with expectations. Assertion kinds include "verify," "assert," and "waitFor."

4. Describe the purpose of Xpath.

The WebElement can be located in websites using XPath. Additionally, it helps in locating the dynamic components.


purpose of Xpath

5. What does the single slash and // in Xpath mean?

Single slash “/”:

  • Starting with a single slash (/) from the content node
  • It enables the creation of "absolute" path expressions.

Double Slash "//":

  • Begin selecting matches any spot in the manuscript with a double slash (/).
  • It makes it possible to develop relative reactions of the path.

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6. What technical difficulties does Selenium face?

Technical difficulties using Selenium include:

  • Selenium can only be used with programmes that run on the web.
  • It is not able to make a Bitmap comparison.
  • Any features that have to do with reporting must use other tools.
  • Unlike commercial products like HP UFT, this utility doesn't have support from the vendor.
  • Selenium makes it hard to take care of things because there is no idea of an object repository.

7. What distinguishes type commands from type keys?

In the majority of situations, TypeKeys() will cause a JavaScript event, whereas.type() won't. Type key uses JavaScript to fill in the value attribute, whereas.typekeys() simulates actual user input.

8. What distinguishes the commands verify and assert?

  • Assert: Assert lets you find out if a page component is there or not. If the part that was confirmed is not there, the test will end at the step that failed. In other words, the process will be over when it fails.
  • Verify: The verify command will check to see if the part is on the page. If it isn't, the test will keep running. During verification, all commands are made sure to be run, even if one of the tests fails.

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9. What are JUnit Annotations, and state some relevant forms of annotations?

Annotations are a unique type of syntactic meta-data that can be contributed to Java source code. Annotations are made for parameters, variables, methods, packages and classes. A few interesting Junit annotations are

  • Test
  • Before
  • After
  • Ignore
  • BeforeClass
  • AfterClass 
  • RunWith.

10. Would you use display coordinates when using the click command?

Use the clickAT command if you want to click on a specific area of an element. Element location and x, y coordinates are accepted as inputs for the ClickAt command.

11. What benefits does selenium offer?

  • PHP, C#, Perl, Java, and Python are supported.
  • It works with various OS, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.
  • It has effective ways to find materials (DOM, Xpath, CSS)
  • Google supports the developer community very strongly.

12. Why should testers choose Selenium instead of QTP?

QTP is less well-known than Selenium:

  • QTP is a product that can be bought, while Selenium is free to use.
  • Selenium is mostly made for testing web-based applications, while QTP can be used to test client-server applications. On operating systems like Mac, Windows, and Linux, Selenium also works with Firefox, Safari, and Opera. On Windows, however, QTP only works with Web browsers.
  • Selenium works with many programming languages, like Perl, Ruby, and Python. QTP, on the other hand, only works with VB script.

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13. Describe the four parameters that Selenium requires you to pass?

Selenium requires you to pass four parameters, which are

  • Port number 
  • Host
  • Browser
  • URL.

14. What do you mean by "same origin policy"? Why is it avoided?

A security measure known as the "Same Origin Policy" ensures that scripts from those other sites can never access any content on your website. Any code that's also downloaded into the browser must abide by the rules so that it can only run on that website. In order to get around the "Same Origin Policy," the Selenium Server acts as a customer HTTP proxy in the proxy injector, sitting in between the user and the app under test (AUT) and masking it under a false URL.

15. What are enhanced privilege web browsers?

Similar to Proxy Injector, the objective of enhanced privileges is to give websites the ability to carry out operations which aren’t normally permitted. The primary variation is that webpages are launched using a new feature known as  "heightened privileges." By utilising the browser modes, Selenium core may reach the AUT immediately and edit its data without transmitting the full AUT or going through the Selenium RC server.

Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions For Experienced

16. How do you "submit" a form using Selenium?

Either the "submit" method on the components or the "click" method on the element which accepts forms may be used to submit a form.

17. What qualities does TestNG possess, and which aspects help to increase its usefulness?

TestNG is a development solution based on JUnit and NUnit that simplifies a variety of testing standards, from system testing to the testing phase. And among the characteristics that make it a successful testing framework are

  • Assistance with data-driven testing
  • Assistance with annotations
  • Ability to run failed test cases again
  • Flexible test setup.

18. Discuss implicit and explicit queuing.

Sets a delay for any future Web Element searches that include an implicit wait. Before throwing a NoSuchElementException, it will keep looking for the element for the allotted amount of time. It waits for the arrival of the elements.

Clearly wait: It is a one-time use only, initial use device.

19. Which attribute should you take into account when writing the script's "if no frame Id and even no frame name" clause?

  • Driver. find elements (By.xpath("/iframe")) can be used. The list of frames will be returned.
  • You must change each frame individually and look for the desired locator.
  • Then end the cycle.

20. What makes locate elements () and locate element () different from one another?

  • Locating element (): It finds the very first element on the page by using the "finding approach" that is specified. There is only one WebElement produced.
  • findElements (): Use the offered "locating technique" to find every item on the present page. The website returns a list of items.

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21. Why are JUnit's annotations related to Selenium, please?

The Selenium-related JUnits annotations are

  • It will execute the method () before every test, and this method can set up the test. @Before public void method()
  • Annotations @Test public void method() This method's @Test attribute indicates that it is a standard test environment.
  • @After public void method()- The test method must begin with a test in order to run a method before all this annotation is applied.

22. What do the terms "Keyword driven" and "Data-driven framework" mean?

  • A framework based on data: With the help of this framework, test scripts can now contain test case logic while test data remains unique and kept apart. External files (Excel files) are used to retrieve test data, which is then imported into test script variables. Variables are used as feeding data and verification values.
  • Framework that is keyword-driven: Keyword-driven frameworks require the construction of various keywords and tables, which do not depend on test automation. A word-driven test provides a table summarising the function of the data getting tested along with detailed instructions for every process. 

23. Describe the Object Repository.

An item repository is an essential part of any Full capability since it allows all the items that would be utilized in the script to be kept in various strategic places instead of spilling throughout the data.

24. Describe the Selenium Grid's operation.

Selenium Grid delivered the results to the start point. The results are then sent to Selenium Webdriver, which opens the computer and runs them. It makes it possible to run all of the tests in the test suite concurrently.


Selenium Grid's operation.

25. What are Webdriver's advantages over Selenium Server?

If you're using Selenium-WebDriver, you don't need the Selenium Server because it works with a different technology.

Selenium Server has Selenium RC support for Selenium 1.0 native support.

Selenium RC needs the Selenium servers to inject Javascript into the browser. The Selenium Web driver, on the other hand, makes direct calls to the browser and uses each browser's built-in automation features.

26. Mention the abilities of Selenium 2.0 or Selenium WebDriver.

When you need improved assistance, use WebDriver.

  • Dealing with many frames, pop-up windows, browser tabs, and notifications
  • Drag and drop Ajax-based UI elements and page navigation
  • Selenium 1.0's better functions for certain web pages that aren't adequately supported by multi-browser testing are included.

27. Describe how to use the Selenium WebDriver to find broken graphics on a page.

  • Using the Selenium web driver, it is possible to identify the blurred images on a website.
  • Get XPath and utilize tag names to retrieve all of the addresses of the webpage.
  • Choose all the available addresses on the page.
  • 404/500 should be present in the final or goal page title.

28. How does the WebDriver handle colors, please?

  • You could utilize the Web Driver to control colors.
  • The colors can be obtained by sending the string "color" as a command to the getCssValue(arg0) method.

29. Describe the process for switching between frames.

The [driver.switchTo().frame()] method of web drivers accepts one of three possible inputs to switch between frames.

  • A quantity: The number is chosen using its (zero-based) index.
  • A ID or a name: Choose a frame based on its name or ID.
  • WebElement already discovered: Choose a frame using the WebElement it was previously located in.


switching between frames

Advanced Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions and Answers

30. List the five distinct Selenium web driver exceptions you encountered?

Your five separate Selenium web driver exceptions were as follows:

  • NoAlertPresentException
  • WebDriverException
  • NoSuchElementException
  • NoSuchWindowException
  • TimeoutException.

31. How can you create a customized HTML report with the hybrid framework's TestNG?

  • Junit: With ANT TestNG's assistance: using default.html, an internal HTML report. 
  • TestNG: Additional XST results from combinations of ANT, Selenium, and TestNG
  • Use our own customized reports when transforming XML material to HTML using XSL jar.

32. How do you build an HTML test report from your test script?

There really are three ways to build an HTML test report.

  • Using the built-in default.html to generate an HTML report in TestNG. Additionally, reports from the ANT, Selenium, and TestNG combo (XSLT)
  • JUnit: With ANT's assistance
  • Use our own customized reports when transforming XML material to HTML using XSL jar.

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33. How can you troubleshoot the tests with the Selenium IDE, please?

  • Set a dead end from the point when you want to carry out the test iteratively.
  • Execute the test case.
  • The supplied breakpoint will cause execution to pause.
  • Click on the blue icon to move onto the next statement.
  • To continue running all the commands simultaneously, click the "Run" button.

34. What are the Selenium IDE's drawbacks?

The drawbacks of the Selenium IDE:

  • There is no exceptional handling present.
  • Only HTML languages are used in Selenium IDE.
  • With an IDE, reading external databases is not possible.
  • It is not possible to read from external files like.txt and.xls.
  • It is not able to execute conditional or branching expressions like if, else, or select statements.

35. Why can a Selenium IDE test fail, please explain.

  • When Selenium IDE cannot locate an element because a location has changed
  • When a web page's component Selenium IDE expected to access was absent,and the procedure timed out
  • When Selenium IDE attempted to access an element that hadn't been created.

36. Describe how the Selenium IDE allows you to debug experiments.

  • Put a breakpoint where you wish to execute the programme step-by-step.
  • Execute the test case.
  • The supplied breakpoint will cause execution to pause.
  • Click the blue button to move on to the next phase.
  • Click the run button to run many commands at once.

37. How can you put a file online using Selenium?

To enter text into a file data option or upload a file, use the "type" option. The "Robot" component in Java must then be used to make a function.

38. Which web driver version is the fastest?

The fastest implementation uses HTMLUnit Driver, which executes tests through plain http requests rather than refreshing a web page and executing them.

39. What are the many categories of locators?

There are various locators, including:

  • By.tagName()
  • By.className()
  • By.linkText()
  • By.partialLinkText()
  • By.xpath
  • By.cssSelector().

40. What are the advantages of Selenium WebDriver?

  • Support for Language
  • Framework
  • Flexibility
  • Faster and Parallel Test Execution Community Support
  • Go-To-Market Cross-Device Testing.

41. What exactly is selenese and what varieties are there?

The commands used to perform the test are called selenese in the selenium programming language. Selenese come in three varieties.

  • Actions: Exchanges with the target parts are carried out using it.
  • Assertions: It functions as a checkpoint.
  • Accessors: They are utilized to store values in variables.
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Most Common Selenium WebDriver FAQs

42. What is Selenium WebDriver?

The Selenium WebDriver framework is a web-based tool for performing browser-independent testing, assuring that a web-based programme functions as planned and can be automated with the help of this technology. With Selenium WebDriver, you may write test scripts in any language you like.

43. What are the 4 significant components of Selenium WebDriver?

  • Selenium RC.
  • Selenium IDE.
  • Selenium Grid.
  • Selenium WebDriver.

44. What is the purpose of Selenium WebDriver?

Selenium WebDriver is used to automatically test web applications to ensure they work the way they should. It works with many browsers, like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE), and Safari. Using Selenium WebDriver, however, we can only automate testing for web applications.

45. What are the 5 exceptions in Selenium?

  • NoSuchFrameException.
  • NoSuchWindowException.
  • NoAlertPresentException.
  • NoSuchElementException.
  • InvalidSelectorException.

46. Which protocol is used in WebDriver?

WebDriver implementations must all use the same wire protocol when talking to the browser or a RemoteWebDriver server. This protocol specifies an HTTP-based, RESTful web service in JSON.

47. Which Selenium is not tested?

Selenium is a tool that can't be used to automate the testing of desktop apps because it needs to figure out what objects are in desktop apps.

48. What is Maven in Selenium?

Maven is a tool for building projects that the Apache Software Foundation makes. It is often used to manage Java projects. At first, it was made to make building the Jakarta Turbine Project easier. It is used a lot to manage project dependencies and the whole lifecycle of a project these days.

49. Which API is used in Selenium WebDriver?

It has two APIs: Log4J 2 and Log4J 1

50. Can we use Selenium without TestNG?

Yes, you can use any framework you know to import the Selenium drivers. 

51. What is XPath in Selenium?

Selenium uses XPath, an HTML navigation language, to help navigate web pages. It works on both HTML and XML files and allows testers to explore the XML structure of a document.

Selenium WebDriver Interview Preparation Tips

Tip #1: Take a few hours to study as much as you can about the company from as many different angles as possible.

Tip #2. Most companies have helpfully detailed their expectations for candidates in their job ads. Make sure you inspect every last one of them. You can't convince the interviewer that you'd be an excellent addition to the team if you don't first understand what they're trying to find.

Tip #3. Find out who will conduct the interviews and what they do at the company so you can tailor your answers.

Tip #4. Prepare a polished and specific response to "Tell me about yourself" for every interview, as this is the question most likely to be asked. It's essential to set the tone for a successful interview by answering this or a similar question (such as "Walk me through your résumé") confidently.

Tip #5. Make sure you're prepared to answer and that you can single out a few distinctive features of the position and the company that particularly appeal to you and your skills, interests, and/or preferred method of working.

Tip #6. Making sure the tale you tell in response to an interview question is well-structured and that the point is made clear is essential.

Tip #7. The quality of your answers to interview questions is necessary but not crucial. Some of the other interview abilities that interviewers may notice are active listening, small chat, and empathy, whether consciously or subconsciously.


We hope that this article on Selenium WebDriver interview questions and answers will help you ace the interview with ease, as selenium is the best test automation tool because it is open source, supports multiple languages, is easy to integrate with various platforms, can test across browsers, and can be used to test web applications.

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