Essene of Getting Certified in Selenium

In this digital era, websites are handling incredible amounts of critical traffic, Selenium being invaluable, automates testing to find bugs before they cause any damage or disasters, resulting in professional training in Selenium being in-demand.


Being a software-testing platform for web applications, Selenium mostly tests the GUI (Graphical User Interface) and functionality of website functionality. It performs actions that app or web users would usually play using automation scripts which instructs browsers to perform a particular operation. It also offers an effective way to generate test scripts and using them in an automated framework.

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Jason Huggins developed Selenium in 2004; since its development, it has undergone an exceptional evolution throughout the years with distinct components along with the path to improve its effectiveness. You can efficiently test applications with Selenium and assess them t run across distinct web browsers including IE, Mozilla, Safari, and Firefox seamlessly. It mostly favors developers as they have to create scripts only once and have to test across multiple browsers.

Selenium is a convenient Testing Framework which has very high demand in the market. It provides tools to record authoring tests without the need to have proficiency in test scripting language. It also contains a test domain-independent language to write tests in numerous programming languages including Java, C#, Groovy, PHP, Ruby, Scala, and Python.

Selenium Tools

Selenium provides a suite of tools to help browser automation. The tools are powerful and can efficiently leverage by testers and developers. And are useful in web applications to leverage and can authorize without much knowledge of scripting language. With Selenium, mainly tests are executed to ensure that the application is maintaining sound quality.

Let’s have a look at some strong reasons proving why Selenium has taken the first place in the open source test automation market.

  • Rising Adoption.
  • Enterprises following the trends are rapidly increasing.
  • Quality Assurance with essential migration speeds.
  • Identifying migration risks and challenges at early stages.

You can efficiently test applications with Selenium and assess them run across distinct web browsers including IE, Mozilla, Safari, and Firefox seamlessly. It mostly favors developers as they have to create scripts only once and have to test across multiple browsers.

Migrating to Tool-led Selenium is continuously growing and is proving to be cost-effective. Instead of distinct open source frameworks, Selenium is by far the potential and proven automation testing tool in the today’s marketplace. Estimation is that it is 15 times faster than other testing tools and requires less effort. Therefore, it is cost effective and requires less energy than manual testing. 

Selenium is replacing the traditional licensed and commercial tools across enterprises. There are some doubts of disruptions on migration process whether it is a risky task or entirely worthy. For enterprises, it is essential to understand either side of the debate and then take a call.

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Why Use Selenium?

Most automation tools deliver similar results to Selenium, but it offers numerous benefits which makes it the great and first-choice testing suite. The major advantages include:

  • It is almost easy to get started with Selenium and perform simple, functional web applications.
  • Selenium is an open source automation tool, means downloading and modifying the source code is free, and ample developers communities supporting it.
  • Selenium tests run across various browsers.
  • You can use any language bindings though Selenium has its scripting language, which you are comfortable with including Python, PHP, C#, and JavaScript.
  • Selenium is useful for Android-based or iPhone application tests since mobiles support.
  • It consumes minimal RAM or CPU for executing scripts while testing.
  • Selenium easily integrates with siFmilar tools for extended functionality.
  • Selenium allows running parallel tests.
  • Selenium supports multiple Operating Systems such as Windows, Mac OS, and others.
  • Selenium is capable of performing tests while minimizing the browser.
  • Selenium is highly extensible.
  • Finally, Selenium is highly flexible. There are distinct ways of adding functionality to both Selenium’s test scripts and Selenium’s framework to customize test automation.

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Uses of Selenium

With many software and mobile apps launching and upgrading continuously, developers have to maintain the best standards to build software. It is an era of highly interactive and responsive software processes; major organizations are confronted to improve performance quickly and resolve severe issues rapidly. For this reason, agile methodologies are adopted by developers in the software development.

Test automation is the cornerstone of agile development. As a reliable and free open source testing tool with vast capabilities and broad reach, Selenium is the first choice automation testing tool. It can be used to run software applications, perform repetitive functional testing of business essentials to ensure proper functioning.

Enterprises using Selenium can reduce their manual testing needs and in turn saves time, reduces cost, and make sure that tests are performed consistently, ensuring quicker feedback.

Distinct Selenium Instances are listed as follows:

  • GUI testing
  • Usability testing
  • Business process testing
  • Cross-browser testing
  • E2E testing
  • Regression testing
  • Core functional testing
  • Sanity testing
  • DB testing

Selenium enables Quality assurance professionals to perform cross-browser or regression testing on distinct platforms. Even Developers use it for the same purpose. It covers different types of technical testing and acceptance testing. In addition to this, functional testers and even business analysts use Selenium. 

Why is Selenium Certification Necessary?

Now, you have seen how professionals are using Selenium and how many uses it has, you can probably see that any career involving Selenium skills is an excellent choice. If you’re already a tester, you can observe writing on the wall for manual testing, and you know and realize that you need automated testing training. If you’re not a tester yet, you can see for potential learning these skills.

Selenium by storm took the testing world and has become a dominant force, creating a substantial impact for qualified professionals that have made Selenium testing a lucrative skill.  Selenium in job postings is listed as a job requirement three times more often than similar automation tools like QTP. Since the professionals who have Selenium qualification are in short supply; the pay will be more. According to, the average salary of a tester in the U.S ranges between $67, 073 to $94,634 per year.

However, to acquire the best opportunity, it is essential to have skills, training, and certificate of expertise. Proficiency in Selenium indicates that you have an abundant amount of coding skills, knowledge, and experience. Proper training and certification is the effective way to gain this proficiency. If you think you don’t have enough time to get this kind of education, think again. 

Online Selenium Training sessions conducted by experienced professionals are available, and you can fit them into your busy schedule without any alterations or damages. Once you complete and certified, getting started with on a new career or taking your existing one to the next level, in automation engineering or quality assurance.

Frequently asked Selenium Interview Questions & Answers

Bottom Line:

Selenium is a diversified and essential testing tool used in enterprises worldwide. The demand for Certified Selenium professionals will only increase over time. If you want to advance or launch your career in Information Technology, Selenium training could be the perfect move to start.

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