Blue Prism is a robotic process automation whereas selenium is itself an automation tool. Websites and Web-based software are the main work of selenium whereas robotic process automation (a blue prism is a tool of RPA) generally focuses on functional tests. It should be understood clearly that selenium is considered as a testing tool and they are only used for testing the web-based system and GUI. Blue Prism is a part of robotic process automation that has the ability to control and develop.

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Reduction in process costs, improvement inaccuracy, and also increment in speed is done by blue prism through the platform of robotic automation. Blue prism operates on applications in the virtual workforce form. 

That robotic process automation that is highly scalable, robust, flexible, powerful and designed with the concept of the first principle so that organizations are provided with a robotic workforce that is virtualized are part of blue prism software product. Unlike any other type of technology, the Blue prism can be owned and managed by IT, Center of excellence spanning operations or operational team that is accredited even after it is deployed. Blue Prism is free of code and in a non-invasive way it can automate any types of software. This makes it easily applicable to processes of any department throughout an organization. Blue prism makes sure to provide security, data integrity, control, scalability, scheduling, and robustness and change management as well. The term enterprise-strength is used to define blue prism that allows organizations to work in a virtual workforce. 

Blue Prism vs Selenium

The implementation method of Blue Prism 

Within a business house, both types of operational level and strategic level involvement are required to gain a success in robotic process automation implementation. A particular method is developed by the blue prism which allows it to address certain requirements and answers which are related to individual and it does not concern with their seniority level or experience in technical field. The tools that are used by the blue prism are used for the following purposes.

1. Development of a business case that is defensible
2. Identification of priorities that are involved with process automation
3. In order to make sure that all roles are that is present inside a blue prism is efficient enough to handle sustainable and high-quality processes. The implementation of the blue prism is done in a manner that benefits is incremental and immediate.

Blue Prism can be deployed inside enterprise architecture. To perform strategically, complex and demanding business houses are provided with scalability, governance, and flexibility by the blue prism. Both types of methodology, best practice and enterprise strength-based platform is presented by blue prism within enables any organization to increase the use of technology at a great length that too with speed.

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The technology platform of the blue prism is supported by the Microsoft SQL Server. This is built on the platform of Microsoft .net framework. All types of applications and platforms are automated and supported respectively in the blue prism.

Implementation method of Blue Prism

The governance and security that is provided by the blue prism:-

It provided user roles that are segregated. The user role consists of release managers, developers, and controllers. 
In order to provide robot access to specific applications and networks, blue prism allows automated credential management. 
It also provided the capability of auditing history for the system access. It also audits the process execution and configuration changes. 
It helps in making a comparison among process changes. 
With the help of a blue prism, encryption of stored data and securing the communication path among various resources gains flexibility which is of high level. The configuration of the blue prism is code free. It is highly visual and also very logical. 


For the purpose of web applications, a software testing framework is used which is portable. This is known as selenium. In order to perform authoring tests that too without using any type of test scripting language, a playback tool is provided by selenium. Popular coding languages like Groovy, Java, Php, Ruby, Python, Scala, Perl and C# are used to tests and also you can write tests on domain-specific language that is known as Selenese. This open-source software runs on Linux, Windows and macOS platforms and it released with Apache 2.0 license. Web developers can use it by downloading it without any cost.

Components of selenium 

For the web application test automation development, selenium provided various components which take up different roles. 

Selenium IDE

For the purpose of selenium testing, a fully integrated development environment is provided by Selenium IDE. With the help of this works like editing, recording, and also debugging of tests are done. This is implemented as a Firefox add-on. This was originally produced by Shinya Kasatani who donated it to selenium project. The initial name of this was Selenium recorder. With the help of this automatic record and manual editing of scripts are done as it has autocompletion support and allows moving of command quickly. 

Selenium client API 



Selenium web driver 

After selenium RC, selenium web driver was founded which made it the successor. Accepting commands and then sending them to the browser is done by selenium web driver. A browser driver that is browser-specific is used to implement selenium web driver and with the help of this command is sent to browser and retrieval of results are done. In order to simulate a browser, there is the presence of a browser forever known as, HTML Unit. Browser applications like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Safari is launched and accessed by certain browser drivers. 

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Selenium remote control 

Selenium RC or selenium remote control accepts commands through HTTP for the browser. This is a server that is written in Java and with the help of this, it is possible to write automated tests on any language for web applications. Thus makes a good integration of selenium. With the help of this, it is now postie to make robust, scalable and fast automation. Complex test cases are automated by using this. It has also got access to complete libraries of high-level languages. 

Selenium grid 

The server which permits tests to make use of web browser instances that runs on a machine which is remote is known as selenium grid. Here the server acts as a hub. This tool is used along with selenium RC so that parallel tests can be run across various browsers and machines simultaneously. Since partake execution is associated with running several tests at the same time so it saves time. The hub and nodes concept is used by selenium grid where the hub acts as the selenium commands' central source and it gives the command to each and every node that is connected.

Components of selenium

Benefits of using selenium 

Some of the benefits of selenium as a tool are:-

1. This is an open-source tool and it is portable. 
2. Various kinds of programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python, C#, Ruby, Groovy are supported by selenium. 
3. Multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, etc are supported by selenium. 
4. Selenium also supports multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and safari, opera, Internet Explorer. 
5. It can be tested across devices 
6. Selenium supports constant updates and it is easy to implement. 
7. It has got add-ons and readability.

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