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Locators & How to Install Firebug - SELENIUM

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Tools to Identify Elements/Objects

There are some tools to identify the elements

1. Firebug
2. IE DebugBar
3. Google Chrome Developer Tools

Firebug: Firebug is mostly used by web developers, as it allows developers to find elements on the page by using the find functionality.
IE DebugBar: This is an add-on for IE. It also has many features like Firebug.
Google Chrome Developer Tools: This is not like IE or Firefox Google chrome developer tools are built-in to the browser and will also allow you to find the elements on the page and be able to work out its XPath.

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How to Install Firebug

Firebug is an Add-on for Firefox.
To Install Firebug Open https://getfirebug.com/in Firefox.

get firebug

Click on Install Firebug

get firebug

Click on the link “Firebug 1.6 for FireFox 3.6”

get firebug

Click onfirebug-1.6.2.xpi
Click Allow

get firebug

Click on Install Now

get firebug

Get a message “Restart Firefox to complete your changes.” Click on “Restart
After Restarting the browser, open www.google.com
Right-click on any element, we will get Inspect Element option shown below:

Click on Inspect Element, we will get locators of that element shown as below:

google front page

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