Power BI Career Opportunities

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Are you looking forward to making a career in the Power BI tool? 

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In this article, we would be discussing the future and demand of Power BI, what are the Power BI career opportunities, what are the average salaries of BI skilled professionals, and much more. So stay tuned to find out exciting facts and useful information on Power BI.

But before that, let us figure out what Power BI is.

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What is Power BI and Why is it Important

Power BI is a collection of processes, architectures, and technologies that transforms raw data into meaningful and informative content that helps to drive profitable business actions. It supports fact-based and logical decision-making by analyzing historical data rather than assumptions. Hence, most of the firms are taking the help of BI tools to visualize the data. As companies are switching to these tools, demand for Power BI skilled professionals is automatically increasing.

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Power BI Career Opportunities

As discussed in the above section, Business intelligence has evolved the decision-making skills of companies that help them make the best future actions for companies and end up growing more. Among all BI tools, Power BI has emerged as the leader in business analytics. Today, there is much demand for Power BI-certified professionals in most MNCs and bigger firms.

Power BI jobs will offer you handsome salaries and give you a chance of working with top companies.   

Is Power BI Easy to Learn....?

Power BI is pretty easy to learn but there are some types of integrations that are a bit difficult to understand and deal with data lakes. You can enroll in any Power BI training program to learn it in an easier way. Also, these training have experts who design the syllabus as per industry demands.

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Is Power BI a Good Career Option?

Business Intelligence is one of the most trending domains in the current market. Business operations are getting complex with each passing day and that is why firms are rushing towards the technologies that can help them visualize data in real-time and get meaningful data insights. Power BI is one of the most popular business intelligence tools that has brought the much-awaited solution for the industries and transformed the way businesses used to be operated.

There is a high demand for Power BI skilled professionals in almost every type of industry such as software, retail, healthcare, etc. So, those who are still in a dilemma whether it is a bright career option or not can definitely go ahead with this option. Not only data analyst, but you can apply for various other profiles such as 

1. Power BI Project Manager

2. Power BI Developer

3. SQL Server Power BI Developer

4. Power BI Semantic Model Developer

5. Power BI Administrator

6. Power BI Manager

7. Power BI Consultant

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Why do most Organizations use Power BI?

Data is the most valuable asset that helps companies make the best decisions about upcoming business strategies and growth. In today's data-driven business marketplace, it is very important to analyze trends, statistical numbers, and facts before taking any action. Every company has to deal with the bulk of data on a daily basis so it is impossible to analyze the data manually. For that reason, business owners prefer to use the best data monitoring tools to get a 360° view of data and take future actions for growth.

Although there are numerous data monitoring tools, Power BI has emerged as a leader when it comes to Data Visualization and Business Intelligence. According to Gartner’s 2020 BI and Analytics report, Microsoft's Power BI has been placed at the No.1 spot due to its positive sales experience and high-level customer satisfaction.

What are the skills required to become a Power BI Developer?

There are some skills needed for the position of Power BI developer and they are as follows

1. Graduation in computer science/IT or some similar qualifications.

2. Possess JavaScript, CSS, and SQL knowledge

3. At least 3 years of working experience on any self-service tool

4. Hands-on experience on data warehousing projects

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What are the Roles and Responsibilities of Power BI Developers?

The main roles and responsibilities of a Power BI developer is as follows

  • Develop custom visuals for Power BI
  • Integrate Power BI reports with other applications using embedded analytics such as Power BI service or API automation
  • Should have knowledge of prototyping, designing, and requirement analysis
  • Develop data models as per business requirements 
  • Design methodologies and prepare project documentation
  • Develop warehouse standard tabular and multidimensional models
  • Build analysis services reporting models
  • Translate raw data into informative visuals and reports
  • Have an understanding of the application security layer
  • Build DAX queries on the Power BI desktop.

Demand and Future Scope of Power BI

Being an excellent cloud-based tool for data visualization, Power BI has become a favorite tool of the business world and is never going to dip in the near future. Moreover, it is a product of Microsoft which has already launched several products that are ruling the market globally. As the businesses are slowly shifting towards cloud platforms leaving on-premise work environments, Power BI has a great scope in the upcoming time because it is a cloud-based tool. 

Therefore, we can say that the future of Power BI is bright and those who are looking forward to making a career in this field can go ahead with confidence. 

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What are the major companies that are hiring Power BI Skilled Professionals?

  • Accenture 
  • Infosys Limited
  • TCS
  • IBM Global Services
  • Hexaware Technologies
  • Capgemini
  • HCL Technologies
  • Wipro Technologies Ltd
  • Cognizant Technology
  • Alliance Global Services etc.

What are the Average Salaries for Different Power BI Job Roles?

 BI professionals withdraw high salary amounts every month. In the table given below, you can find out the average salaries of Power BI professionals with different profiles.

Power BI Data Analyst$62,379
Power BI Developer$84,043
Power BI Data Scientist$118,709
Power BI consultant$81,341
Power BI Manager$105,832
Power BI Architect$99,299
Power BI Analyst$65,991

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What is the Microsoft Power BI Market Share?

Microsoft Power BI is an efficient and user-friendly data visualization tool that has a market share of 6.05%. With time, companies are realizing the benefits of the Power BI tool and using this platform to analyze and visualize the data and perform better.

Final Verdict:

Whether it is fresher or experienced, there are plenty of Power BI jobs awaiting you in the market. Just go and grab the opportunities with your talent and skills. This concludes our discussion on Power BI career opportunities.  We hope the given information helped you in making the right decision for your career.

If you have any doubts related to Power BI career opportunities and jobs, mention them in the comment box. We will reach you at the earliest and solve your doubt in the best possible way.  Thanks for reading.


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