What is SAP C4C?

If you are looking for what is SAP C4C, no worries – you are at the right stop. This blog explains what is SAP C4C, how it works, and its advantages. SAP C4C is one of the SAP products that provides cloud solutions to optimize sales, marketing, and service operations. Of course! In addition to learning what is SAP C4C, you can also gain more information about SAP C4C integration, its features, SAP C4C work centers, and many more in this blog.

A business truly wins only when it provides the best customer experience. The enhanced customer experience strengthens the relationships between customers and companies.

You can improve customer experience in many ways. It can be done by improving the relationships between customers and the sales team, quick processing of sales orders, closing service requests of customers, and so on. Thus you can enhance customer experience and boost business productivity of businesses.

On this note, SAP C4C is a software that provides cloud solutions for businesses to improve customer relationships. This SAP module simplifies a business's sales, service, and marketing operations. It also helps to quickly connect with customers, access customer and sales data, and many more.

Moreover, SAP C4C is a robust tool that accelerates business processes, generates meaningful analytics and insights, and thus enhances business performance.

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What is SAP C4C - Table of Contents

What is SAP C4C?

SAP C4C stands for SAP Cloud for Customers. It simplifies a business's sales, communication, marketing, and services. SAP C4C is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). Note that it is also provided as a Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Know that SAP C4C is one of the wonderful cloud-based CRM modules that comes with multi-tenant architecture. It is a tool that seamlessly runs on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP).  

Further, you can strengthen customer relationships with the help of SAP C4C. SAP C4C optimizes interactions with customers and improves sales and marketing operations. It allows you to grasp the expectations of customers and work accordingly.

Not only customer relationships, but SAP C4C also improves the relationship between a business's marketing, sales, and service teams. Simply put, you can align your sales, marketing, and business in a straight line. So, when all these people work together, it enhances productivity to new heights.

Still not clear about what is SAP C4C? The following part will help you to understand it better.

It is worth noting that SAP C4C tightly integrates with SAP ERP. This integration manages sales orders, agreements, quotations, and many things. Also, due to this integration, you can easily access vital information such as product prices, sales orders, payment history, availability of products, and many more.

In short, SAP C4C improves relationships between customers and businesses, simplifies sales and marketing activities, derives helpful insights, and eventually boosts business outcomes.

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Why SAP C4C?

As you know, SAP C4C is a tool that helps businesses to optimize their sales, marketing, and servicing tasks efficiently.

Here are reasons why SAP C4C is increasingly used to optimize the sales and services of a business.

  • Flexibility

SAP C4C supports mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, etc. So sales teams can access this tool from anywhere at any time and retrieve information seamlessly. As SAP C4C handles feeding data into the tool in many ways, sales teams can focus their efforts on sales instead of doing other mundane tasks. As a result, it booms productivity.

Moreover, you can work online and offline using this SAP module. And customization is made simple in SAP Cloud for Customers. 

  • Easy to use

You can efficiently work with SAP Cloud for Customer tools. In this regard, the user interface of SAP C4C simplifies user navigation. This user interface supports B2C applications since it comes with certain high-speed elements.

  • Scalability

No matter what rate sales operations scale up, SAP C4C adapts to the changes dynamically and sustains its operations.

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  • Security

SAP Cloud for customers is a secure and reliable SAP module since it comes with seven-layer security protection. So customer, product, and sales data can be stored and accessed securely.

  • Real-time Analytics

SAP C4C employs embedded analytics to analyze real-time sales data. Not just that, it uses past and present data to generate analytics. It allows you to make critical business decisions on the go. Besides, the analytics can be integrated with the BW data warehouse.

  • User Experience

SAP C4C enhances user experience by offering user-friendly interfaces. The User interfaces are built based on Fiori design principles. Also, it provides interfaces such as Silverlight UI or HTML5 UI. Hence, you can work with this SAP module smoothly.

SAP C4C User Experience

How does SAP C4C Work?

Know that SAP C4C is subdivided into many products. The products serve different purposes and work differently. You can choose and work with the right product based on your needs.

The Four different products are listed below

  • SAP Cloud for Sales
  • SAP Cloud for Service
  • SAP Cloud for Social Engagement
  • SAP Cloud for Marketing

Let’s see how the products work in the following section.

1. SAP Cloud for Sales

This SAP product manages sales operations. It governs sales operations from lead generation to closing sales.

Further, SAP C4C streamlines the sales, products, customers, and other associated data. For example, you can access data such as offers, opportunities, orders placed, services, etc. So you can seamlessly access customer and sales data, accelerate sales operations and boost productivity.

The significant thing about this product is that it simplifies sales operations and allows sales teams to improve customer relationships.

This SAP product allows for analyzing internal as well as external data. Here, the external data can be about competition in markets. Analyzing this data helps you to derive meaningful analytics and insights about sales operations.

2. SAP Cloud for Service

This SAP C4C product fulfills all customer service requests through multiple communication channels. The communication channels include messenger services, social media, chatbots on websites, etc.

What’s more! This tool offers a visual planning board to quickly deploy service tasks to servicing executives. As SAP Cloud for customers supports mobile platforms, service executives can use smartphones to perform their tasks.

With the help of smartphones, service executives will receive service orders, learn how to solve issues, order spare parts, search for spare parts, and so on.

Above all, this SAP module also provides a self-service portal as well as a knowledge base. It allows for storing customer service history, contracts, service level agreements, etc.

3. SAP Cloud for Social Engagement

This SAP C4C product encourages interacting with customers through social media. As this product comes with many excellent collaboration tools, it rectifies customer issues quickly.

This product provides preexisting templates that increase the efficiency of solving customer issues. Also, it helps to analyze real-time customer data and derive helpful insights. As a result, it elevates customer experience significantly.

4. SAP Cloud for Marketing

SAP Cloud for marketing locates target groups as well as markets for sales accurately. Not just that, but it simplifies planning and executing marketing campaigns. For instance, you can make email as well as SMS campaigns with the support of this product.

Furthermore, this product prepares sales and marketing documents such as lead details, campaign details, sales opportunities, etc.

SAP C4C Integration

You can integrate SAP C4C with many SAP modules such as SAP ERP, SAP JAM, SAP SCM, SAP BI, and SAP CRM on-premise. These SAP integrations enhance end-to-end visibility across all sales and other business operations.

SAP C4C Integration

Additionally, SAP Cloud for customers seamlessly integrates with email clients such as Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, etc. Not only that, it integrates with social media platforms as well.

The integration of SAP C4C with other applications can be done in two ways, as outlined below:

  • SAP HANA Cloud integration – HCI: You can leverage this integration if you wish to make cloud-to-cloud integration.
  • SAP Process Integration - PI/PO: You can leverage this integration if you already use process integration in your on-premise systems.

When integrating SAP C4C with SAP CRM, you must ensure the following pointers strictly.

  • The customization requirements
  • The master data governance rules
  • Sales organization structure
  • Functionalities of Cloud

SAP C4C Work Centers

SAP C4C work centers help to perform various administrative and configuration tasks. The work centers have many components: feed, application and user management, business analytics, business configuration, and more.

Let’s take a look at them closely.

  • Feed - The feed work center shows all the updates about creating and assigning service request tickets, processing sales orders, etc.
  • Business Analytics - This work center supports creating various sales and marketing reports, deriving insights, defining KPIs, etc.

SAP C4C Business Analytics

  • Application and User Management - This work center helps to create business user accounts, task distribution, etc.
  • Business Configuration - You can use this work center to execute projects, upload code lists, download code lists, etc.
  • Service Entitlement - This work center supports creating and editing service level agreements, service categories, etc.
  • Marketing - This is yet another work center that helps perform marketing activities such as creating and editing sales target groups, promotions, marketing campaigns, file formats, etc.

Advantages of SAP C4C

Employing SAP C4C provides numerous advantages to users. They help to optimize sales and marketing operations and strengthen customer relationships.

Let’s list them in the following.     

  • Deployment of SAP C4C takes significantly less time.
  • No matter what volume of data, you can easily access sales and customer data at any time from anywhere.
  • SAP Cloud for Customer integration with SAP C/4 HANA can be done effortlessly.
  • It is a platform-independent tool. So you can access SAP C4C from Android, Windows, and iOS platforms. Mainly, you can work with SAP C4C in both online and offline modes.
  • It is possible to make secure and fast communication with SAP C4C since it comes with a seven-layer security system to ensure security.
  • As SAP Cloud for Customer simplifies sales operations, sales teams can devote more time to sales and less time dealing with sales and customer data and its analysis.
  • As SAP C4C is a SaaS product, you don't need hardware and maintenance. So operational costs and maintenance costs are cut down significantly.
  • You can integrate SAP C4C with multiple social media platforms as well as email platforms.
  • You can choose SAP C4C licenses as per your requirements. You can increase or decrease licenses as per your demands.

SAP C4C Modules and Features

SAP C4C consists of a wide array of features. They help to optimize the relationship between customers and businesses.

Let’s address them one by one as follows.

1. Salesforce Automation

SAP C4C includes Salesforce automation capabilities. It manages sales operations and supports to derive enhanced business outcomes.

2. Customer Service and Support

  • SAP C4C simplifies customer servicing. This SAP module easily handles customer service requests, collecting customer feedback, ticket management, etc.
  • SAP C4C has a unique feature known as ‘Client Card’. It has three critical parts. They are the tabs, main data, and the work screen.
  • The main data consists of customer data such as customer contacts, roles, and more. The tabs part provides the sales data such as orders placed, product lists, customer visits, etc. The work screen part provides an overview of the customer and sales data.

SAP C4C Customer Support

3. Marketing Automation

  • SAP C4C offers many tools for lead generation as well as campaign management. Therefore, businesses can enhance their business performance with the help of these tools.
  • Also, SAP C4C uses various APIs to create leads, customer accounts, and contacts. It also uses APIs for creating campaigns as well as target groups. Besides, it offers lead routing rules that can be configured based on demands. The leads are directed to the corresponding sales executives, who can handle the leads in the best way.

4. Analytics and Reporting

You can make informed business decisions with the help of Embedded Analytics generated by SAP C4C. You can also create reports that provide greater visibility across the sales operations.

Different data, such as Sales, product, and customer data, will help you to analyze and retrieve valuable insights. And the dashboards offered by SAP C4C help to view analytics and crucial information about sales, marketing, and servicing operations.

When it comes to analytics, SAP C4C provides various types of analytics, as shown in the image below

Analytics and Reporting         

5. Extended CRM Capabilities

Integrating SAP C4C with SAP CRM yields many benefits to users. For instance, it allows exchanging of transactional data and master data. This exchange of data assists in displaying vital information in the front end. Note that the front-end information can be sales orders, agreements, quotations, etc.

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1. What does C4C refer to in SAP?

SAP C4C refers to SAP Cloud for Customers. The cloud solution streamlines sales and operations and improves customer experience.

2. What is SAP C4C Vs. CRM?

SAP Cloud for Customer is a cloud solution that mainly focuses on optimizing sales and marketing operations. On the other hand, SAP CRM handles the entire customer interaction and business development.

3. How is SAP C4C named nowadays?

SAP C4C is now called SAP Hybris Cloud for Customers. It includes products such as SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales and SAP Hybris Cloud for Service.

4. What are the Components of SAP C4C?

SAP Cloud for Sales, SAP Cloud for social engagement, SAP Cloud for service, and SAP Cloud for marketing are the components of SAP C4C.

5. What is SAP ByD Vs. C4C?

SAP ByD stands for BusinessByDesign model. It is an ERP tool that handles end-to-end operations of HR, maintenance, production, finance, etc.

6. What is the code list in SAP C4C?

It is a set of user-defined values. For example, a code list for occupation can be given as student, entrepreneur, professional, or unemployed.

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It’s time to wrap! SAP C4C is an excellent cloud solution that increases customer experience. It optimizes sales and marketing operations, reduces deployment and maintenance costs, and enhances productivity. Sure! This blog might have helped to learn what is SAP C4C in a straightforward way.

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