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Are you trying to make a career in Angular? If that’s the case, this blog is for you. This blog offers the crucial Angular projects that will help polish your hands-on skills in Angular. Whether you are a beginner or experienced - the blog includes Angular projects for all learners. By the end of the article, you will get to know various Angular projects, skills you will develop, and more.

According to Statista (2023), Angular is ranked among the top five web frameworks that developers have mostly used in 2023. It shows that companies widely use Angular for software development. It will be a great choice if you make a career in Angular.

But the essential thing is that you must be a skilled Angular developer to grasp jobs quickly. So, how do you become a skilled Angular developer? By learning Angular projects, you can master Angular skills and land your dream job. Well! This blog unveils the crucial Angular projects in a detailed way.

Let’s check it out!

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What is Angular?

Angular is a component-based web framework that you can use to build web applications. This framework has robust routing, components, communication, and more libraries. It includes many developer tools to build, test, and update codes. Angular uses TypeScript and HTML languages to create single-page client applications.

Angular components are essentially the basic building blocks of the Angular framework. The components help to create a code structure. So you can organize applications into small, manageable pieces of software. On top of that, you can scale applications seamlessly with Angular.

Super! You have gained some basic information about the Angular framework. Now the question is – what are Angular projects and their importance? In the coming section, we will look at the Angular projects and their significance.

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Why Angular Projects

Angular projects are simple Angular applications that you can practice to gain expertise in Angular framework and other key technologies. It will provide excellent practical experience and prepare you for Angular developer jobs. 

Let’s see why working on Angular projects is crucial.

According to Ambition Box, Angular developers with a few years of experience can earn up to 10 LPA in India, on average. They can make up to $123k annually on average in the USA. The above figures show that Angular developers can undoubtedly lead rewarding careers.

Okay! Is there any prerequisite to learning Angular projects?

Yes! You must meet some requirements before diving into practicing Angular projects. The following section addresses the same.

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Prerequisites to Learn Angular Projects

Let’s list the must-haves that you must satisfy before learning Angular projects.

  • Basic knowledge of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript programming
  • Exposure to component-based architecture and test-driven development principles
  • Basic understanding of JavaScript classes and decorators
  • Familiar with TypeScript and Command Line Interface
  • Knowledge of streams, observables, and operators
  • Decent working knowledge of Angular workspaces and RESTful APIs
  • Good communication and critical thinking skills

Sure! You are ready to work on Angular projects once you have acquired the above-mentioned practical skills. Before that, we will go over the skills that you will gain by learning Angular projects.

Skills you will develop

In the following, let's see the hard skills you will gain by working on Angular projects.

  • Sound knowledge of the Angular framework, including its architecture, modules, components, etc.
  • Familiar with the Angular CLI to streamline development processes
  • Strong exposure to Angular libraries such as Angular Material and RxJS.
  • Expertise with unit testing and testing frameworks like Jasmine and Karma.
  • Exposure to version control systems like Git.
  • Sound problem-solving and debugging skills.

Great! You have come across the hard skills that you will acquire by learning Angular projects. Coming up is the section that discusses Angular projects elaborately.

Angular Projects

MindMajix subject experts have classified Angular projects into three categories in this blog. This is done based on the difficulty level. They are Angular projects for beginners, intermediate, and experienced.

Let’s go through them one by one.

Angular Projects for Beginners

In this section, you will go through various basic-level Angular projects. It will give you a strong foundation in Angular framework, TypeScript, and JavaScript.

Let’s begin now!

  • Currency Converter

In this project, you will build a currency converter application. This application helps users convert currencies in real-time. The location of this application will change when users move from one place to another. After that, currency conversions are made based on the new location.

Practicing this project will familiarize you with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and TypeScript languages. You will learn to work with Angular framework, Bootstrap, Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets, and more by doing this project.

  • Tic-Tac-Toe

This project helps to craft the Tic-Tac-Toe game using the Angular framework. You will learn to use Angular CLI in this project. You will also use the NodeJS server to pass events between two players.

Completing this project will expose you to working with a development server. You will use Visual Studio code to build this game. Besides, it is possible to get familiar with root components, HTML, and CSS by doing this project.

  • Weather App

This project helps build a weather application to forecast weather. You can gain in-depth knowledge of application design through this project. In this application, you will learn to add essential features like temperature status, climate map, sun rise and set time, etc.

You will learn to build data visualization, wind prediction, and rain prediction tools by working on this project. Moreover, you will get exposure to NodeJS, NPM, Visual Studio code, JSON, and many more.

  • Chat Application

In this project, you will develop a chat application, adding multiple features. The chat application will have features such as a login page, different themes, notifications, and more.

By doing this project, you will learn to build compelling user interfaces for this chat application. You will also learn to include options such as user stories and statuses. This project allows you to get expertise with Angular CLI.

  • Content Management System (CMS)

Another Angular project you will try out is the content management system. This system can create, manage, and publish content seamlessly. This system includes many features, including page types, block types, and more.

You will devise a flexible, scalable, and modular CMS application by working on this project. It is possible to build a traditional Angular CMS and a headless CMS through this project. You will master Angular, ExpressJS, and MongoDB technologies by doing this project.

Good! You have gained a basic idea of creating applications using Angular. Coming up is the section that includes robust Angular projects. It will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the Angular framework.

Angular Projects for Intermediate

You can expand your basic Angular skills by practicing the projects in this section. The Angular projects will help to improve your expertise in Java, HTML, and CSS programming languages.

Let’s discuss them!

  • Dashboard

This project helps to develop a dashboard for data visualization. You will build the dashboard using a low-level design and complementary colors. This project uses the Angular material library to construct various components using schematics.

Completing this project will teach you to create data visuals using Angular and ng-2 charts. It is possible to get exposure to Angular CLI through this project. Also, you will learn to use NodeJS and Visual Studio.

  • Music Player

In this project, you will create a cool music player that can include a vast list of songs and albums. Users can create playlists and search songs by creating spaces. It is possible to customize this application.

By working on this project, you will get exposure to NPM and Angular CLI. This project allows building a music player with the necessary aesthetics and functionalities. You will run unit tests using the Karma test runner.

  • Fitness Tracker

This project helps to construct a fitness tracker with which you can track exercise routines and their progress. You will create a user interface in this application for users to set fitness goals.

By practicing this project, you will get expertise with the Angular material library. You will also get familiar with other essential tools like Angular Fire, State Management, Redux, etc.

  • CRM System

In this project, you will build a robust customer relationship management system. This system can track sales processes and make customer interactions efficient. In this application, you will add key features such as voice calling, chat window, report generation, etc.

Completing this project will familiarize you with many programming languages. It can be Java, Spring, HTML5, etc. Besides, you will also get exposure to MySQL and Git. 

  • Budget Planner

This project helps build an application where users can key in their income and track their expenses. This application allows users to cut down unnecessary costs. You will construct a user interface in this application using Angular components.

Working on this project will familiarize you with Bootstrap, jQuery, pipe, Angular material, and more. You will also learn to use the Bulma framework, TypeScript, RxJS library, Sass, etc.

Cheers! You have gone through many critical Angular projects. Next, we will jump into complex Angular projects.

Angular Projects for Experienced

The Angular projects detailed in this section will help improve your skills to high levels. You will be proficient with Node.JS, Express.JS, MySQL database, PostgreSQL, etc.

Let’s go ahead!

  • Storybook

This project uses Angular and Storybook together while developing UI components. Working on this project makes you familiar with various environments. It can be Angular, Storybook, and TypeScript environments. By completing this project, you will gain mastery over the Java, HTML, CSS, Sass, TypeScript, and JavaScript languages.             

  • Trivia Game

In this Angular project, you will develop a Trivia game. Users can test their knowledge across multiple topics using this application. You will add multiple-choice questions, scoreboards, etc., in this application. It helps to engage users and test their knowledge.

By practicing this project, you will become proficient with NodeJS, ExpressJS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, UI/UX interface, and more. Moreover, you will learn about Angular routers and forms, CoreJS, RxJS, ZoneJS, and many more.

  • Firebase Authentication

This project helps to implement Firebase authentication in Angular. You will learn to create user registration, login, and password recovery functionalities. You will build this application using Firebase's real-time NoSQL cloud database. Working on this project will familiarize you with Angular CLI and NPM package manager. You will learn to use backend services, simple SDKs, and UI libraries.

  • Bare Bones

This project helps to build the bare-bones application with NPM modules, configuration, scripts, and routers. You will use languages such as TypeScript, HTML, and CSS to make this application.        

Completing this project will teach you to work with NodeJS and Angular CLI. This project teaches you to build router components such as router outlets, links, and router modules.

  • Hotel booking application

In this project, you will build a project that allows users to search, view, and book hotel rooms. The application will include all the necessary details for users. It can include hotel descriptions, user reviews, payment options, etc. Working on this project will familiarize you with NodeJS, ExpressJS, CSS, Google Maps API, and more. You will learn to use PostgreSQL to store information on customers, bookings, payments, etc. Congrats! You have completed learning the powerful Angular projects. Now, you are a step nearer to your dream job as an Angular developer.

However, the more you practice Angular projects, the more you develop Angular skills. The coming section lists many popular Angular project ideas to help you hone your skills.

Real-time Angular project ideas:

Below is the list of Angular project ideas that you can work on to boost your prowess on Angular.

  • E-learning platform
  • Notepad application
  • Task management application
  • Personal Portfolio
  • E-commerce application
  • Digital wallet application
  • Random PW generator
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Netflix clone
  • NGX admin


  • Angular is a web-based framework that you can use to develop web applications.
  • It is one of the widely used web frameworks across the globe
  • Angular developers have a promising future with attractive packages
  • Angular projects help to sharpen your skills in Java, HTML, CSS, and many other key technologies
  • Angular project ideas will help you improve your practical skills in NodeJS, expressJS, and databases.

Angular projects FAQs

1. What Angular can do?

Angular can help web applications that are highly scalable and maintainable. You can develop single-page applications with Angular.

2. Are Angular developers in demand?

Yes, Angular developers are in demand everywhere. As software developers widely prefer the Angular framework, the demand for Angular developers is ever-increasing.

3. What websites use Angular?     

The below list of websites built by Angular.

  • Gmail
  • Forbes
  • PayPal
  • YouTube
  • JetBlue

4. What is the diff between Angular and AngularJS?

Angular is a Typescript-based framework, whereas AngularJS is a JavaScript-based framework. Angular supports components and directives. On the other hand, AngularJS supports model-view-controller. Angular supports the mobile version, whereas AngularJS doesn’t support the mobile version. 

5. Is JavaScript necessary for Angular?

No, it is not necessary. But if you learn JavaScript before learning Angular, it will be highly beneficial.


On a final note, learning Angular projects is a super-friendly way to boost Angular skills to greater heights. If you work on the Angular projects discussed in this blog, you will have a bright career ahead in Angular. If you want exposure to real-time Angular projects and use cases, you can enroll in a course in MindMajix and get certification. If you prepare your portfolio, including Angular project samples and certification, it will improve your personal brand. A strong portfolio will offer you a competitive edge in the job market and take your career to the next level. If you want to add your suggestions, please use the comments box below.

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