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Why Should You Consider A Career Shift To AngularJS?

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Are you thinking about a shift in your career platform? We will tell you why AngularJS should be given a thought.

A slight introduction to AngularJS:

Self proclaimed as the superheroic JavaScript framework, AngularJS is the most popular front-end web application among developers. It has clean bowled the previous JavaScript frameworks like EmberJS and ReactJS and has walked up the aisle and secured its rightful position at the top. One of the prime reasons of the huge success of this JavaScript framework is its ability to create Single page applications (SPA) which ensures better speed and improvement in performance. 

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The exclusive features that AngularJS offers make it all the more desirable among the enterprises. Its ability to work with SPAs, two-way data binding technique and the declarative user interface which make it all the way user friendly are some of the sole reasons which make the web sector to run behind AngularJS.

Key features of AngularJS:

  • Two-way data binding
  • Dependency Injection
  • Directives
  • Modules
  • Unit testing
  • Routing
  • Validations
  • MVC (Model-View-Controller

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Popularity of AngularJS

Just as to how 15th century is considered to be the golden era of literature, we can call the present time the golden era of AngularJS. This JavaScript framework has gained rapid popularity among the Web developers. Its user friendly nature and other key features which are unique to Angular is the prime reason for its steady rise in popularity.

Since it is enriched with some unique features, developers are also found to be fonder of AngularJS as it helps them in developing websites by writing minimum codes. The less coding feature lessens the time and efforts that are to be put onto while working. As modifying the data is quite a simple task when it comes to working with AngularJS, testing becomes a task which is as easy as breathing.

Now, these are some of many reasons why AngularJS stands at the top of the web development field proudly. In the current scenario, there is no other web development application that can even stand the chances of competing with this JavaScript framework. So fold up sleeves and go get certified in AngularJS!  

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Comparison with a few other Javascript networks

Till now we were just telling you the end which is that AngularJS is the most preferred web development application. So now let’s take a look at how it reached that level by overthrowing all other JavaScript frameworks which were prominent before the birth of AngularJS. 

According to a survey that was conducted in the year 2017, it was found that almost 94.4 percent of websites use Java scripts.

ReactJS is the new kid in the industry as it is the youngest in the JavaScript networks and was primarily released in the year 2013. The prime reason that it could not stand and steadily compete with AngularJS was the fact that it is a library and not a full framework network. Some other reasons for it to lose against AngularJS included its steep learning curve and the fact that not many users are fond of JSX (Java Script XML).

EmberJS is another Java script framework which came into existence in the year 2011. It tried to give a strong competition to AngularJS but it failed to reach the top position because there is a lot of outdated content in EmberJS and its steep learning curve.

FoundedIn 2009 by Misko HeveryIn 2011 by Yehuda KatzIn 2013 by Jordan Walke
Popular sites createdYouTube, Vevo, FreelancerFacebook, Instagram, FlipkartLinkedIn, Yahoo!, Netflix

A promising Career that awaits 

IT or Software is a sector that develops very rapidly. So if you are looking forward to working in this field it is important that you update yourself regarding the recent progress in the technological field. Web development is a career that will never face a trough because it is necessary for every enterprise to have a quality website as it adds up to their goodwill. 

The users are looking out for simple and dynamic frameworks which are easy to learn and understand and this is one of the reasons for the popularity of AngularJS. AngularJS is not very difficult to learn as it involves less coding which makes it all the more efficient.

By now, you would have got a basic idea of why AngularJS is creating such a buzz around the world. Now we will brief you how fruitful your future will be (in the career prospective) if you are practically planning to execute your career plan of shifting to AngularJS. This web framework is going to stay at the peak as it is going through various stages of transition that will attract the web developers towards it with a greater pulling force. 

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With the much awaited version of Angular yet to be released, the job opportunities are only going to get better with the passage of time. Web development is a field that is emerging every day, so choosing a career by adding up the top and emerging frameworks to your resume will be the wisest decision that you can make as it will earn you a decent pay as well as help you in bagging your dream career.

The ‘decent’ pay

Many prominent web developers have revealed that a candidate approaching them with Hadoop and AngularJS stands almost zero percent chances of rejection as skilled professionals are highly sought after in this field. It is not just the demand for these kinds of professionals that is at the peaks but the pay that is being offered to them is also in such a range that nobody would actually want to turn down the offer.

In India, the average pay that an AngularJS developer receives is around 425,463 according to the reports to Payscale. The salaries are highly dependent on the experience that the professional has in the field of AngularJS development.

In UK, an AngularJS developer is paid 44,000 Euros per annum. So if you are looking out for a job that will provide you a good salary package and will help you grow as a developer in this highly competitive world, AngularJS is what you need.

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So we can sum up from the above discussions that AngularJS is a golden asset to any professional who is planning to secure their job in the field of web development. Getting certified in this Javascript framework will ensure you the job that you have been dreaming about once you started your career. So what are you waiting for? Go get your certification done in AngularJS.


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