Angular JS Projects and Use Cases

This blog has everything you need to know about Angular projects. Find out why the Angular project is important; there are various projects for beginners and experienced and all about the Angular project that gives you a wide knowledge. Explore its different parts and the different deployment methods and integration factors. After reading this blog, you'll learn a lot about Angular projects, how they work, and how they can be used in many ways. Don't wait any longer, learn about Angular to boost your web development skills!

Angular is a popular front-end development framework written in JavaScript. Many industries, like healthcare, manufacturing, banking, and so on, are seeing a transformation because of Angular Project Ideas. This is because those concepts save time and provide a wealth of other benefits. Furthermore, these concepts are loaded with valuable components and award-winning functionality that developers and programmers may use to improve the final quality of software products many businesses develop.

The following are a few project ideas that may come to mind while keeping in mind the fundamentals of AngularJS and the needs of the consumers.

Angular JS Projects - Table of Contents

Why Angular Projects?

Angular is a fantastic framework for developing powerful web applications since it is feature-rich and does not force developers to rely on third-party software. Using Angular, developers can significantly reduce the time and energy spent on their projects.

When it comes to client-side scripting languages, JavaScript is king. It's coded into HTML files so users can engage with websites in various ways. It's ideal for creating cutting-edge software because it's simple to pick up and widely supported. 

Is JavaScript the best option for creating modular, testable, and developer-productive single-page applications? Maybe not. 

Several libraries and frameworks are now available to us to fill this gap. When it comes to the front end of a website, Angular solves a lot of the problems that arise when utilising JavaScript alone.

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Pre-Requisites To Work on Angular JS Projects

During creating your Angular Project, you will need three prerequisites.

  • NodeJS
  • Angular CLI
  • Text Editors.

Skills That Angular JS Projects Help You Practice

A well-rounded set of abilities is essential for the ideal Angular developer. Learning the Angular developer abilities and programming talents is necessary to become an Angular developer. To increase your marketability, ensure you have mastered the essential skills sought by employers looking for people with competence and knowledge.

1. Npm

Web developers today must use npm. npm is the main mechanism for installing millions of client-side web development packages, including Angular. Angular is scattered over numerous npm packages, so you may need to install additional useful, non-Angular packages. Knowing how to establish what you need when you need it is valuable.

2. AngularCLI

Install the Angular CLI first with npm. The CLI makes installing Angular packages easy and guarantees that your app follows best practices. CLI use has benefits beyond app production. It may add an app's components, services, modules, and more. This will save you from having to type everything out by ensuring you adhere to the Angular coding standards and pay attention to the little things that can be the difference between working code and hours of annoyance.


Angular doesn't replace web development basics. Angular lets you develop quick, useful apps that must be rendered in a browser using HTML and CSS. Angular Material and other style libraries help you quickly create beautiful apps, but you need to know how and where to change things to get the look you want. HTML and CSS will outlast frameworks!

4. Angle

Is this obvious? Angular developers must comprehend the framework. Angular is a complex framework that takes time to master. You don't need to know everything to design useful apps. Most Angular apps need forms, modules, components, and services. Add and connect these elements to develop full-featured production apps. You'll also have a good basis for further learning and advanced solutions.

5. TypeScript

JavaScript has been used for client-side web applications. TypeScript adds strong typing to JavaScript. TypeScript powers Angular. Angular recommends it.

TypeScript reduces defects and improves code refactoring. Strong typing ensures your team uses variables and functions properly. Large codebases will have fewer bugs. TypeScript lets you securely refactor your code, so your app can adapt to user needs. You won't be left with enormous portions of code you can't change without affecting functionality.

6. RxJS

RxJS is a reactive stream library. Angular bundles it for common operations like HTTP data requests. Angular's asynchronous API employs RxJS's observables and other capabilities.

7. Git

Building simple apps with source control is safe. Git allows you to confidently experiment with new application features and development styles like TypeScript does for refactoring. Knowing you can easily utilise your Git repository to return to a previous (functioning!) version of your code lets you try wild ideas or develop a proof of concept your users may find useful—ever-changing software. Git enables you to evolve apps without losing work or damaging functionality.

8. Empathy

Great software requires more than technical competence. Consider users' goals. Your app fits where? How will it rank among other priorities? Talk to them and imagine their predicament. You may have different careers. Even quick conversations can broaden your outlook.

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Best Angular Project Ideas For Practice

Angular JS Projects For Beginners

Let's get to explore various AngularJS projects without further ado. Making projects is a fantastic method to hone, improve, and display your abilities. Check out these incredible beginner-level projects to get your Angular.JS adventure off to a flying start!

#1. NotePad Application

One of the best introductory angular projects out there. A note-taking app allows you to take and organise notes digitally, much like a traditional notepad. You can use the app to scribble down notes that you can later read, amend, or delete as needed. The notes are arranged chronologically, beginning with the most recently accessed ones.

The building of a simple notepad is a classic application of Angular. Using the Node Package Manager, you can construct it with NodeJs, Angular CLI, and Bootstrap. 

Your research's most important points or the wholesaler's data can be neatly recorded in your notes in this new angular project. Keeping track of when each note was last modified is a breeze with this app. The Notepad app you're working on can be built with tools like Angular CLI, NodeJS, and Bootstrap.

For Source Code, click here

#2. Angular Bare Bones Project

This project may teach you about Angular routing in its simple service and multi-component forms. The code's readability makes it a go-to for newcomers. The topic is broken down into the following steps:

  • Setup of Node.js from the ground up
  • Structure of the Angular CLI
  • Injecting dependencies into an app with npm
  • App launch with a simple command.

RouterLink, RouterModule, RouterOutlet, and additional imported routes are only some of the routing components demonstrated in the Angular Bare Bones project. The project's code is written in a way that even Angular newbies can understand. A single, data-dependent, and highly-routable feature component (i.e., "Barebones") can bridge the homepage and other sections of the site.

To implement this project, you will need to download Node.js and the Angular CLI (through npm install -g @angular/cli). After that, you must execute npm install to set up your app's prerequisites. Finally, to launch the event-driven Angular model-based Bare Bones angular new project, type ng serve -o.

For Source Code, click here

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#3. Weather Application

This is a prime example of a first-time Angular developer's dream project. It's a simple task to accomplish. You can write the code for it in a couple of hours at most. Create a weather app to show a forecast as part of this assignment. Until all the features are perfect, you can use phoney, hard-coded data in this app.

A weather app is a wonderful first project for novices because it involves data and design. Get started with the fundamentals, including the current temperature, when sunrise and sunset occur, a climate map, etc.

In addition, once you've mastered the fundamentals, you can experiment with advanced options. Data visualisation using motion, weather forecasting, and so on are all examples.

For Source Code, click here

#4. Standard Chat Application

Message, Thread, and User are every chat application's three fundamental building blocks. Chat messages, group metadata, and user information are all stored in separate models. A different set of services administers each model's streams. Angular CLI, Reactive JS, writing injectable services in Angular 2, and much more are used to reach the aim. 

For an example, see the attached file. To get started, clone the repository, navigate to the "repo" directory, then finally execute "install" and "run." If you're beginning with angles, this project is for you.

For Source Code, click here

#5. URL Shortener

This is a modern, angular design. Therefore, it's on style. Polr is a free and open-source PHP web app run by the Lumen framework. Its major database is MySQL, and it has a powerful interface for handling your link management needs. You can host it on your domain to create branded short URLs with a contemporary feel. To learn more about Polr, grab it from the repository and give it a spin. Similarly, you may create your URL shortener with TypeScript, Express, and MongoDB.

For Source Code, click here

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#6. AngularJS Google Maps (AGM)

This is an exciting angular design challenge. AGM is a library written in CoffeeScript and JavaScript that integrates Google Maps into Angular applications. Markers, lines, windows, and forms are just some things that can have their instructions stored there. Since AGM is hosted on GitHub, its source code is readily available. Before starting this project, ensure you have Node.js set up.

For Source Code, click here

#7. Admin Panel Framework

For students interested in getting their hands dirty with angular, creating an admin panel framework is an excellent place to start. An adaptable framework for creating administration user interfaces is offered by the BlurAdmin project. This Angular2-based project uses Bootstrap, AngularJs, Jquery, Sass, charts, etc. It has high quality, editable, mobile-friendly themes, and it's a free alternative under the MIT licence.

For Source Code, click here

#8. Place Locator

The Place Locator project aims to pinpoint a person's location using only their geographical coordinates. Those who have established themselves as geologists or frequent travellers can now venture into uncharted territory without worrying about getting lost.

This project's methodology is similar to that of Google Maps after all. Create a place finder app to locate restaurants, hotels, and gas stations more easily. To meet the needs of its users, this app must provide access to all of the project's robust components, including preset APIs and advanced GIS mapping techniques supported by individualised data sets.

For Source Code, click here

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Advanced Level Angular Projects

If you've been exploring AngularJS for a long, take a look at these cutting-edge Angular.JS projects that can strengthen your CV if you're working in this specific field.

#9. Angular Jumpstart

The Angular framework has many useful capabilities, and the Angular JumpStart project provides a whole application showcasing these features.

The project's characteristics include, but are not limited to:

  • Class and module structure in TypeScript
  • The system is used to load the modules.js
  • Identifying paths, including nested routes and unloaded ones
  • Incorporating User-Defined Elements, such as Output Properties and User-Specified Input
  • Making Use Of Domestic Regulations
  • Using Tailored Connections
  • Identifying and using directive/component events and properties
  • Using RxJS observables with the Http object to make Ajax calls.
  • Capable of using helper and service classes (for things like sorting and making Ajax calls)
  • Using the [], (), and [()] syntaxes for data binding in Angular.
  • Using the form-capturing and -validation features of template-driven and reactive forms
  • Optional: Webpack's module loading capabilities, and more, are at your disposal.
  • Ahead-of-Time (AOT) assistance can be requested if desired.

For Source Code, click here

#10. Task Manager

If you're interested in using the MEAN stack, this project is for you. You can learn some MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js by making this basic task manager. The task manager allows you to enter tasks, schedule them for a specific time and date, and assign them a priority.

Users can also attach notes to their task entries. They need to be able to remove completed tasks from their list. A page will be dedicated to finished jobs, and you can rearrange their priority or add notes.

For Source Code, click here

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#11. Gps Activity

Need Reference (I don't get any information about it from reference link. I also search for it, but I don't find any information.)

For Source Code, click here

#12. Reddit Clone

Reddit is a community-focused news gathering and discussion website. Users can discuss postings, upvote or comment based on agreement or disagreement, and share posts with others. Except for features requiring a backend, your Reddit clone will have all these capabilities.

Each user in your app will have their page complete with a photo and bio and the ability to post comments and date and time stamp them. Users should be taken to the post's comment thread when they click on a post. There must also be a way to arrange comments according to various criteria, such as time, date, topic, etc.

For Source Code, click here

#13. Restaurant App

Need Reference (I don't get any information about it from reference link. I also search for it, but I don't find any information.)

For Source Code, click here

Angular JS Real-Time Projects Examples

#14. Temperature Converter Website

In addition to the Image Generator website, a temperature conversion website can be created. You could find something similar like this online, but now is the moment for us to make it. This project aims to build a basic web app that allows users to input temperature data in either Fahrenheit or Celsius and then do a conversion between the two systems. Building this will take a little time because it's just one web page. For this assignment, you'll combine Html, CSS, and JavaScript with angular. For front-end developers, this may be a fantastic opportunity.

For Source Code, click here

#15. Chat Application

Everyone here uses WhatsApp; have you ever considered creating a service like it? If you answered "no," you may proceed. Using Angular, you can make a simple messaging app. You're going to need a lot more than this, though. You'll also use Typescript, the command line interface, Reactive XML Streams, and Node.js. Typical chat features, such as sending a message, starting a thread, creating a group chat, etc., will all be available in this app. While constructing this sort of programme, you will also gain experience with data storage. In sum, this may be everything you need. Having examples of work like this in your portfolio can be quite beneficial.

For Source Code, click here

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#16. Jira Clone

An Angular, ng-zorro, and Akita-based, stripped-down version of Jira. You may be familiar with Jira Software, an enterprise-level issue-tracking system. Here, we have a stripped-down version of Jira. Build your own Jira replacement by copying the existing code. Learning Angular will teach you how to build tracking apps like these.

It's not a good idea to copy the code. Instead, think outside the box when you study and prepare for tests. Learn how to use Angular to its full potential. Features like Kanban and Scrum boards can be included in various formats.

For Source Code, click here

#17. Minimus

Minimus is an Angular weather app project on GitHub that is complete and ready for production. The finest first-time project is a weather app. Create a custom weather app where you have full control over the look and feel with the aid of this angular project.

There are a variety of cities and locales from which to choose in this project. Use it as a starting point for creating a weather app that displays current conditions and forecasts for a user's location. The auto-sense feature, which indicates the local weather, can also be activated. In addition, engaging widgets can be added to increase interactivity.

For Source Code, click here

Angular Projects: Why Are They So Important?

Angular JS is vital for your app development project, and how you can reap its many rewards is outlined here.

  • Supported by Google: Having Google's backing is one of Angular's most valuable features. The best thing is that Google intends to continue investing in and expanding the angular ecosystem for the foreseeable future.
  • TypeScript: TypeScript, a superscript for JavaScript, is used to construct the angular application because it supports types such as interfaces, primitives, and more. In addition, it aids in the early detection and elimination of faults during the coding and maintenance processes.
  • Declarative UI: Angular uses HTML to define the application's user interface because it is a simpler language. Since it is also a declarative language, you won't worry about how the code flows or which files get loaded first.
  • POJO: The angular framework eliminates the requirement for a separate setter and getter method. All the objects it employs are POJOs, making it possible to manipulate objects in the usual JavaScript fashion.
  • Easy Testing: The Angular framework makes testing incredibly easy and fast. These modules have user-friendly application components. Separating code into modules makes loading critical services easier before putting them through automated rigour.
  • The MVC Pattern, Simplified: The original Model-View-Controller (MVC) software architecture is built into this framework. However, it deviates from the norm and does not require programmers to split an application into multiple MVC components and write code to make them work together.
Learn Top Angular JS Interview Questions and Answers that help you grab high paying jobs

Angular JS Projects FAQs

1. What are Angular projects?

By leveraging HTML and Typescript, Angular projects are a fantastic option for developing single-page client applications. The best way to learn angular for a novice is to practise with real-world projects.

2. What Angular can do?

Scalable web application development using a component-based framework. A set of interoperable libraries for handling things like routing, form administration, and client-server communication.

3. How do I create a project in Angular?

  • Make a folder called "First-Angular-Project" on your desktop.
  • Open the "First-Angular-Project" folder and copy the path to the folder from the clipboard.
  • Open Visual Studio Code.
  • Go to "File" > "Open Folder" and pick "First-Angular-Project" from the "Desktop".

4. Is Angular good for big projects?

Managing a large volume of traffic on progressive web apps and dynamic web pages is one of many ways that Angular's server-side rendering can benefit large apps.

5. How To Create a Simple Angular Project?

  • Prepare your working space.
  • Make a new workstation and your first programme.
  • Support the programme.
  • Facets of an angle.
  • Modify the application as needed.
  • Make a new title for the programme.
  • Complement the application by including new styles.
  • Last look at the code.

6. What is the main purpose of Angular?

Angular is a free, publicly-available, and TypeScript-based JavaScript framework. Google keeps it up for making single-page web apps. Angular has obvious benefits as a framework and offers developers a consistent framework within which to operate.


It's time to get to work now that we've tasted the top Angular projects for beginners, experts, and everyone. Since many innovations and changes are always being made in the Angular world, you should keep learning as you go. These angular projects will help you refine your coding skills to create special applications easily. You should grab hold of these Angular projects if you're serious about improving your knowledge. Now is the time to put your newfound knowledge gained from these perpendicular undertakings to the test.

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