There is nothing wrong to say that front-end development frameworks these days are gaining a lot of popularity. In fact, they have changed the ways web development tasks were handled. A few of them are extremely powerful that they can be trusted for any form of web applications. Also, they are improving day by day and novel features are enabling the developers to enhance the scalability of applications. AngularJS and Bootstrap are two of the very famous frameworks. In this post, we will provide you a basic understanding of the booth to put some spotlight on their key features and ability to use.

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AngularJS Overview

When you begin with AngularJS, something that you will definitely face in the initial stage is nothing but a lot of consuming related to controllers. A lot of developers don’t appreciate the logic behind the AngualrJS when it is compared to the Bootstrap. There are certain issues in AngularJS when you put it equal to the Bootstrap. The first thing is controllers are not very powerful. More attention is required on business data with AngularJS and this is one of its biggest issues.

On the other side, Bootstrap is extremely powerful and quick when compared to AngularJS. Something that makes Bootstrap best is nothing but the option to use controllers only when they are required. AngularJS depends highly on the services when it comes to using the controllers.

It is quite true that with the passage of time, web application designing and development is becoming more challenging. The fact is you cannot keep up the pace only with basic HTML knowledge in the present scenario. Some of the best Frameworks are present in this century and programmers are working very hard to use them effectively for having simply the best results. If you want powerful and smart web applications, obviously, Bootstrap is a better choice.

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It ensures smooth and simple UI and one-click satisfaction. It is more useful than AngularJS in several aspects. This actually doesn’t mean Angular is useless. The fact is there are situations while developing applications when one framework has advantages over another. 

AngularJS  Tutorial

Bootstrap Facts

The primary aim of Bootstrap was to assist programmers to come up with simply the best applications as efficiently as possible. A few of its features are amazing and has several benefits over AngularJS in most of the cases. Bootstrap is basically a 12-column rigid system known for its scalability.

It really doesn’t matter what your target is, the designs are always excellent and responsive. There are ES6 JavaScript plug-ins and components that make it simply the best. Also, there are UI components that can be used anytime and in fact for all types of applications. 

Angular vs Bootstrap

There is two-way data binding in AngularJS
Two-way data binding is not an option
It is slower and there are less number of websites across the globe that considered AngularJS
Bootstrap is adopted by a lot of web-owners and it is very fast when compared to AngularJS.
AngularJS is an open-source framework by Google
It is also an open-source framework by Twitter.
There are some minor issues with IE9+
It doesn’t face many problems with IE 9+
Elements cannot be easily arranged on a page
In the case of Bootstrap, this can be done easily as there is a flexbox support present.
Templating engine is better than Bootstrap
Templating engine is not much power when compared to AngularJS.

AngularJS Facts

AngularJS is the technology that enables you to extend HTML with directives simply by manipulating the DOM which makes it popular. Both data and views are related to each other. The fact is, in case of any change in view, the data also changes. This is basically due to two-way binding

AngularJS Interview Questions

Providers of both the frameworks 

Basically, AngularJS is a framework that is maintained by Google with the support of a community of some best developers across the globe. On the other side Bootstrap is a well-known framework provided by Twitter. 

Both AngularJS and Bootstrap are popular open source frameworks that are preferred by a lot of developers. However, the overall numbers of users of Bootstrap are more as compared to AngularJS. It is possible to develop any type of web application with both these technologies. Both have their own advantages and when it comes to choosing the one among them, it all depends on the type of application you need to build.

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