What is AngularJS? - Getting started with AngularJS

In today’s marketing landscapes, companies always look up to strategies that can help them cope up with the cut-throat competition. These days web/mobile applications have become a fundamental need and an effective marketing tool for any successful business. To develop user-friendly web applications, frameworks are used. There are many frameworks available in the market but every developer’s no 1 choice is AngularJS.  Frameworks are the code libraries where a set of common functions are predefined.  In this article, we will have an in-depth discussion on What is AngularJS, its features, market share, is it worth learning AngularJS, future scope, reasons for its popularity, and much more. So let’s begin…

What is AngularJS

AngularJS is a framework to develop dynamic web applications. It uses +HTML as a template language and lets you extend HTML's syntax to express the components of the application. The data binding and dependency injection eliminate excessive code writing work. Below you can see a simple AngularJS code example.

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<!DOCTYPE html>



    <script src="~/Scripts/angular.js"></script>


<body ng-app>

    Enter Country: <input type="text" ng-model="name" /> <br />

    Hello <label ng-bind="country"></label>



AngularJS Concepts

Every framework is a collection of components and so is AngularJS. Below, we have discussed the concepts which are important to better understand AngularJS. These concepts have made the stand out different from the rest application frameworks. Let us see what these concepts are-

  • Data Binding
  • Scope
  • Providers
  • Dependency Injection
  • Validators
  • Filters
  • Directives
  • Services
  • Controllers
  • Factories
  • Modules
  • Expressions

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#1 Data binding

It is a powerful feature used in AngularJS that acts as a bridge between view and business logic of apps. AngularJS follows a two-way data binding model which means that when data in the model changes, we can see the changes in the view or if data in the view changes, the model also gets updated.

#2 Scope

The $scope is a built-in object in AngularJS which contains application data and methods. The $scope is used to transfer the data from the controller to view and vice-versa. We can create properties to a $scope object inside the controller function and assign a value to it.

#3 Providers

The provider () is a function that is used to create a configurable service in AngularJS. While creating a service to retrieve data from the API, the user needs to set the API key for every application.

#4 Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection helps to create a loosely coupled architecture to get the user-friendly wen applications. Dependency injection helps us to create a loosely-coupled architecture. Before designing Dependency Injection, a user needs to follow the following two principles.

  • High-level modules should not be dependent on low-level modules. 
  • Details should depend on abstractions but not vice versa

#5 Module

An Angular module is a set of functions defined in a JavaScript file. It divides an Angular app into subparts containing reusable and functional components that can be integrated with other angular applications. 

#6 Validators

Form and controls provide validation services and a better user experience. Through this, a user gets a warning on entering invalid input before submitting a form. AngularJS uses client-side validation where users get instant feedback on how to correct the error. 

#7 Filters

AngularJS has built-in filters that are used to format data. But sometimes, the default filters cannot meet the requirements for filtering the output. In that case, users can create their customized filters which are used to pass the output in the required manner. The following is the list of most used filters.

  • uppercase -  converts the text to upper case
  • lowercase - converts the text to lower case
  • currency - formats text into a currency format
  • filter - filter the array on given criteria
  • order by - orders arrays based on some criteria

#8 Services 

Services are JavaScript functions used to perform only specific tasks. They are the individual entities which are maintainable and testable. In AngularJS, the controllers and filters call services on a requirement basis. Usually, services are injected using the dependency injection mechanism.

#9 Controller

 A controller is a JavaScript constructor function that contains attributes/properties, and functions and is used to augment AngularJS Scope. Each controller accepts $scope as a parameter, which refers to the application/module that the controller needs to handle.

#10 Factory

The factory is an angular function in AngularJS that is used to return the data values. A value is created by the factory on the demand for a service or controller. Once the value is created by the factory, it can be reused for all services. 

#11 Expressions

Expressions are written inside the double curly bracket ie. {{ expression} which is used to bind application data to HTML. The Expressions in AngularJS behave similarly as ngbind directives. 

Declarative UI Expression:  AngularJS has a fully structured UI where it is easier to understand and manipulate the components. Designers can easily learn markups. Thus we can say that declarative expressions of the application UI make more sense.

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AngularJS Features

AngularJS is the most widely used JavaScript framework that gives flexibility and resources to develop user-friendly web applications. In the era of constant technological development, AngularJS is the ultimate way to get ahead of the market competition. Here, we will discuss some of the great features of AngularJS that make it the best choice of every developer.

The MVC Framework:

AngularJS has an MVC (Model View Control) architecture that helps in dynamic modelling. As applications are built by integrating the modules and functional components together, MVC with AngularJS makes it easier for developers to develop user-friendly web applications. 

HTML User Interface:

AngularJS uses HTML language to build user interfaces. It is a simple declarative language that is easy to understand having short tags. This is a quite quick and easy solution for the web application development process rather than any other framework. 

Access to the POJO Model:

POJO stands for "Plain Old JavaScript Objects" which is a self-sufficient and highly functional model. It offers planned objects and logics and developers just need to create loops with the right properties to get highly interactive applications.

Behavior with Directives:

AngularJS offers additional functionalities using directives. The controller doesn't really manipulate the DOM because it is done through directives. It offers element-rich HTML needed to strengthen the online presence. 


Filters in the frameworks are used to filter the data before it reaches the view level. The system works by putting into the required format before delivering it to the end-user. AngularJS framework performs pagination and filters data arrays to the available parameters.

Unit Testing Facilities:

With AngularJS, the testing process has become a lot easier and simpler. Before AngularJS, testing was done by creating single test pages and by testing the behaviour of each component. But with Angular, dependency injections are used to bind the application together.


With AngularJS, you can take the help of templates to build the applications faster.  The template contains a plain HTML code that can be extended by developers to meet the final look of the app. Templates are parsed by the Browser into DOM which becomes the input for the AngularJS compiler.

Why is Angular so Popular?

  • AngularJS has gained huge popularity among the audience for being the best framework. Despite several frameworks in the market, web developers prefer to use AngularJS due to its reliability. This product was introduced by Google in 2009 and since then is famously used for single page web development. It has many advantages that have risen its popularity and some of them are as follows- 
  • In AngularJS, source code can be structured using the Model View Controller model
  • It offers a two-way data binding feature between view and model that reduces the work of codingHere, designers and developers can work parallelly because
  •  HTML is used for templating
  • AngularJS has Plain Old Java Object (POJO), a web developer can easily change the properties without any complications
  • Unit testing provided in AngularJS helps in handling the project of any size

Top Reasons why you should use AngularJS for front end development 

Angular JS provides an incredible way to build interactive and user-friendly single web and mobile applications. There are many reasons that tempt developers to use AngularJS for front-end development. The top reasons are as follows= 

  • High Performance
  • Fast and Easy to Adopt
  • Reduce Line coding
  • Allows Frequent Testing
  • Dependencies Handling

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What are AngularJS Directives?

Directives are the markers on a DOM element that helps AngularJS's HTML compiler to attach a specified behavior to the DOM element and its children. It has a set of built-in directives to offer functionality to applications. Also, with AngularJS you can define your own set of directives. 

  • ng-app : It defines and links the AngularJS app to HTML
  • ng-model : It binds the HTML input controls to Values of AngularJS App data
  • ng-bind : It is used to bind the AngularJS application data to the HTML tags

AngularJS is free to use JavaScript framework that assists in running single page applications. It makes both application development and testing processes easier. AngularJS is used by around 0.5% of all the websites working JavaScript library which is 0.4% of all websites. Below we have given a chart of industry verticals where AngularJS is being used.

Industry VerticalPopularity
Computer Electronics4.06%
Finance 1.93%
News and Media2.22%
Arts and Entertainment2.57%

AngularJS is a flexible and customizable Javascript framework that is getting huge popularity in the software industry. Google's largest applications have been delivered by Angular. In this technology-driven world, AngularJS has made a remarkable identity for itself. 

What is the Future Scope of Angular?

Angular is the most widely used JavaScript framework for building mobile, desktop, and web applications. There is no doubt that it is worth learning AngularJS which will help you grab your dream job in the IT sector offering you a handsome salary. There is a high demand for AngularJS professionals in top MNCs and big organizations like IBM, Wipro, Capgemini, Elance, Tech Mahindra etc. Also, there are various options for a career in AngularJS such as

  • Front end web developer/ Front end developer
  • Web developer/ Web app developer
  • UI developer
  • JavaScript developer
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 AngularJS is an ideal front-end framework that focuses on code quality and testability. If a user has to work on web development using JavaScript framework,  nothing can beat AngularJS. Also, it is very beneficial and helpful to develop single-page applications for businesses. 

We hope you must have got an idea why AngularJS is the most in-demand framework for web development application. If you have any doubts regarding AngularJS, Please leave a message in the comment box below.

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