Understanding AngularJS: Factory vs Service

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Understanding AngularJS: Factory vs Service

AngularJS is a popular framework that has gained a lot of popularity to build web page applications. One of the best things about this approach is its ability to maintain error free outcomes. In addition to this it’s open source nature widely attracts the developers and programmers and enables them to modify results as per their needs provided they have the right skills for this. Since the last few years, developers have opportunities to work with some parallel frameworks that are based on the latest technology. It is because of no other reason than this why in the present time, AngularJS is compared with other approaches.

Basically, in this post, we will compare the AngularJS Factory with Service. The emphasis would be given to some key factors to help you understand which one to choose.

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Services Types

Understanding the two:

Both AngularJS factory and service work on objects that basically collaborate with each other to derive the results that are highly scalable. Due to the injector, the majority of objects are present by default in Angular apps. Actually, the injector is responsible for creating two services, objects, as well as some objects for special tasks. Developers who handle or write the service defined the API of objects which are considered as Services. In both, you need to consider HTML.

Factory vs Service in AngularJS

Factory Services
Using factories in Angular might be difficult but it is powerful in deriving quality results. Services doesn’t always provide quality equal to Factory.
The factory doesn’t need a new keyword. Services always need a New Keyword.
The factory controller is powerful than the Service controller. The service controller is less powerful.
Repairing apps is difficult. Repairing or modifying apps is simple.

Facts about Factories:

It is possible to create an object simply while using the factory. Also, developers are free to add properties beyond the limit. Upon passing the same object to your controller, there is no need for you to worry about the properties as all would be present in the controller. It is one of the best things for which programmers consider it and in fact, appreciates it.

When it comes to declaring the name of a factory as an injectable argument, developers always make sure of value that can easily be returned. Factories are considered as powerful for returning a class function. Although programmers have to follow a lengthy procedure sometime, the outcomes are always superior.

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Facts about Services:

In the case of Services, it is also possible to create an object and add properties in the same. However, it’s a daunting case and consumes more time than Factory. It often misses some properties and is not regarded as best for large scale applications.

Services are widely approached by programmers for sharing the utility functions which can be evoked simply. Some variable often causes interruption and the one more fact is Services cannot clearly define the code.

Using them two:

Although both are good at performing their tasks, there is a fact which you must keep in kind. While using AngularJS factory or services, developers can register objects as factories or objects. This often creates a lot of confusion among developers. There are users who often say they are fine with any of the options because of the similar behavior of factory and service.

Factories are appreciated because of their ability to maintain quality throughout the task and not getting errors as in the case of services. It is possible to configure a service with the help of a factory. For using Services, you must be clear with some of the fundamentals of JavaScripts. It has often been seen that developers with better knowledge on the same can derive the best results. You need to instantiate a fresh Keyword whenever you use a service.

The information mentioned in the above paragraphs clearly indicates the usefulness of both AngularJS Factory and Service. Both have their own pros as well as cons that simply let you decide which one to give preference when it comes to getting simply the best web page applications.

There are some sub-tasks associated with both which you must perform carefully. There is another important thing which you need to keep in mind while using any of these two technologies and i.e. there are certain things which are similar and sometimes finding the exact difference is not an easy job.

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