How Will AngularJS Make A Difference In Your Career?

Over the past couple of years, the growth of AngularJS has taken a huge leap and under such a scenario, like an obvious fact, the career opportunities in this field have taken a tremendous leap. So if you are looking for a career that will fill your pockets big, then it’s high time that you learn AngularJS.

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Who will benefit from learning AngularJS?

The professionals who would primarily benefit from learning AngularJS are web developers, project managers, and testing professionals. The popularity of AngularJS has risen to such a level that it has been kept as a critical criterion for professionals.

Although there is a wide range of JavaScript frameworks, AngularJS has managed to stand out among all of those because of its peculiar features. It offers many such features that are unique and are of great use to the users like two-way binding, handling dependency injections, etc. The professionals who aspire to achieve a stable career in SPA (Single Page Application) are more ready to benefit from AngularJS.

A person who is starting with the basics of AngularJS should at least have a basic idea about Java Scripting. If the individual is looking for a career as a designer, he/ she should have a fair amount of knowledge about HTML. It is not a high bar to cross and these skills will easily ensure you job opportunities in the IT sector.

Few Websites and Applications that are built with AngularJS:

  • Netflix
  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Youtube for PS3
  • istockphoto
  • JetBlue
  • Vevo

Perks of using AngularJS

When there are a large number of modern JS frameworks available in the IT world, there should be some extremely unique and striking features that will make the user or the enterprise choose AngularJS. Some of these lucrative features include its feature of extensibility with HTML and CSS, easy user interface, testability, etc.

Another major advantageous feature is that it reduces the amount of code to be written for building a particular application. AngularJS is a dynamic web application that being client-sided even gives the user a feel of a standalone application.

Some other key features of AngularJS include modules, filters, directives, form validation, unit testing and so on.

How will the knowledge of AngularJS enhance your career?

AngularJS has managed to master the world of JavaScript frameworks overtaking other frameworks like ReactJS, EmberJS, etc. In the scale of popularity, without even leaving a chance to doubt, AngularJS has secured the position of undisputed leadership. The graph shown below is an example of this fact.

The job market for JavaScript developers

Java is considered the ‘grandfather’ of development as it has been in use for almost 20 years. Even today, skilled java professionals are in huge demand because of the fact that it is comparatively unique compared to other development languages. From the graphical representation that has been provided above, it is evident that AngularJS is in the top position of Java Scripts.

The progress of the job market of AngularJS is going really well promising bright job prospects in the future. AngularJS has achieved really impressive statistics in terms of usage and popularity in comparison with its business rivals almost holding a monopoly over other java frameworks.

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The requirement of skilled AngularJS developers

Gaining appreciable popularity in web development also meant the need for talented professionals who can meet the expectations of the enterprise. Many prominent web developers have revealed that a professional with Hadoop and AngularJS skills in their functional CV is highly sought after as to crack their needs and obtain a secure place in their enterprise.

Massive salary packages

According to payscale, the standard pay of an AngularJS developer is 425,863 per annum in India. The pay of the professional is highly affected by the experience that the professional holds in the field. The salary of AngularJS developers in the UK slightly varies in different surveys conducted by various sites. According to Glassdoor, it is 40,600 Euros per year but according to StackOverflow, it is 44,000 Euros per year. A pay that will fill your pockets big time and helps you grow as a developer alongside is always a good asset in the eyes of an employee.

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Future prospects of AngularJS

AngularJS has gone through many stages of transition ever since its invention. The most anticipated version of AngularJS is yet to be out i.e. AngularJS2 and the IT sector is impatiently waiting for its release with bated breath.  Angular 2.0 is creating a lot of hum by merging with Microsoft and what makes it more anticipating is the fact that in this version, many of the concepts will be simplified which will ease the difficulty of learning AngularJS.

To sum up, AngularJS2 or Angular 2.0 guarantees better performance by removing certain modules and the version will be focusing more on the progress of mobile apps. With the stable release of Angular 2.0, developers can bid goodbye to $scope and welcome @components. This version will support the latest JavaScript which is ES6 which will be highly beneficial to .NET developers.

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There is hardly any disadvantage for this front-end web application framework and the only persistent criticism about AngularJS is its setup of components that will be resolved in the upcoming version. So on a whole, the course is worth learning as it not only adds up value to your resume but also pays a fair amount of remuneration in return.


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