Six Figure Pay With AngularJS Certification

AngularJS For Easy Coding:

AngularJS is one of the most demanding technologies in the field of programming and coding. With an immediate increase in the use of Javascript formats, AngularJS being the best of all Javascript framework structures have managed to top the list.

Programming and coding are not as complicated as one thinks. It is basically like mathematics. Once you start developing a liking for it, it will be handy for you. Every coding expert would have gone through a stage where they would have actually thought that ‘Coding is not for me.’ But later on, the ones with true aptitude towards coding will develop an urge to learn coding and that’s how experts are made.

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Easy Coding

But with AngularJS, one really doesn’t have to bang their heads to the walls trying to understand the buggy codes. One of the many reasons that AngularJS is popular among the masses around the globe is that it has reduced the burden of coding for the web developers.

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Understanding Javascript:

The very first time I had to lay my eyes on a Java program was during my 8th grade. To be very frank, it looked nothing less than a nightmare to me. When the programs escalated from printing basic sentences to overloading, creating tools and much more, I could basically not see anything beyond defining a class. I know this is not just my story. It is the story of anyone who is introduced to Javascript for the first time.

But as soon as you crack the methodology of this language, you get to know that this is the most flexible programming language that has ever been invented. Many people try to avoid Javascript because of their fear for coding. But the fact that one should understand is that Javascript is the key of becoming a powerful developer.

The most powerful web stack that can be used for developing a full fledge web application is the knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript and any other server-side scripting language like C, PHP, Perl, etc.

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Future of Skilled Professionals:

There are not much professionals who are into the field of web development. So the companies are in desperate search of professionals who have these skills in their resume. So once an individual uploads his/her resume on an online job portal, these portals scan the resume with the keywords and do the recruitments.

Since a skilled Javascript developer is more in need than in supply, the ones who includes the knowledge of Javascript frameworks will be more in demand and will get n number of calls from the recruiters. Web development is a field that is growing every single day and it is important that you keep a check on the advancements in this field for it does not have place for late learners.

As the future of AngularJS is promising and the market value or basically the hunt for the professionals with AngularJS skills is not going to come down anytime soon in the near future, this is indeed a platform which can provide you a salary in six figures. If your aptitude goes parallel to the roads of coding and programming, then this is the workspace where your interests and money goals align.

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Approach should be different:

Are there really no shortcuts in life? Is it only the hardest working people in the world who gets to trek the peaks of success? Well, not exactly. There are a few simple things that can make a difference in your salary. Some of them are:

1. Resume:

The basic qualification that is required to crack an interview is nothing but your skills. But what is that brings you an interview call? It’s nothing but your resume. So it is essential that you resume contains all that ingredients that would make the recruiter desperate to place you at job.
If your CV is in the chronological format, ensure that under the skills title you include each and every technical skill that you are aware of. Mention it even if you have just started learning it and you can clear the air of doubt during the interview.

2. Confidence level:

The basic principle that needs to be followed while giving an interview is his/her level of confidence while appearing for one. It is a common logic when it comes to the question of confidence. Why would someone pay you in good figures if you yourself are not confident of what you are expecting from them?
So the basic key towards bagging your dream job with your money goals is your confidence level when you discuss it with your recruiter.

3. Perseverance:

It’s not actually necessary that your enterprise would let you have it your way over the very first talk. In the field of web development, your salary is greatly influenced by the experience factor. These two factors are directly proportional to each other. So as the proverb says, ‘Patience pays.’

4. Risks:

Another fact that should be kept in mind while you aim high is the fact that you should at times listen to your gut feeling while taking certain decisions in life. At times, decisions that are taken in haste can often turn out be the best that you have ever taken.

For example, if you are given a chance to intern at a big firm without much pay or you are given a job offer at a start-up company which you are sure is going to flourish big time, it is you who should take a stand on what to do upon that.

Salary Increment on certification completion of AngularJS:

What is the salary that you expect after you bag your certification in AngularJS? It is a very obvious fact that you will have high hopes after that. Now the question is what is the rightful pay?

Well, this can be explained with reference to statistics. Just like in the case of the chi square test, there will be an observed value and expected value in case of the pay of a job. A professional takes up the job only when they feel that the pay that is being offered to them is worth their talent.

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As of now, the annual income that an AngularJS developer receives in India is 425,863 (according to a survey conducted by PayScale) whereas in UK, it is around 44,000 Euros (according to a survey conducted by Glassdoor).

HTML without AngularJS:

What is that a web developer does when he is supposed to build a web application? If it’s a client-side app, they usually tend to pick up a project structure and take hold of their favourite Javascript library. If the web application has some back-end logic, then a suitable server-side language will rush for their help.

A standalone HTML can be used for creating a web application but it is not the best tool for creating a dynamic web app. This is where AngularJS comes into picture. AngularJS is a framework that extends HTML by teaching it new syntax and making it suitable for making dynamic web applications.

This framework is a golden asset to the web development sector as well as to the professionals who work in this sector. In a world that is growing to be more and more competitive, it is essential that you excel at something which is a worthy investment. 

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AngularJS has emerged as a successful web development framework over these past years and has earned immense popularity around the globe because of its unique and attractive features. 

The professionals with AngularJS certification are high in need and are also short in supply. So if you are planning to join the web development industry it is the right time to make use of this opportunity and enroll yourself for an AngularJS certificate course.



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