Web Application development is always considered as a difficult task to make the user interface; all the components and data present in the database work together. Many Server-side technologies exist to create web applications. But having more logic on the client-side is the latest requirement, as the computing ability of today’s end devices is excellent. Many Javascript Frameworks are introduced to satisfy this requirement. Among those, Angularjs is mostly recommended.

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In this blog, we will be discussing below topics:

What is Angularjs

Angularjs is an open-source javascript framework used for developing dynamic Single Page Applications. It extends the syntax of HTML to demonstrate the application components concisely and certainly. We can use Angularjs to develop any kind of application. It simplified the management of Front-End Management Procedure. It reduces the code to be developed.

Why Angularjs

Due to its enormous features and functionalities, angularjs became popular. Angularjs is widely used for developing single-page applications. Angularjs is used mainly because of the following aspects:

Single Page Applications

The need for Single Page Applications is increased as developers have to make web pages with less code. Even with single-page applications, we can develop mobile applications. 

Front-End Applications

Another reason for the popularity of Angularjs is Front-end development. For enhancing the business, we should have attractive web and mobile properties. So, for every business, Front-end of the web and mobile applications plays an important role. As javascript is used by almost every browser, frameworks of javascript like Angularjs are used to develop Front-End Applications. Websites like Google, Paypal, Netflix and Virgin America are Created on Angularjs.

AngularJs Features

Important Features that made Angularjs used for Front-End development are as follows:

Data Binding

Data Binding Preserves the developers from developing a significant quantity of duplicate code. Generally, while developing web applications, we have to write duplicate code consistently. Two-way data modelling handles the synchronization among the DOM and Model.

Model View Controller

Angular Implements MVC effectively and easily. Model is used for handling the application data. The view presents the data in a particular format. The controller handles the user inputs and carries out actions on the data model objects.

Dependency Injection

Angularjs has an inbuilt Dependency Injection feature. This feature assists developers in making the application easy to develop and test. Dependency Injections enables you to request dependencies.  

Best User Interfaces

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The interface of Angularjs is fully organized, so rendering and modifying the important components is easy to manage. 


 The application developed through AngularJs is compatible with every platform. It will not affect the performance of the application. 

Why Should You Use AngularJS - Top Reasons

Top Reasons Why We Use AngularJS for Front End Development?

Front end applications have become one of the best ways to win the target market, interact with the customers and outdo the competitors. The features and uniqueness of the AngularJS have made it stand out a framework to develop the user-friendly applications in less time and less effort. Let us find out why developers prefer AngularJS to build front end apps.

Very Easy to Learn and get started:  AngularJs is perhaps the easiest thing that any developer can think of. Developers can complete their first application in a couple of minutes just by including some attribute into the HTML.

Affordability: AngularJs is an open-source framework that allows developers to build custom web/mobile applications at lower costs. 

Two-Way Data Binding: Unlike other template systems, AngularJS templating system follows two-way data binding. In this process, first, the template is compiled on the browser and produces a live view. Here, the changes in the view appear in the model, and any changes in the model immediately propagated to the view. 

Declarative UI Expression:  AngularJS has a fully structured UI where it is easier to understand and manipulate the components. Designers can easily learn markups. Thus we can say that declarative expressions of the application UI make more sense.

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Top Reasons Why Use Angular JS for Application Development

Angular JS provides an incredible way to build interactive and user-friendly single web and mobile applications. There are many reasons that tempt developers to use AngularJS for front end development. Top reasons are as follows- 

High Performance:  Easy to use and least maintenance, make AngularJS the first choice of web developers. AngularJS holds power-packed features such as - Directives, Data Binding, Content Sanitization, Form Validation, Animations etc. and thus offers high performance. 

Fast and Easy to Adopt: With AngularJS JavaScript MVC framework, it has become very easy to execute all tasks ranging from simple to most complex. Also, the binding dependency between controller and template leads to good application development. 

Reduce Line coding: In AngularJS, there is no need to write coding for the MVC pipeline, and thus it reduces a big size of codes and saves time for developers. Also, HTML makes it simple to develop an application without getter and setter.

Allows Frequent Testing: Using AngularJS framework, developers can test an application as many times as they want to ensure that the application is error-free. This is one of the major benefits of developing web applications with AngularJS.

Dependencies Handling: AngularJS takes care of the complete lifecycle of objects; developers do not have to worry namespace and instance. This framework reduces the hassle of handling dependencies and dynamic loading.

Advantages of Angularjs

  • Angularjs gives reusable elements.
  • The web pages developed by Angularjs are rich and responsive.
  • In Angularjs, through less code, we can get more functionality
  • We can perform unit testing on the Angular code.
  • The single-page applications developed through Angularjs will load immediately.
  • We can maintain the Angularjs Application easily.

Where Angularjs is Used

Angularjs is ideal for developing the following applications:

Video Streaming Applications

Angularjs can be used for developing Video Streaming Applications. Applications like Netflix and Youtube for PS are examples.

Weather Applications

Best Performance and simple interface is essential for every weather application. Weather.com is the best example in that case.

mcommerce and ecommerce

Using Angularjs, many good eCommerce sites have been developed.

Social Applications

The mobile application of the famous social media platform “LinkedIn” is developed using Angularjs.

Travel Applications

In Travel applications, we use dynamic features. The JetBlue web application is ideal for this.

User-Review Applications

Nowadays, the importance of Reviews has been increased. Customers are using reviews for making good decisions. GoodFilms that provides reviews for films is the example.

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The rapid change in the business environment made the Investors and Managers use a dynamic approach to satisfy the market demand. After observing the latest trends, they thought front-end and Single Page Application are the ultimate tools to surpass the competitors and satisfy the market demand. For developing those applications, Angularjs Framework is perfect. Angularjs is backed by Google, and you can be certain that every feature of Angularjs will be enhanced. Angularjs supports integration testing and unit testing to ease the testing of web applications.