Why Should You Use AngularJS?

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Why Should You Use AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open source front-end Javascript framework network that rose to immense popularity in the past couple of years. Because of its unique and attractive features, it has managed to reach the top position in the field of web development and is considered as the most prominent Javascript framework to build dynamic apps.

It is primarily related to creating Single Page Applications but it can be used to create any app because of its features like dependency injection, declarative user interface, etc. Since it is developed and maintained by Google engineers, it is an assured fact that you are stepping into a platform that is vast and wide and is enriched with skilled professionals.

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Wondering as to why and how it became so popular? We will tell you why.

Imagine that you are looking for a product of your need; be it anything from just a dress or a laptop or anything. Once a product that would match your requirements comes into the market, it is an obvious fact that you would go and purchase it. Now that’s what happened in the case of AngularJS.
The web development world was fed up with the coding process that they had to go through while creating a web application. They have been in search of a framework that would help them overcome this burden that they were going through and it was then that AngularJS came into the picture. So, just like how we would go buy a product that would fulfill our requirements, web developers also happily changed into AngularJS.

As of now, we have had a sneak peek as to why AngularJS is considered the best choice by the web developers. Now let’s have a clear look as to why it indeed is the final choice of the web developers. The foremost reason for this scenario is its extensibility with HTML, CSS, etc and its ability to work with Single page applications.

Few reasons for the continuing positive trend of AngularJS

Wide range of tools:

AngularJS Tool

There is a wide range of tools that AngularJS uses which helps the developers lessen to the burden.  Grunt and Gulp are two tools that are mainly used for building servers in AngularJS. There is not much difference between the two and the only existing differences between these tools are in the way they configure their tasks and in the way they run their tasks.

A grunt is a tool that is based on configuration whereas Gulp is stream-based. Grunt mostly tries to run the processes in a sequential manner whereas Gulp runs them with maximum concurrency.

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The prominently used tools for workflow management are Yeoman and Bower. Yeoman is a front-end telemechanics tool that which comprises of three main components: Yo, bower, and grunt, which are used in improving productivity while building a web application. One of the best features of Yeoman is its ability to use custom generators. Bower is yet another tool that helps in the process of workflow management.

The tools that help in the testing process include Jasmine, Karma, Protractor, etc. Among all the tools that are used for testing for AngularJS development, Karma is considered as the favorite testing framework that provides the perfect testing environment. The protractor is an end-to-end test framework. The advantage of Jasmine is that it can be used anywhere that a Javascript runs.


AngularJS Directives

Directives are Javascript components that provide an HTML tag or attribute. It allows code reusability and embeds extra functionality to HTML. AngularJS directives use the prefix –ng. Some of the commonly used directives are:-
  1. ngApp: initializes AngularJS application.
  2. ngInit: initializes application data.
  3. ngModel: binds the value of HTML controls.
  4. ngRepeat: repeats an HTML element.
  5. ngBind: helps in replacing the text content of the specified HTML element.
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Uses of AngularJS

Till now we have been discussing the advantages of AngularJS and the reasons that made it bag the top position in the field of web development. Now let’s take a look at where exactly is AngularJS useful.
  • As mentioned earlier, the highest plus point of AngularJS is its ability to create a Single Page Applications (SPA) and thus, the biggest platform if you are using AngularJS is the same. Single Page Application is a dynamic web application that interacts with the user by interacting with the user and rewriting the current page.
  • There are numerous advantages to creating a Single Page Application. Users will be more satisfied if they can find the whole information is on a single page rather than separate pages to be obtained and loaded while the user is online. The main objective of creating Single Page Application is to create an experience like that of a desktop rather than some traditional, multi-page websites.
  • Another most prominently said the advantage of AngularJS is creating menus. Navigation menus are the chief elements of all websites, whether a traditional, multi page or a single page. AngularJS is chiefly utilized in creating menus that respond to the user input like click or touch. This is done simply by combining the framework with a little HTML and CSS.

The future of Web development?

With more and more enterprises and developers turning towards Javascript frameworks in the past few years, it is a fact that Javascript frameworks are indeed the future of web development. According to a survey conducted by IBM, it was found that 94.4 percent of the developers use Javascript formats. From this, it is evident that these frameworks are the future of web design. Among the Javascript frameworks, AngularJS has clearly overthrown all other formats and took over the topmost position. So what are you waiting for? Tighten your seatbelts and get ready to ride the wave of AngularJS.


From its advent in 2009, AngularJS has maintained to bag the attention of the web development field. Through various levels of transition, AngularJS has only gained more attention from the developers and has undoubtedly proved that it is a worthy investment for any developer.
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