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Angular vs jQuery

jQuery and Angular are popular client-side technologies. Although both technologies are extensively used, there is a difference between them. In this article, we've put together a full comparison of Angular vs jQuery to help you determine which is better for you. Is Angular suitable for high-volume websites? With jQuery, can you create a simple and appealing user interface? Let's find out.

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Websites are the to-go option for building a credible and trustworthy online presence today. For a long time now, web developers often tussle between Angular and jQuery web frameworks as they are the most reliable tools for building websites.

The blog provides an overview of both Angular vs jQuery to help developers choose the best web framework for their needs.

Everyone is going digital these days, and businesses integrate the best technological practices to engage customers, people, and web surfers. Even Digital marketing heavily relies on websites and applications to attract audiences to avail services and products further.

As the very essence of web development is getting complex with time, web developers need to curate a readily accessible website seamlessly.

Let’s take a look at the challenges that web developers are facing today before executing the best practices:

  • Rich and Easy-to-use User Interface
  • Rely less on coding with stretched out functionalities
  • Easy Document Object Model or DOM manipulation
  • Cross-platform support
  • Dynamic templates
  • Seamless testability features
  • Delightful animation

At the time of writing, numerous platforms can help developers curate their dream websites by considering user-centric functionality.

In this holistic guide, readers will uncover the ins and outs and core differences between Angular and jQuery, the two most sought-after web development platforms.

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Angular and JQuery might belong to the Web Framework genre, but they aren't practically identical in nature or execution.

For instance, Angular is a robust, organized framework and platform which is well structured and categorized, whereas jQuery is a cutting-edge JavaScript library. Angular or jQuery cannot or shouldn’t be compared due to their distinctive roles in their core components and their use.

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Angular VS JQuery - Which is Better?

What is Angular?

It is sincerely advised not to be confused with Angular and AngularJS; both are separate versions. AngularJS is the primitive version of an open-source, front-end framework for web applications utilizing HTML as the template language.

Angular ranges among several versions such as Angular 2, Angular 4, and other versions, an alternative to AngularJS and a significant upgrade over the former.

Angular is faster, features a modular design, angular CLI, which is easy to develop. Presently, Angular 9 is the latest stable version of the latter.

Angular as a Javascript framework is used by developers to build websites, mobile and desktop applications with the use of Typescript. It is a front-end open-source web application platform allowing developers to create reactive SPA or single-page applications.

Angular is an amalgamation of declarative templates, end-to-end tooling, and dependency injection aiming to overcome development challenges.

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What is jQuery?

jQuery is an open-source JavaScript library that makes coding less tasking and seamless to curate applications based on Ajax.

It is exponentially feature-rich, fast, easy to learn and use. The best part of jQuery offers cross-platform compatibility between Firefox Mozilla, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera.

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What Is The Difference Between Angular And jQuery

A comprehensive comparison between Angular and jQuery

Date of Release
September 14,  2016 (Version 2.0)Latest Version 11.1.2 Released on February 3, 2021August 26, 2006 (First Version)Latest Version: 3.5.1 Released on May 4, 2020
Learning Difficulty
A little tough to understand and learn.Easy to understand and learn.
Top-notch support facilitating the creation of web applications by utilizing CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.Provides optimum steadiness of DOM API that has the perfect equilibrium across the latest version of a supported browser.
The components in Angular are the essential building blocks for its User Interface. The components can be found in the form of hierarchy. Each template in Angular will feature only a single component.In jQuery, the components are a set of effects, UI interactions, themes, widgets that are built on top of the web framework’s JavaScript library.
Angular is typically bidirectional suggesting the User Interface is bound to dynamic model data. Whenever, the User Interface changes, there is an alteration in model data, and vice-versa.Binding elements between the User Interface and the code in jQuery is unidirectional that ensures a model-based flow of data.

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Key Difference Between jQuery and Angular

  1. Angular is a typical framework, whereas jQuery is an extensive library utilized for DOM manipulation.
  2. Angular is typically used to curate single-page applications from scratch where jQuery has no relationship with any models.
  3. Angular features a two-way binding, also regarded as ‘Data Binding’ alongside directives, routing, dependency injection, models, unit tests, among others. With jQuery, there isn’t a two-way binding avenue.
  4. With Angular, developers can manage and maintain the project size seamlessly, but the same cannot be said about jQuery.
  5. Angular web developers do not have to focus on writing codes amply to achieve remarkable levels of functionality, but with jQuery achieving similar functionality as Angular would rely on extensive coding.


Angular and jQuery are remarkable web frameworks that are predominant to build websites. Both offer excellent performance and flexibility to web developers for seamless curation and development. If you’re a budding web developer or even an enthusiast, learning the ins and outs of both web framework platforms could help to elevate your career. There have been ever-lasting comparisons and debates in both Angular vs jQuery for their unique attributes. But from an expert perspective, building a well-functional website with seamless UI depends entirely on the developer’s objective, as well as the clients’ needs.

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