Choosing the right framework for any website, JavaScript system, or application is a top priority for any business. ReactJS and AngularJS are the two highly performing and advanced development technologies worldwide. Angular was developed by Google and was released in 2010. The first version of Angular is AngularJS. While React was developed by Facebook in 2013. Learn major differences & key factors comparison - React js vs Angular js

In this article, we’ll provide a detailed comparison of how ReactJS and AngularJS intend to solve similar front end development challenges, but with a difference in approaches.

What is AngularJS?

Angular is a typescript based, an open-source web application framework for front-end web development. It is actively supported by Google and an individual community of developers.

It is a fully-featured javascript framework which is used to develop dynamic applications using html syntaxes.

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What is ReactJS?

React.js is a JavaScript library used for developing UI interfaces or UI components. React is easy to understand compared to Angular. It is actively supported by a community of developers and companies.

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The below points will help you understand the differences between both of them based on a few parameters.

React JS vs Angular JS -  Key Factors Comparison

Parameters AngularJS ReactJS
Technology type Full-fledged MVC framework written in JavaScript JavaScript library
Architecture  MVC Flux
Languages used  JavaScript + HTML JavaScript + JSX
Debugging & Testing  A single tool is needed for testing the complete project Set of tools required for testing complete project
Data binding It allows 2-way data binding (event binding and property binding) It allows one-way data binding
Latest version Angular 9.1.2 React 16.13.1
Ideal to use for Large scale web applications Single page web applications
Learning curve Difficult for beginners  Easy compared to Angular
Rendering It is done on client-side, but by using Node.js server-side is also possible  It is done on the server-side
Companies using Youtube, Paypal, Gmail, Walmart Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram
Licensing MIT license MIT license
Document object model Real DOM Virtual DOM
Ease of deployment Angular 9 has officially added support to firebase and now angular apps are easy to deploy It’s very easy to deploy react applications.
Speed and productivity Angular outpowers React with Redux in speed and productivity React with Redux somewhat lags behind Angular.
Dependencies  Manages dependencies automatically Requires additional tools to manage dependencies
Performance  Slow compared to ReactJS Fast due to virtual DOM
Routing  Requires a controller or template to its router configuration Doesn’t handle routing
Suitable for Single-page applications that update a single view at a time Single-page applications that update multiple views at a time

React vs Angular - Pros and Cons Comparison

Pros and Cons of Angular JS

Advantages of using AngularJS

Angular is a full-fledged framework, which can run in any platform or browser.

  • Offers clean code and structure

  • Easy decision making

  • Global community support is one of the major factors, to increase the reliability of the framework.

  • Although this has a steep learning curve, detailed documentation is provided for effective communication and collaboration between developers.

  • A material design like interface

  • Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) lets developers work separately on the same app section using the same set of data.

  • High performance

  • The angular framework takes care of routing

  • Seamless updates using Angular CLI

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Disadvantages of using AngularJS

  • Quite hard to understand for beginners

  • Loads slow with pages for embedding interactive elements

  • Third-party integration is hard

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    Migration issues which appear while switching from the previous version to the latest ones.


Pros and Cons of React JS

Advantages of using ReactJS

  • Easy to learn because of simple design

  • Better user experience

  • Faster development and time saving

  • Implements functional programming concepts, that creates easy to use and highly reusable code.

  • Prompt rendering

  • 100% open-source JavaScript library with a highly engaged community

  • Highly efficient and flexible

  • ReactJS can work with heavy loads with ease as it is combined with ES6/7.

  • Allows using third party libraries

  • Migrating between versions is very easy

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Disadvantages of using ReactJS

  • For integration, requires complex configuration and setup

  • ReactJS is not a full-scale framework

  • Lack of official documentation

  • ReactJS is unopinionated and leaves developers a lot of choices about the best way to develop

  • Moving away from class-based components, which may be barrier for  developers with object-oriented programming

  • Users should possess in-depth knowledge for integration of user interface into an MVC framework.


Popularity and growth of Angular JS vs React JS

The more popular technology is more job opportunities. React already has more number of GitHub repositories compared to Angular with most Fork and view rates.

github stats


According to NPM trends, there is a significant difference in the number of downloads between React and Angular. React is the most downloaded framework with more than triple times than Angular.

popularity stats


When we compare ReactJS vs AngularJS popularity in 2020, Stack Overflow Trends also reveals React receives the largest percentage followed by Angular. 

Google Trends also shows a similar picture that ReactJS is catching fast than Angular.



According to the above metrics, it is crystal clear that React is more popular than Angular.


React vs Angular using companies

The high scale companies in the world using React and Angular are listed below:


Google, Nike, Sony, Forbes, Upwork, Paypal, and more.


Facebook, Watsapp, Netflix, Pinterest, Uber, and more.


Mobile solutions of ReactJS and Angular JS

Both ReactJS and AngularJS can be used for developing mobile applications. 

1. First, let’s see the mobile solutions offered by React:

In ReactJS, React native platform is used for creating native mobile applications and allows local user interface enabling developers to make their own parts and tie them to local code. The syntax used in React is slightly different from Ionic’s syntax.

2. Mobile solutions offered by Angular:

In order to develop hybrid mobile applications in Angular, Ionic framework is used. It offers a robust UI component library which is easy to set up and develop hybrid applications. Compared to react, the apps built on Angular are quite slower.

Career growth of Angular Framework

By mastering Angular, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of Angular development and be able to pursue a career like Front-End Developer, Software Engineer, Web  Developer, JavaScript developer, UI developer, etc.

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Neuvoo reports state that the average pay for an Entry-Level Front End Developer is around $115,000 approx annually, while the most experienced can make up to $156,000 per annum.

Career growth of ReactJS Framework

ReactJS professionals can find opportunities like Full Stack developer, React.js developer, JavaScript developer, and more.

According to Neuvoo, the average pay for React Js Developer in the USA is $125,000 per year. Entry-level positions start at $68,250 per year while most experienced make up to $171,000 per year.   

Market trends and job vacancies

According to tech trends, there is close competition in the job market for both OF these frameworks.

However, Angular has a slight upper hand over React.

Conclusion: Which one is better ReactJS or Angular?

Well, that completely depends on your project requirements and goals. Both Angular and React frameworks have their own benefits and challenges. 

Considering all the features mentioned above, therefore you should consider React, if you are new to programming or having less coding experience, since it is easy to learn and popularity is more. The market demand is a lot higher than Angular and also it can be used to develop single-page applications too. Along with, for every six to seven months duration, there will be new upgrades in Angular and it's quite difficult to learn.

But if you are looking for a full-fledged framework to develop large scale projects and like to follow coding strategies then without having any second thought you can go to Angular.