Azure DNS, In today’s article, we will discuss Azure DNS and understand what are the offerings and lastly the pricing information.

Azure DNS

The DNS, aka Domain Name System is the primary cause for translation of the website or the service name to IP address. Azure DNS is classified as a hosting service provider for a variety of DNS domains across the market based on Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

So if you are hosting your domains in Azure infrastructure then you can manage your own DNS records using the same set of username and password which you commonly use to access API’, tools and billing of Azure services.

So what does Azure DNS would actually do, where is it useful and what are its features?

Well, let’s answer one by one so that you will have complete information by the end of this article.

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Azure DNS helps the individual or the enterprise to host their own DNS domains into the Azure infrastructure. Yes, that's the main use. On top of this, the individual or the enterprise will have the benefit of the following features.

Azure DNS Features:

As it is part of the Azure infrastructure, it is well maintained and well-executed offering to the market. The following are the features that an organization or a single user can avail based on the need and the cause.

Classified as Reliable and Performance efficient:

Azure DNS services are considered to be very reliable and they are performance efficient. The DNS domains are hosted in Azure’s global reach network where DNS name servers are spread across.

So every time a DNS query is put forward, the query is efficiently sent to the nearest available DNS server. By doing this way, it provides exceptional performance and also has high availability in terms of maintenance aspect. This networking is called Anycase networking.

Seamless Integration:

The Azure DNS services can be utilized and manage DNS records for the Azure services. They can be used to provide DNS for any known external sources if needed. As we know Azure DNS utilizes the same username and password details to get into the Azure portal.

The same profile is utilized for the billing, support, and contract with other Azure services.

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DNS Security:

All the services offered by Azure DNS service is based on Azure Resource Managers. They are the number of benefits of Azure Resource Manager and it comes with a lot of features. Some of the features like:

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1. Role-based logins

2. Access controls

3. Audit logs

4. Resource Locking

The above features that are defined are more catered towards the security aspect of service. By opting for these services it will be vital for the individual to maintain the access level limiting to his own use.

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All your domains and the records associated with are managed via the Azure portal, Azure PowerShell cmdlets, and the cross-platform Azure CLI.

For the applications which need automatic DNS management, then it is advised to integrate with REST API and SDKs.

Azure traffic manager

So far we have talked about the features that are enabled with the use of Azure DNS, but on the contrary side, you will face a limitation in terms of domain name registration. As of now:

Azure DNS platform doesn’t provide an option to purchase or register a domain name.

If you are really looking out for a domain name then it should be handled by an external third party service provider who is into registering domain names. Usually, this is associated with a charge where the third-party service provider will be billing you directly. These charges are based on monthly or annually. This is all based on how the third-party service provider subscription plans.

Once the domain name is registered then Azure DNS (Domain Name System) will be used for hosting purposes.

So every service is associated with a price and to be honest, nothing is given for free, even though when they say it is free it is not. These organizations monetize in some way or the other and giving away something for free is like prey for new customers to fall into their bucket.

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Azure DNS Pricing Info:

After all Azure DNS will help you host your DNS domain into the Azure infrastructure. The same set of credentials or profiles can be used to access the pricing and billing information for that particular account.

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The pricing of Azure services is competitive and also their services are really efficient and effective as they use Anycast routing which is known for providing exceptional performance and availability.

The pricing information is quoted for central USA users and the prices would be different based on where you are located.

1. For the first 25 hosted DNS zones, they are charging about $0.50 per zone per month.

2. Additional hosted DNS zones, i.e. more than 25 then they are charging about $0.10 per zone and per month

3. First billion DNS queries per month they are charging $0.40 per million

4. Additional DNS queries, i.e more than 1 billion per month they are charging about $0.20 per million.


They have around the clock support team capable of assisting users with their queries and also provide the necessary information so that the users can get used to the new platform. The price associated with support services is $29 per month. So each and every account, billing, and subscription management related support activities are provided free and there is no cost associated with it.

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We have talked about all different concepts of Azure DNS and its feature offering to the individuals and at the same time to the enterprises. If you think that there is any vital information that should be included in this article so that others can benefit, please do advise in the comments section.

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