Azure DNS - Azure Domain Name System

Azure Domain Name System is Microsoft’s hosting service for DNS domains in Azure infrastructure.  Azure DNS simplifies Domain Management for your organization and allows you to use the same credentials for all your Azure Services.

Introduction to Azure Domain Name System:

The DNS, aka Domain Name System is the primary cause for translation of the website or the service name to IP address. Azure DNS is classified as a hosting service provider for a variety of DNS domains across the market based on Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

The main use of DNS in Azure is helping the individual or enterprise to host their own DNS domains into the Azure infrastructure. Hosting your domains in Azure infrastructure is easy as you can manage your own DNS records.  The username and password remain the same as the one you commonly use to access API’, tools, and billing of Azure services.

What is Azure DNS?

The Domain Name System (DNS) locates and translates website domain names into internet protocol (IP). The Azure DNS provides name resolution for DNS domains by using Microsoft Azure infrastructure. It provides hosting of your Azure DNS names on the Azure global network of DNS name servers. The Azure DNS system uses Anycast networking for fast performance and high availability for your domain. Each DNS query is answered by the closest available DNS server. 

You also get benefits specific to Azure Resource Manager such as role-based access control, audit logs, and resource locking. It also allows you to manage domains and records via the Azure portal, Azure PowerShell cmdlets, and the cross-platform Azure CLI. You can also integrate your Applications that require automatic DNS management via the REST API and SDKs.

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Azure DNS Features:

Azure DNS is a  well maintained and well-executed  Microsoft offering.  An organization or an individual can avail the following features based on their need:

 1. Reliability and Performance efficiency:

Azure DNS services are considered to be very reliable and performance efficient as it uses Anycase Networking. Azure DNS is a resilient solution as its load is automatically balanced across multiple regions. The DNS domains are hosted in Azure’s global reach network and each query is sent to the nearest available DNS server to maintain efficiency.  This ensures exceptional performance and high availability in terms of the maintenance aspect. 

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2. Seamless Integration:

The Azure DNS services can be utilized to manage DNS records for the Azure services. They can be used to provide DNS for any known external sources if needed. You can use the login credentials of the Azure portal for logging into Azure DNS.   

Also, the same profile can be utilized for billing, support, and contract with other Azure services.

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3. Ease of Management:

Hosting DNS in Azure allows you to easily manage all your Azure Applications and DNS records using the same login credentials. 

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4. DNS Security:

Azure DNS  is based on Azure Resource Managers and allows the same authentication and authorization features as other Azure services. There are several benefits of Azure Resource Manager and it comes with a lot of features. Some of the important features are:

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  • Role-based logins
  • Access controls
  • Audit logs
  • Resource Locking
  • Multi-factor Authentication

The above-mentioned features cater to the security aspect the of service.

Apart from the features that are enabled with the use of Azure DNS, there are a few limitations in terms of domain name registration. Such as 

  • Azure DNS platform doesn’t provide an option to purchase or register a domain name.
  • You would be required to purchase a domain name through an external third-party service provider dealing in the registration of domain names. You will be required to pay charges monthly or annually. 
  • Once the domain name is registered then Azure DNS (Domain Name System) can be used for hosting purposes.

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Azure DNS Pricing Info:

Azure Domain Pricing is competitive and also their services are efficient. The use of Anycast routing enables them to provide exceptional performance and availability.

The Azure DNS Pricing information quoted here is for the central USA and might differ based on your location.

  1. For the first 25 hosted DNS zones, charges are around  $0.50 per zone per month.
  2. Additional hosted DNS zones, i.e. more than 25 then charges are around  $0.10 per zone per month
  3. First billion DNS queries per month the charges are around $0.40 per million
  4. Additional DNS queries, i.e more than 1 billion per month the charges are around $0.20 per million.


Their support team is available round the clock to assist users with their queries. They provide guidance and necessary information to enable new users to get used to the platform. The price associated with support services is $29 per month.  Account, billing, and subscription management related support activities are provided free of cost.

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Azure Domain Name System is a built-in DNS server in the Microsoft Azure infrastructure, which is undoubtedly the best system currently available for cloud computing services. It is highly scalable, reduces latency in DNS lookups for your domain name, and makes managing DNS records easy for you. 

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