Azure DevOps Projects and Use Cases

Want to level up your knowledge of Azure DevOps? Learning Azure DevOps projects is the best way to enhance your skills in Azure DevOps. This blog clearly describes various key Azure DevOps projects, the importance of learning them, the skills you will gain, and many more. Yes! By learning all the Azure DevOps projects discussed in this blog, you will undoubtedly enhance your skills in Azure DevOps to new heights.

DevOps is the methodology that binds the software development process with deployment and IT maintenance operations. In other words, it connects developers and IT engineers to work on a single platform.

DevOps supports creating a new synergy by integrating development and operations processes. As a result, it speeds up the software development lifecycle and thus improves business outcomes.

Know that Azure DevOps is a platform with which you can manage software development and IT operations smoothly and boost productivity.

As Azure DevOps tools are widely being used across many companies, there is a high demand for Azure DevOps professionals worldwide. If you get expertise in Azure DevOps tools, winning job offers from big companies is a cakewalk.

Are you wondering how to hone your skills in Azure DevOps in the best way possible?

Well! Learning Azure DevOps projects is the best way to improve one’s skills to greater heights. Practicing Azure DevOps projects will teach you all the basics of Azure DevOps tools and services. Also, you will learn how to use the tools efficiently in the development process and production environment for IT maintenance.

This blog will help you understand what Azure DevOps and Azure DevOps projects, their importance, the skills you will reap, and much more.

Table of Contents - Azure DevOps Projects

What is DevOps?

Let’s see what DevOps is – a bit more in this section.

Know that DevOps is the short form of Development and Operations. The agile automation methodology combines software development and IT operations on a single track. DevOps is a two-sided coin where one side is the development, and another is operations.

The great thing about DevOps tools is that it significantly heightens collaboration between developers and IT engineers. Sure! They improve collaboration between teams, optimize resources, and thus improve productivity.

Besides, DevOps tools optimize development processes and IT operations, bringing consistency to the software development and maintenance processes.

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What is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is essentially an end-to-end SaaS platform with which you can plan, develop, deploy, and manage applications effortlessly. It unites different teams in the software development life cycle to work together on a single platform. And it allows quick application deployment in the production environment with utmost quality.

Azure DevOps is a cutting-edge platform that provides robust tools as well as services to speed up the entire software development lifecycle. No matter whether it is a developer, analyst, or tester, they can use the Azure DevOps tools and services seamlessly.

In the same way, whether it is an agile or waterfall application development method, Azure DevOps supports either method.

Moreover, you can make effective version control with the help of the DevOps tool –Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC). Also, you can generate various reports, such as backlogs, test results, etc., using DevOps tools.

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Why Azure DevOps Projects?

As mentioned earlier, thorough learning of Azure DevOps tools helps you get hired by top companies with attractive packages. Learning Azure DevOps projects is the best way to streamline all your understanding of Azure DevOps tools and gain hands-on knowledge of them.

Well! let's dig deeper into why learning Azure DevOps projects is crucial to polish your skills in Azure DevOps tools.

By learning Azure DevOps projects, you will

  • Be able to launch applications in ‘Azure app service’ faster
  • Learn to track the application deployments, statuses of code commits, IT maintenance, etc., with the help of the Azure DevOps dashboard.
  • Become familiar with the GitHub repository, committing codes in the repositories, and deploying CI/CD pipelines.
  • Get exposure to popular programming languages such as Java, .NET, and Python.
  • Get Exposure to Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). It will allow you to make efficient CI/CD deployment.
  • Familiar with the prime DevOps tool - Application Insights Integration. It helps to make quick analytics and generate valuable insights.

Prerequisites to learn Azure DevOps Tools

Before working on Azure DevOps tools, getting a basic understanding of DevOps concepts and tools is important. It will simplify your learning process with Azure DevOps projects.

Here’s is the list of skills and knowledge that you must have:

  • Familiar with the Windows and Linux operating system
  • Knowledge of Containerization
  • Basic understanding of configuration management.
  • Exposure to CI/CD pipelines and deployment
  • Knowledge of Cloud Computing
  • Exposure to automation tools such as Jenkins, Gradle, and Docker.

Skills that you will acquire through Azure DevOps Projects

Completing Azure DevOps projects will help you acquire many skills that will make you a competent DevOps professional.

1. Expertise in Agile Project Development

Working on DevOps projects helps learners to get exposure to iterative application development and CI/CD pipelines. It allows learners to collaborate with interconnected teams and work towards the same goal. Besides, you will get proficiency in Agile boards and Sprint planning tools. It enables you to monitor development and deployment processes and prioritize them dynamically.

2. Exposure to automating builds and deployment

Practicing Azure DevOps projects help to learn automating software builds and deployment. It will help to complete DevOps projects quickly, eliminating manual and repetitive tasks. Mainly, you will learn to automate code deployment with CI/CD pipelines.

3. Familiar with Version Control System

Azure DevOps provides a built-in version control system. So you can quickly learn to make code changes in the Git repository. With this control system, you can also learn to track code changes in the Git repository. Also, you can manage the different versions of codes.

4. Proficiency with monitoring tools

With the monitoring tools of Azure DevOps, you can continuously monitor the performance of applications in the production environment. Once you complete Azure DevOps projects, you will learn to observe the critical performance parameters such as response time, CPU, and memory usage of applications.

5. Working with test automation tools

Working on Azure DevOps projects helps to work with test automation tools. So you can identify bugs and regressions in codes and apply them to debug.

The automation test tool is significant because it triggers automated testing every time you change codes. As a result, you can discover code errors in the early stages of the application development life cycle and remove them.

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Azure DevOps Projects

As we stated earlier, learning Azure DevOps projects helps to elevate one’s proficiency in Azure DevOps tools to greater heights.

However, every Azure DevOps project comes with a different complexity level. Considering this, the MindMajix content team has grouped the Azure DevOps projects into two sections - beginners and experienced.

Let’s go through them one by one.

Azure DevOps Projects for Beginners

1. Building Java Applications using Gradle

Know that Gradle is one of the build automation tools. It is a platform-independent tool that can work across many platforms. Not only that, it supports multiple programming languages.

In this Azure DevOps project, you will learn to build, run, and test Java applications with Gradle. Also, you will learn to divide the applications into many sub-modules while working on this Azure DevOps project.

2. Running CI/CD Pipeline

By learning this project, you will be familiar with installing CI/CD pipelines. You will also know how to deploy applications in Virtual machines, App services, etc.

Moreover, this Azure DevOps project teaches you to create ASP.NET sample codes, execute CI/CD pipelines, commit code changes, and many more.

3. WebServer using Docker

Docker is nothing but a popular container platform. In Docker, applications are developed in an isolated and secure environment – known as containers. Each container in the Docker has its own applications, operating system, and dependencies.

This Azure DevOps project example teaches you to build default images. It allows the development of web images in Python as well as Ruby languages. By working on this Azure DevOps project, you will learn to reduce the size of the Dockerfile as well as the time needed to write the Dockerfile. You will also learn to install the base system and reduce Docker build run-time.

4. CD pipeline using AWS

You will learn to build CD pipelines for small-scale web applications by practicing this Azure DevOps project. These web applications will be deployed automatically once the source code is updated. Further, you will get familiar with the version control system by doing this project.

Through this project, you will also get exposure to the GitHub platform. You will also be familiar with AWS products such as AWS CloudBuild, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and AWS CodePipeline.

5. Jenkins remoting project

Jenkins remoting is a library that we generally use to develop communication layers. This library has many features, such as TCP protocols, procedure calls, data streaming, etc.

Once you complete this Azure DevOps project, you will get a sound knowledge of message queuing, computer networks, and much more.

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Azure DevOps Projects for Experienced

1. Deploying Containerized Web Applications

In this Azure DevOps project, you will learn to package web applications as Docker container images. Also, you will learn how to run web applications in GKE clusters. The great thing about this project is that the applications are deployed as load-balanced replicas. This arrangement helps to scale the applications based on needs.

What’s more! This project will teach you to package sample web applications into docker images, upload docker images into the create GKE clusters, use artifact registry, and more.

2. Building Version Control System

Essentially, we leverage a version control system to have control over the different versions of codes in an organized way. This system simplifies code sharing too.

By working on this Azure DevOps project, you will get exposure to all the basics of the version control system. You will learn to navigate through the various versions of codes by doing this project. Also, you will get proficient in managing branching.

3. Building and executing Selenium Projects

Selenium is a test automation tool. Going through this Azure DevOps project will familiarize you with the Selenium tool. Also, you will learn to analyze reports, report bugs, and so on. Furthermore, you will gain sound exposure to Maven as well as Java projects.

4. Deploying applications using Kubernetes

By working on this Azure DevOps project, you will get proficient with analyzing messages and storing them in the Redis Server.

You will also learn to run applications on Kubernetes by completing this project. You will gain exposure to Docker containers as well.

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5. Structuring a Terraform Project

It is highly important to structure Terraform projects since it simplifies the maintenance and scaling of the projects. The structuring process must be done based on their use cases and complexity.

This Azure DevOps project teaches to organize Terraform projects. You will get exposure to design structures with the help of the key terraform features such as variables, data sources, localities, and so on. Besides, you will get familiar with tools such as Apache Web Server, Ubuntu Server, DigitalOcean, and many more.

Azure DevOps Real-time Projects Examples

Let’s look at the various real-time Azure DevOps projects in this section.

  • Building dashboard applications
  • Automating Kubernetes cluster deployment
  • Deploying containerized applications
  • Local multi-tier web application setup
  • Version controlling with Azure repository
  • Re-structuring web applications on AWS cloud
  • Web application setup on AWS Cloud
  • Jenkins pipelines as a code project
  • Package management with Azure artifacts

Azure DevOps Projects: Why are they so important?

Learning Azure DevOps projects is highly crucial since it aids in enhancing one’s skill in Azure DevOps to new heights.

Let's closely examine why Azure DevOps projects are so important.

  • You will learn to close the gap between developers and the IT operations team as tight as possible. You will learn to deploy CI/CD pipelines seamlessly
  • Azure DevOps projects teach you to manage time efficiently. Azure DevOps tools eliminate repetitive tasks and boost productivity. You must complete every project within the given time frame. So, you will learn to complete projects on-time with the help of Azure DevOps tools.
  • Azure DevOps projects encourage collaboration. Working on Azure DevOps projects is not a stand-alone task. You need to coordinate between different teams. So you will learn to interact with various teams positively.
  • Azure DevOps projects teach you to complete projects without errors. By understanding the Azure DevOps projects, you will avoid mistakes and deliver only accurate results. This is because there is no room for errors while working on Azure DevOps projects.
  • Azure DevOps projects teach you how to remove complexity in tasks. Some Azure DevOps projects might be too complex and demand detailed planning. So by practicing Azure DevOps projects, you will learn to break down complex projects into sub-modules and then work on them.

Azure DevOps Projects FAQs

1. What are Azure DevOps Projects?

Azure DevOps projects help to learn Azure DevOps tools elaborately. They help to improve your hands-on experience and make you job ready.

2. What is the maximum size of projects you can create in Azure DevOps?

You can create a maximum of 1000 projects.

3. What are real-life Azure DevOps examples?

They are the projects that help you learn the DevOps processes you will apply in the production environment. With Azure DevOps projects, you will learn to build and deploy applications into the production environment quickly.

4. How to create projects in Azure DevOps?

By following the below steps, you can create Azure DevOps projects.

  • Sign in to the Azure portal
  • Choose a new project
  • Enter the details of your project
  • Create a new project.

5. What is the significant use of Azure DevOps?

Azure is a SaaS platform that supports quickly planning, deploying, and deploying applications. It optimizes development processes, as well as streamlines, associated IT operations. Thus it helps to boost the performance of applications.

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At a glance, Azure DevOps projects help to hone your skills in Azure DevOps in a great way. If you practice more projects, the more you shine bright. Yes! Practicing Azure DevOps projects assist in developing applications quickly. Not only that, you will learn to deploy and manage applications.

However, if you go through professional training, you can gain mastery over the Azure DevOps platform in a better way. MindMajix, the leading e-training provider, offers the best courses in Azure DevOps. You can sign up for a course on Azure DevOps and get certification. It will help sharpen your skills in Azure DevOps exceptionally and support you in making stunning performances in your interviews.

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