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Azure Automation - Benefits and Special Features

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Azure Automation - Benefits and Special Features

The Technique of making a process or a task operate automatically.

Azure Automation

It simply, automate a task or process which is repeating frequently. This helps in reducing human intervention.

What Are The Benefits Of Azure Automation?

It Integrates with other system or existing system by building a PowerShell integration modules.

It accelerates the flexible workflow process.

It improves reliability in service among different tools, systems and departments.

It reduces manual activities in detecting errors & corrections.

What Can Azure Automation For An Enterprise?

It can virtualise Enterprise’s infrastructure. This allows to streamline their IT-related workloads, reduces manual attention,  automate backups and recovery systems,  most importantly it adjust its scalability according to the usage that means, during holidays where the workload is less it adjusts its environment.

What Is The Special Feature Of Azure Automation?

Runbooks is the special feature of Azure Automation. It helps in automating those tasks that are time-consuming, requires time to run and execute, have possibilities of getting frequent errors.

Graphical Authoring is another special feature of Azure Automation that allows you to add activities from the library that are already there in runbooks and link them to form a workflow. One does not need to write any complex PowerShell scripts.

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Why Azure Automation Is Important?


Manual Errors and Manual Dependency Is Reduced

These type of technology is basically used by those enterprises that have multiple organizations in different countries, requires a huge network, hardware and software maintenance. Therefore, these organizations need someone to take care of their systems continuously and manually. This is making organizations to recruit many professionals who can always possible to make small mistakes, have other problems to manage. So, the automation has come into existence that is making these manual tasks automate. Instead of hiring 100 testers for maintenance projects, they can hire 45-50 testers to just look into alerts. This is making organizations spend less on manpower.

Information Is More Secured and Holistic

The process, reports and information/data is so secured that has automatic backup and recovery methods. So, under unforeseen disasters also, the data can be retrieved.  Moreover, the information is under the control of someone who is trustworthy. It has got the role-based access.

It automatically builds a virtual machine that acts as a maintenance window for the main system. It gives alerts as restart and updates required.  One can provide schedules on an hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly basis for maintenance.

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Automated Patching of Virtual Machine

Azure Virtual machines can provide high availability of data along with with self- healing ( auto- service), failure- alerts systems, Geo-replication and high availability of data with disaster recovery mechanisms.

But, It Has Some Limitations

Geo-replication systems do not support data and log files in multiple storage disks is the main limitation of Azure Automation.

What is this mean?.  First, Geo-replication system is a concept designed to improve data across distributed networks.

Now, in Azure storage disk, if we configure a database, the data file and its log files are stored. Under the recovery process, if we want the data to recover we will find a copy of data files and copy of log files limiting us from the write-ahead log in SQL thus violating ACID properties of SQL.

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It protects Virtual Machine but not SQL running inside the Virtual Machine.

It Manages Configuration Changes Between The Systems

You can change the system configurations from windows to Linux. It allows multiple users to access and is a software-as-a-service( SAS) that provide scalable and reliable automation process for all your IT related operations in an organization.

What are Other Automation Tools Similar To Azure Automation?

Service Management Automation (SMA) is another automation tool similar to Azure but SMA does not have graphical runbooks. System Center 2012 Orchestrator is mainly for automation of on-premises resources.

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