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Do More With Microsoft Azure’s Public Cloud Platform

Public cloud is a storage platform on the internet where enterprises store their database, offer computing services, and create applications for their users. Applications on public cloud are accessible by anyone wanting to use or buy the services offered. The computing services, provided by Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), might be free of cost or delivered on-demand.
Public cloud ecosystems are limitless scalable platforms that enable speedy deployments as compared to on-premises IT infrastructures. Every team member of an organization can make use of a cloud application from the head office, branch, or field, using a device of their choice.

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Public clouds, as opposed to private clouds, save enterprises from the heavy costs of purchasing, managing, and maintaining on-premises application infrastructure and hardware. CSPs undertake these IT-related tasks as per the service agreement.  

Precision implementation of right security measures by the CSP, for instance, Intrusion Prevention and Intrusion Detection Systems, make public cloud platforms as safe as private cloud systems.  

What Makes Azure Public Cloud So Special?

Besides its state-of-the-art architecture and offerings, the first thing that makes Azure Public Cloud so special is, it is offered by none other than tech-giant Microsoft Corporation. This means enterprises can leverage innovative services and features with Microsoft’s proven technical expertise.
Microsoft Azure’s public cloud is an enterprise-grade, open-source, flexible, cloud computing environment that enables enterprises to do more with less. The Pay-As-You-Go cloud platform, which adapts to the present IT infrastructure, allows organizations to create, deploy, and run demanding business-critical workloads and applications from anywhere, at any time.

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Key Features and Offerings of Azure Public Cloud

Make Use of Any Language, Tool, or Framework

Build stunning applications with any language, including .NET, Java, and Node.js. Use a language you know to turn concepts into efficient solutions.

Work with leading-edge development tools such as Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio on Mac or PC. Write great codes with best-in-class features that increase productivity and allow you to focus.

Speed up the rollout of mobile applications by streamlining mobile development lifecycles with automated builds, cross-platform, native, and hybrid apps testing on Android and iOS.

Build High-Caliber AI-Powered Applications

Azure public cloud integrates built-in predictive analytics tools, which enable developers to create artificial-intelligence-powered experiences.

Develop intelligent bots that make quicker predictions while interacting with users. Use cutting-edge AI services and data, including Azure Bot Service, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Cosmos DB, and Azure Databricks, to create amazing in-app experiences with human-like intellect.

Systematically Develop and Deploy Organizational Applications

With Microsoft Azure, both cloud and on-premises environments systematically work together across the entire organizational structure.

Heighten developer productivity by implementing a standard approach in creating applications with the flexibility and scalability of deployment in Azure Public Cloud, as well as on-premises infrastructure using Azure Stack.

Manage Resources, Services, and Applications Faster

Automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks, cut errors, and accelerate the delivery of applications.  

Use top-class management tools, such as REST APIs, BASH, Powershell, or Azure portal, to manage app data, resources, and services.   

Get high-level support for backup, site recovery, patching, log analytics, and application monitoring, which will secure your complete focus on app development, and not on the infrastructure.

Create and Deploy AI-Models

Work in teams to develop, manage, and test multiple model versions in the development stage with Azure Machine Learning and Azure Databricks.

Create feature-rich artificial-intelligence-powered applications with optimized GPUs for AI scenarios and deep learning.

Use Azure Batch AI to build large-scale parallel developments. Test, debug, and deploy cross-platform applications with Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

Explore Unlimited Opportunities With Azure Public Cloud’s Open-Source Platform

Put to task your existing tools, skills, operating systems, data source, and device you use to develop applications.

Microsoft Azure offers support for a variety of language sets, familiar stacks, and data engines, including Apache Spark, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Hadoop.   
Augment open-source applications with insights and access control through Azure Data Services and Azure Active Directory.  

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Choose from 100+ Services

Create enriched user experiences by developing responsive web applications, native mobile applications, or engaging experiences like mixed reality and intelligent bots. 

Solve robust challenges, and launch your application with minimized effort and time through 100+ Azure services and Microsoft Visual Studio toolsets.

Develop applications using open-source platforms, such as Kubernetes.

Modernize, automate, and impregnate intelligence into applications through Azure AI, Azure Functions, and Azure data.

Connect devices, data, and applications by using 150+ Azure Logic App Services which include Dropbox, Salesforce, Twitter, Google Services, and Office 365.

Achieve Performance from a Consistent Cloud Platform

Use the power of Azure SQL Database to migrate existing applications and database to Azure Public Cloud in near-zero downtime. No need for code changes. No need to compromise security. Data remains securely encrypted.  

Frequently asked Azure Interview Questions

Secure and Optimize Hybrid Infrastructure

Protect data across cloud and on-premises platforms with Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup.
Get enhanced control and improved visibility on both on-premises and Azure cloud environment with integrated security and management solutions.

Analyze and respond faster to threats using Azure Security Center.

Unmatched Regulatory Certifications

Microsoft is an industry leader in implementing stringent privacy and security norms. The technology behemoth is a frontrunner in meeting industry regulatory standards. Internal and external auditors such as the British Standards Institute do rigorous scrutiny to check Microsoft Azure’s compliance with international regulatory and security standards.

Microsoft’s Azure Public Cloud meets a range of industry-specific global compliance standards, including SOC 1, SOC 2, FedRAMP, HIPAA,  ISO 27001, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Further, Azure’s Public Cloud architecture complies with country-specific regulations, such as Singapore MTCS, UK G-Cloud, and Australia IRAP.

Microsoft Azure is the best public cloud environment on the market today with a rich, comprehensive feature set. From migration to development, and deployment, the hybrid cloud infrastructure offers turnkey solutions to top-end enterprises across the globe. High-level security and controls make Azure one of the most secure public cloud platforms in this emerging market.  With integrated optimization and management services, Azure is without a doubt the cloud architecture of next-generation. 

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