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In recent years, the entire concept of computing has seen a drastic change and seen a lot of improvement and evolved from traditional computing to cloud computing. So the important aspect of cloud computing is that the data is shared across the cloud and the data is available on the demand.

With the help of cloud computing facilities, all the computing resources are shared across so that the data can be accessed from any part of the world with minimal effort. With cloud computing got into the pictures, users and enterprises have the possibility to store the data in the cloud.

It has seen a lot of attraction because it is one of the cost-effective solutions where the companies don’t have to invest in any of the infrastructure cost personally.

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The use of Cloud computing has not only provides benefits to the organizations, but they also provide more exclusive benefits for the individuals.

The following are few unique offering from Azure Cloud services which will help the individuals and the organizations leverage and build custom applications.

Reasons to Learn Azure Cloud Computing

1. Paas Capabilities:

Paas stands for Platform as a service.

Within the current market, Azure is one of the most prominently used. Compared to all other competitors Azure has stronger capabilities and has more to offer its customers.  It provides Infrastructure capabilities and also a strong coding platform where an individual can build an entire solution.

All the required tools for a developer is readily available for them to build the next-generation applications. In continuation, all of the applications can be securely and safely hosted on the cloud platform.

Overall, the Azure cloud provides a unique platform for individuals to try out all the options and build custom-made solutions. If you are aware of the .Net platform which is part of Microsoft, it makes sense to use Azure cloud. As both go hand in hand and has more options for the users to try out.

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2. Better Integration Possibility:

As we all know that. Net is one of the most commonly used coding platforms where millions of programmers have their hands on. Providing cloud services to them means a lot. It provides unique opportunities for them where the integrations are not that complex because all are provided by Microsoft itself. So the integration is not a challenge for the users, a lot of user base or fan base is available for support.

With the support in place, it has become one of the favorite services for many individuals. Using these services together, the programmers will be able to build next-level applications and deploy the Azure cloud services.

All the services are offered by Microsoft, a close integration can be expected and most of the application that is built on this platform can be bulletproof and one cannot expect any loose ends.

This is a benefit for the programmers who are already into.Net coding platform. So it is advisable to concentrate more on the cloud services offered by Microsoft rather than going to other cloud service providers. Where close integration cannot be possible with the third-party vendors. So building up skills on Azure will be a very good suggestion.

3. Devops Implementation:

Azure cloud services provide “Dev-ops” connections which are widely used in the current software industries. Using this will help the project teams to build secured applications and managing production deployments is made a breeze. The controls provided by the Azure cloud services will help the teams to monitor, manage and continuously fine-tune the entire application.

Most of the activities are automated so there is no point of manual errors, using dev-ops the teams will be able to test the new functionalities simultaneously in different environments and push them to the production environment in the span of time. Unlike the traditional process of moving files from one environment to another environment manually, following Dev-ops process is exceptionally vital for today’s business. This skill is appreciated by many companies out and definitely an area to explore. This will help you fetch good salary package and also a unique skill set that will differentiate from the rest of the individuals in the market.  

A lot of help is available from the community and youtube videos about this. Please spend time updating your skills, especially Dev-ops and how it is beneficial for you in your career.

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4. .Net compatibility:

The .Net coding platform has been in existence for quite a long time and most of the businesses have accommodated their software applications which are build based on this platform. So Azure cloud services actually built or brought into existence by taking this aspect into consideration. Microsoft wanted to provide a value ad cloud services for their users where their existing applications and also the modern age application can work together hand in hand with one single cloud, i.e. Microsoft Azure.

This is one of the main advantages for Azure when compared to their competitors like Amazon AWS and rest of the vendors. Executing them .Net based applications or software in the Azure cloud is very simple and it has been a choice for most of the organizations.

Considering this aspect, it is definitely a good choice to learn this skill and also understand the unique services that are offered by Azure services. By updating your skill set it will help you to implement new processes and procedures within the current development phase and also build more secure and safe applications.

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5. Security offering:

Azure cloud offers a standardized process which is known as Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). This means that the applications or the services that are hosted on the Azure cloud are 100% secured and well protected.

Also, Azure platform has some recognition, where they are the very first ones to be approved by European data protection authorities. They have also bagged another certification, i.e. International standard for cloud privacy, ISO 27018.

Looking at these they are definitely best in this space and undoubtedly the leader in cloud offering service provider. So it gives a breather for the organizations to completely focus on the development aspect rather than worrying about safety and security of the hosted platform.

It is a good option for the individuals who are into this space all ready to go through a bit more in detail about the security and increase your awareness about Azure cloud and their services.

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6. Able to build Hybrid solutions with super cloud connectivity:

Azure cloud services have lot of advantages compared to the rest of the service providers in the market. Azure services have already provided a wide range of hybrid connections which includes Virtual private networks (VPNs), content delivery networks (CDN’s) and ExpressRoute connections which aid improved usability and also the performance.

Most of the other service providers are still not providing these services completely.

7. Complete Environment:

The main difficulty with most of the software applications is not having a perfect environment for complete testing. Microsoft Azure Cloud has also addressed this as it provides close integrations for the overall solutions. The applications built using their platforms will help the organizations to develop, test and deploy easily.

All the mobile and web applications are completely integrated using their API and the teams can kick-start the development processes.

8. Learning Curve:

The learning curve with Azure is not that much compared to the competitors. The cloud service is built in such a way that it works with both existing and new applications that are already built on the .NET platform. So to learn the new offerings from Azure, it is definitely a worthy option.

A lot of help is available in the online medium in the form of support groups or video tutorials. So the learning curve is not that hard compared to the other competitors.

Tools like Xcode, Hadoop, Github and Visual Studios, Eclipse etc are available with Azure cloud.

9. Enterprise Agreement Advantage:

All the organizations that are already using Microsoft software for their development activities then they are automatically enrolled under the “Enterprise Agreement” advantage. So the use of this agreement will help the organizations to get competitive prices and extra discounts on the new software products and on the Azure cloud services. This is a boon for all the organizations so that they can try out all different services from Microsoft without actually paying a hefty amount. Using this facility small companies can also afford cloud services at minimal prices and offer a great value-added product to the market.

10. Beneficial Cloud Service Provider:

Choosing the right cloud service provider is very important for businesses because all of their data or processing is dependent on their availability. Azure guarantees 99.9% uptime where there are no technical glitches are seen. Also, Azure cloud services provide Paas, hybrid solutions and also an array of beneficial services.

So the uptime of the applications is not at all compromised.

Salary trends for  Azure Cloud service individuals:

As the skill is special compared to the other standard technologies, the individuals who are into cloud computing gets more salary when compared to others. The average salary for the individual who is into Azure is about $53,602 per annum. IF you have made it to the senior level where you act as a Senior Software Architect, then you can expect about $164,170.

Also comparing the industry standard across different companies, the basic average salary per annum is about $40,914.

Certifications - Boost Your Career in Azure Cloud Computing

The services or the options that are available in the Azure cloud are countless and one cannot explore all the benefits in a single day. To make sure you project your expertise about Azure cloud to the market, certifications from Microsoft is definitely a good way to project your skills.

Few of the certifications are listed below will definitely add value to your profile and make you stand out.

MCSD: Azure Solution Architect
MCSA: Linux on Azure
Microsoft Specialist: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
Microsoft Specialist: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
Most of these certificates are not straightforward and some needs to have to quality certain prerequisites.

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