What is Azure Application Insights?

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Azure Application Insights

Application Performance Management (APM) service for web developers that supports multiple platforms. Application Insights are mainly used to monitor the live web applications, automatically detecting the performance anomalies.

The advanced data analytics tools help in diagnosing the application issues raised. One can understand what users are doing with your app and what is that to improve for making the app with better performance and increase the usability. It supports a wide variety of platforms including on - off-premises on cloud and also integrates with your internal DevOps process.

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Application Insights Process of Implementation:

Install and set up an Insights resource in the Azure portal. The Insight resources monitor your app and send the data to the portal.

Azure Application Insights Process of Implementation

In the Azure portal, on the integrated data you can apply analytically.

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What is the Application Insights monitor?

Application Insights helps you understand how your app is performing and how it's being used.

It looks at the following process in the software application.

  • Find out which pages are most popular, at what times of day, and where your users are. See which pages perform the best kind of request and response process happening in software.
  • The external services and servers will be monitored when they are slowing your work.
  • Analyze the data statistics, identify specific instances and get the information on the stack trace and requests received on that particular process.
  • Pageviews on your apps and app loading performance
  • Monitor conversion rates, response times, click rates, downloads, and failure rates, which are called as AJAX calls for your web page.
  • Gives information about the logins and time session of the user staying on the website.
  • Diagonalize the web host from Azure Docker.
  • Diagnostic event logs from your app
  • Custom events and metrics that you write yourself  to track specific business events

Azure Application Insights monitor

Things to be noted before buying Application Insights

  1. It does not support 2.0 versions of the .net  platform. So upgrading your application to 4.5 version or above.
  2. Sensitive data like credit/ debit card information, personal data stored in your datasheet are also uploaded to the Azure portal. So make sure that you need to maintain sensitive data separately or .you can keep security measures to view it.
  3. Unknown Httpclient calls are not accepted by Azure. So, make sure that you add every client call details before he makes a call to you.
  4. Not all SQL commands are executed successfully

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Limitations of Azure Application Insights

1. Limitations on monitoring specific URL or action requests, SQL query % of requests with errors, etc
2. Email Alerts, SMS escalation do have certain implementation alerts.

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Installation Process of  Azure Application Insights?

Make sure that you have Visual Studio 3 or more versions in your system and a Microsoft subscription.

Right Click on App’s Solution Explorer, and choose Add > Application Insights Telemetry... or Configure Application Insights.

Azure Application Insights Telemetry

Select your subscribed Microsoft account, Azure resources, and register

Azure Application insights

Run the application with F5 and start viewing your app telemetry. Setup a dashboard where your monitoring team can monitor all the telemetry performances through Application Insights.

Azure Application Insights SDK

Is the telemetry collected by Application Insights?

Azure on Web Apps

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On web apps:

HTTP requests on the applications, Calls to Databases; HTTP calls to external services;

Exceptions and stack traces applied to events

Performance Counters like CPU performances, disk memory, data storage, the network used, etc.

Custom events on the particular option you insert in the app and measure its performance metrics.

Traces login and logout activities.

On web pages, you can see all performance metrics of the web page like page views, page load, session performance, login IDs of the users, etc.


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