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Azure ExpressRoute, In today’s article, we will discuss everything that you should know on Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute. Further, we will understand the key contributions and key benefits that Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute has to offer.

Azure ExpressRoute Of Microsoft

With the help of Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, you can actually extend your on-premises networks into a bigger entity, i.e. Microsoft cloud. This happens only with a third-party connectivity provider who offers a private connection.

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With the Microsoft Azure Express Route you can successfully bridge connection with Microsoft Cloud services, to be precise:

You can establish a connection with

1. Microsoft Azure

2. Office 365

3. Dynamics 365

How Does Connectivity Happen

The connection can be from any to any (IP VPN) network and also point to point Ethernet network. The only limitation with Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute is that the connection cannot go out on public internet connection.

With this limitation, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute is considered to be the following:

1. It offers more reliability as the connection happens only on a private network and not on the public network.

2. As it is Private connection, we can experience faster speeds

3. Lower latency because of faster speeds

4. Higher security because it is a private connection

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The key benefits that Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute has to offer to individuals and at the same time to the Enterprises are:

1. It is a Layer 3 connectivity between the on-premises network and Microsoft Cloud. This connection happens via external connectivity providers. The connection should be a private connection so it is not accessible for everyone, the audience is limited in this aspect.

2. With the help of connectivity to Microsoft Cloud services, the users can actually connect from any region or any place without any hiccups.

3. With Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute premium add-on, the users will be able to experience Global connectivity to Microsoft services.

4. It is known for its dynamic routing between your network and the Microsoft. These are done over the industry standard and it is a norm.

5. They have strict connection time and their SLA is defined.

6. They have support teams available just in case to assign in any business-related queries.

Now that we understood the key benefits of Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute let us understand the main features that it can provide us:

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Azure ExpressRoute? Layer 3 connectivity:

One of the salient features of Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute is that they are provided with layer 3 connectivity. The connection is provided complementing the industry standards and happens over BGP sessions.

Based on different traffic profiles, BGP sessions can be created and established.


A redundant layer 3 connectivity configuration is one of the fundamental requirements for the SLA to be a valid one. So every Express route circuit actually consists of two individual connection to Micro Enterprise Edge routers (MSMEs)

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Microsoft Cloud services Connection of Uninterrupted:

With the help of ExpressRoute, it provides an independent private connection to Microsoft cloud services. So the platform services that are currently operating within Azure often claim this benefit by the performance it has to offer.

Some of the services like Software as a service offering: particularly Office 365 and Dynamics 365 are created because they can be accessed in a secured manner and also be reliable.

Universally Available From Any Part Of The Globe:

One can connect to Microsoft from one of the peering locations and then they can have access to all the regions under that country-specific. For example, if you are connected to Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute from Amsterdam then you will have access to the cloud services that are hosted by Microsoft in all Northern Europe and Western Europe.

Go premium for global connectivity:

If you have enabled the global connectivity premium to add on a feature then you won’t be under any limitation and you will have access to all of the Microsoft cloud services irrespective of the region limitation.

For example:

If you are connected to Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute in Amsterdam then you will have access to Microsoft Cloud services that are available in Northern Europe and at the same time, the user will be able to access the Microsoft Cloud services in Australia as well without any limitations. Only national level clouds are excluded.

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Bandwidth Options For Connectivity:

The ExpressRoute circuits are available with a wide range of bandwidths. The following are the bandwidths that are listed below, please check with your connectivity providers to understand and the services and their limitations if they have any.

1. 50 Mbps

2. 100 Mbps

3. 200 Mbps

4. 500 Mbps

5. 1Gbps

6. 5Gbps

7. 10Gbps


Bandwidth Scaling:

With the use of Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, you can actually increase or decrease the circuit bandwidth very easily and it is not a big hassle.

Flexible Billing models:

As the services are provided by Microsoft are exceptional and they also understand the pricing aspect. It plays an important role while using any type of service offerings so they have come up with flexible billing models that can suit an individual need and at the same time it can cater to enterprise-level needs.

1. Unlimited data

2. Metered data

3. ExpressRoute premium add on

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Unlimited data:

This type of the ExpressRoute circuit subscription is billed based on the monthly fee. All the incoming and outgoing data transfer is included free of charge and the user doesn’t have to pay for this data transfer.

Metered data:

It is typically the same way how it works in an unlimited data subscription. But in this case, all the outgoing data transfers are charged based on the Gb of the data transfer. On top of it, the data transfer charges are different based on the regions.

All incoming data transfers are free of charge.

Metered data subscription has a monthly fee associated with it.

ExpressRoute Premium Add-On:

As the name itself talks about it, it is a premium add on to the ExpressRoute circuit. The following benefits are available if the premium package is used.

1. The route count is increased for Azure public and Azure private from 4000 routes to 10,000 routes.

2. The users will have access to all the regions irrespective of their connectivity to the ExpressRoute circuit.

3. The number of VNet links are updated based on the circuit bandwidth.

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Hope you have enjoyed reading about Azure ExpressRoute. If you have any valuable suggestions that are worth reading then please do advise in the comments section below.

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