SalesForce Introduction

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SalesForce Introduction

Let us start from scratch in learning about Salesforce and the initial steps we need to follow in any salesforce project to acquire a job in this field.

Salesforce is the best platform to start for a newbie, who aspires to have a career in CRM. In this particular platform, you need to have both technical and business knowledge to get shined. As Salesforce is a cloud-related technology, you have a hassle-free environment to deal with. Before going to start on Salesforce technology, you can start with an agenda.

Primary steps before we start any salesforce project.

The below conversation between an employee, manager, employer, and the client will detail you about the live situation faced by everyone during their job tenure.

Manager In First Meeting: Good Morning Guys! Congrats.

Employee: Good Morning Sir.

Manager: It’s the first day of your job. You might be thinking about why we held this meeting. We have a problem to deal with. So, this urgent meeting is because, as you guys know our company is dealing with various software solutions - .net, Java, Php, Oracle, etc, and we have a lot of other projects also. One of our clients has contacted me and said that “Can you give service in Salesforce Technology”. I said “no”, as we don’t have employees working in Salesforce technology. 

Client: But, I am planning to start the work in a few months from now.

Manager: Okay, give me some time to start the project, as we don’t lose our valuable customers.

Manager: In the meantime, I have posted in job portals for hiring employees, build a team, and start the project. But, the client had contacted me 1 day back and said.

Client: I cannot wait for a few more months. I want to start the project the next day.

Manager: I got surprised as we are not in a position to start the project immediately. I have explained the situation to the CEO and asked him how we can start this project as we are not having any person with knowledge of Salesforce. 

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CEO Replies.

CEO: I know about that client very well. If we say we cannot start the project, the client will look for another company to complete the project. So, we have no option.

Explanation from CEO to Manager.

CEO to Manager: We are going to hire some college pass outs and project them as salesforce professionals and get started.

Manager: “I said okay”, this is the reason why we are having a meeting in urgent. We are going to project you as salesforce professionals and we will be working like that.” 

Employee: Okay!

Manager Discussion with employees.

Manager: You guys must be surprised because you are college pass outs and how you can work on a project without having any idea of what Salesforce is?  So, how things are going to happen?
Don’t worry guys. I have already discussed with the CEO about the limitations you are having and I also will work closely with you. I am sending a few documents to you. Just go through them and start reading about salesforce. Today evening, we are having a meeting with the client and we proceed daily in this way.

Employee replies.

Employee: “Okay”, here, we have no option as it is from the boss and we need to proceed according to it.
And, the employee started reading about salesforce.

Note: A question may arise that why we need to take this hard challenge or decision from the starting level. It is about the market in the IT industry. At least 90 percent of people have faced such kind of situation at least once in their career. 

The meeting with the client has started at the scheduled time.

Manager: “Hi sir, we are your salesforce team, we are going to help you with the various implementations of salesforce procedures in your business and take all responsibility of your salesforce needs.” 

Client: Fantastic! Nice to meet you and good to know the team is ready. You guys know that my project is urgent.

Employee: “Yes sir we know it is urgent for you. We are ready, and we can get started.”Client:


Client asked...

Client: “What are the primary steps to start the project.”

Note: Always remember, many companies and many people follow these practices like, as soon as they acquire the project, they directly start implementing and start coding and working directly. They know, as they work they can claim to bill from the client. But, that’s not good ideally and you should understand your client’s business first. If you are not aware of it, the client will complain that you are not giving the proper solution to him or not able to understand his business, etc. So, you should know your:

Salesforce Essentials

Employee: Sir, we can select from the above plans based on our requirements. I will explain in detail about each plan so that you will have an idea of selecting the plan.

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The employee explains the pros & cons of each plan in detail to the client.

Client: Very happy to have my queries cleared from your side. We will go with the selected plan accordingly.

From the above conversation, it is clear that you should not only have technical knowledge but also an overview of the client’s business along with Salesforce services details as well.

The Billing is generated on a monthly basis - per single user. 


According to the customer selection of plan, the billing is generated. Say, for example the client has selected 150$ plan.

1 user * 150$$ = 150$$/month.
2 user * 150$$ = 300$$/month.

Note: Salesforce never works in months, the minimum subscription would be 1 year. It is the only drawback.

Current Trends Of Salesforce In The Market:

According to the latest market trends, in CRM, Salesforce is the leading software. Even the cost of Salesforce has never become a drawback to success. Salesforce has acquired the No 1 position though it is costly. Because of the kind of features, it is providing for the industry, the other companies are lagging behind it. It is the reason companies don’t mind paying a lot of money to Salesforce. 

Remaining topics will be continued from the next blog...keep following us.

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