Components of Data Warehouse in Tableau

Data Warehouse primarily contains 5 Components:
2. ETL
3. Staging Area
4. OLAP/ Data Warehouse
5. BI

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1. OLTP: OLTP stands for online transaction processing system it stores the day to day business transactions

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2. ETL: ETL stands for extraction, transformation, loading. It is the process of converting the data into information with the required transformation and validations.

3. Staging Area: Staging Area is the separate dedicated area to perform the required transformations.

  • It can store the data only for the temporary period of time.

Staging Area Transformation

4. Data Warehouse: Data Warehouse is the process of converting the raw data into valid information with the help of ETL and thereby performing required reporting and analysis, with the help of BI.

  • It is the permanent location to store the information
  • It is also known as OLAP
  • OLAP stands for online Analytical processing system.
  • As the data warehouse is giving the required information to perform required reporting and analysis. So, it is known as OLAP.

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5. BI: BI stands for "Business Intelligence".
BI is the process of incorporating the intelligence on the information stored in the data warehouse, by performing required reporting and analysis.

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