How to become a Tableau Developer

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Tableau is a rapid fire business intelligence software that allows you take decisions at a very fast pace. Tableau is also a leading new generation Business Intelligence (BI) application which is also dubbed as “self-service” data discovery tool as it can be achieved with almost no support from IT staff. This product shines as a graphical tool or a visualization tool, where you would have relied on various other tools and takes longer durations to represent the bar charts or the pie charts. Tableau is built to perform and it provides very quick visual analytics

As the software product is intended to be working on the data that has been collected, combined, extracted from various data sources – it is expected to be in good hands who have very good and creative minds. Data if it is well handled, we get the details that any of the Organizations intend to, at a very quicker pace. For that to happen, you need to concentrated on all the aspects that we are going discuss in the next section. Though most of the points would be known to you already, but nevertheless they are very important for an individual to become a successful Tableau Developer.

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How to become a successful Tableau Developer?

The most important qualities that are required for a Developer (whether a product, or a service or any other technology) is patience, dedication and hard-work. That should the emotional traits that are required out of an individual who wants to be a developer and now coming on to the most practical traits required out of a developer are very good problem solving skills, analytical skills and last but not the least, very good communication skills.

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You might be wondering how are all these related to be valid when we are talking about Tableau software products, please be aware that you are talking about the most efficient software product where one of your own programming or thinking process can hurt the emotions of your Organization. Since the domain that these products revolve in, business intelligence and analytics – a very small mistake can cost a huge amount of money in the form of a wrong decision or insight.

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Since most of the required knowledge in becoming an expert in Tableau is made available online for free, there is a definite need for an individual to gain as much as knowledge that he can from these documentations and videos. Putting these known facts that we learn from these documentations will make an individual confident about the knowledge gained. Confident individual with the right knowledge on the product is a wonderful combination and will be sold in the market as a piece of cake.

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Coming on the technical aspects that are very much required along with the knowledge that you would gain from the documentations and videos available, an individual is expected to be efficient in the usage of SQL, good at Data Science with R or Python. You should be having a very good mathematical background and interests in statistics to gain more and more knowledge with Tableau and R. With support to R integration, the data models used on RStudio can be run as in on the Tableau Desktop to leverage the Big Data advantage on Tableau Desktop itself.

Spend a lot of time with the data available free again, on Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server or Tableau Public (the cloud version, which is free again with limited number of features). This will allow you to learn the nitty gritty details of the software product and makes you an enabled engineer to work on any specific data to retrieve what the Organizations tend to gain out of the data. Depending on the individual, the learning curve that one sees to learn Tableau is very fast. The more creative your thoughts and application of mind, the better you will be at Tableau software products and being called a good Tableau Developer.

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We have seen what Tableau Desktop / Server / Public softwares are all about and we have also seen the qualities and traits that are expected out of an individual to become a successful data expert or a good Tableau Developer. This role demands you to be very creative with the data that has been given to you and hence you can make a mark in this industry of Business intelligence and Analytics.

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Hope this article has provided all the details that you were looking for, please comment on points that we can improve upon.

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