How to become a Tableau Developer -A Perfect Guide

Tableau has been a popular BI tool that is widely used for data visualization. As we know, a massive amount of data has been generated by various devices all over the world. Tableau Developers will build the solution for Data visualization to enhance Business processes.

As technology is merely becoming data-centric, so the demand for Tableau developers has been increasing. Surprisingly, most of the reputed companies offer high salaries for skilled candidates. Seems to be a good way for a great career.

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Let’s see how to become a Tableau Developer?

In this 'How to Become tableau developer' article, we are going to learn the following topics:

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1. Role of a Tableau Developer

Tableau developer provides solutions for data visualization to enhance business processes. The role of a Tableau developer includes various tasks that are as follows:

  • Working with developers
  • Creating BI reports and data visualization
  • Insights from data to feedback sessions to improve systems

This profession is best suited for the people who can work with a team, who can work productively to reach deadlines, and who have the ability of problem-solving skills.

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2. Responsibilities of a Tableau Developer

The responsibilities of a Tableau Developer may vary as per the type of organization. The following are the responsibilities of a Tableau Developer.

Technical solutions

The fundamental objective of a tableau developer is to develop technical solutions to meet the business requirements, and they help to find insights and innovative resolutions. 

Testing process

Tableau developers are responsible for examining and analyzing the troubleshoot. They have to execute unit tests, and it is the ongoing process of development.

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System Improvement

The essential task of a Tableau developer is to evaluate and enhance the existing systems. They are collaborating with other teams in the business to incorporate new systems.


They have to generate reports for the projects that are completed. Also, they need to create and update the technical documents for further reference.


They need to work with an Online Analytical Processing(OLAP) tool to secure data of the organization

Apart from these responsibilities, Tableau developers are also responsible for the following as well:

  • Designing dashboards
  • Managing Big data
  • Finding key areas of automation to make smooth business growth
  • Wrapping the SQL queries for improving the performance examining the glitches in business processes and resolving them and many more.   

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3. Skills required to become a Tableau developer

The following are the required skills and abilities to become a Tableau developer:

  • Should hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Business.
  • Should have excellent analytical skills to analyze the requirements of the business
  • Should have excellent knowledge of Data Architecture and Microstrategy.
  • Proficiency in Structured Query Languages (SQL) and huge data sets.
  • Should be innovative to find the errors in data sets and coding.
  • Experience in handling system software while working on projects.
  • Ability to find solutions for systems during prototyping and testing.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Providing insights by predicting and forecasting the data using historical data for better data decisions.

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4. Tools used by a Tableau Developer

The following are the tools that are generally used by a Tableau developer.

Tableau Desktop Tools

  • Web Data Connectors
  • Drawing tools for Tableau
  • Color tool for Tableau
  • Workbook SDK for Tableau
  • Workbook Tools for Tableau

Tableau Server Tools

  • Portals for Tableau
  • Remote for Tableau
  • Enterprise Deployment for Tableau
  • tabadmin
  • tabcmd
  • VizAlerts
  • TabJolt
  • TabMigrate
  • TabMon

Third-party Tools and Apps

  • Alteryx Visual Analytics Kit
  • Excel Add-In for Reshaping data
  • Tableau Mobile for iPhone
  • Vizable

5. Acquire a Certification in Tableau

Holding a certification in the Tableau tool will be a plus to get more and more job opportunities as a Tableau Developer and also they are paid a high salary package. So, get the certification course in the best training institute like Mindmajix Online Training Institute that helps you to gain the required skills and along with the real-time project that helps to gain work experience as a Tableau developer. There are two types of Tableau certifications. They are as follows:

Tableau Desktop 10

  • Qualified Associate
  • Certified Professional

Tableau Server 10

  • Qualified Associate
  • Certified Professional

On top of these certifications, Tableau conducts formal certification tests that help to enhance your skill level. This test adds value to your resume, which increases the chances of getting a job opportunity. 

6. Future and scope of Tableau

Tableau is known as one of the best BI tools that are available in the market. As per Gartner’s magic quadrant, Tableau is mentioned for the fifth time in a row as the best tool among tableau competitors such as SAP, Microsoft, etc. Tableau represents the data as everyone can connect to the data and understand the depth of analysis with the feature like storytelling. Forecasting uses a technique called exponential smoothing in Tableau.

Tableau offers a wide range of options for connecting with any data from databases, spreadsheets, and Big Data. It also allows users to access cloud applications, data warehouses such as Salesforce, and connect to the cloud database such as Amazon Redshift. 

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It allows the business user to identify the valuable data in their massive data sets easily. It provides a Web Data Connector that is used to pull API from the web to connect with any required data source. Tableau aimed upon Natural Learning process and Machine learning that enables data and moulding with new technologies by itself to provide future data visualization approaches. 

The scope of the Tableau is extended with every version update with new cutting features such as hybrid data connectivity for the cloud and live query agent acts as a tunnel to the established data.

7. Career scope for Tableau Developers

Tableau Developers has a high demand today and in future. As long as the data generated in an organization, the need for Tableau developers will exist. Numerous job openings require Tableau as a significant skill. Also, Tableau professionals are paid for the best salary package in the IT industry.

If we browse the salary package for Tableau developers in a popular Job portal like indeed, we can find the average salary for a Tableau Developer is USD 9,713 per annum (INR 7,29,762 per annum in India). For Tableau professionals, the average salary is USD 9o,874 per annum (INR 68,27,375 per annum). 

Final Thoughts:

On wrapping up, the demand for Tableau Developers as a profession is endless. As we learned, when a massive amount of data is generated, the Tableau developers are required to analyze and organize the data for valuable data visualization. As of now, the organizations are running with data-driven approaches. So, go ahead and acquire the Tableau skill to start a career as a Tableau Developer. All the best...

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