What are the kinds of tasks that can be done using tabcmd?

This post describes about certain automated tasks that you can perform using the Tableau Server command line tool (tabcmd). The tabcmd utility provides the ability to automate routine tasks concerning workflow management activities related to:

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  • Users, groups, projects, and sites
  • Data management, publishing, updating
  • Session management
  • Security, site listings
  • Server version information

The level of access and control depends on the type of administration rights assigned to the person using tabcmd. System administrators can manage data connections, groups, projects and workbooks. They can add users to the groups and projects, but, they don’t have the access to alter user licensing levels. Systems administrators have full rights-including the assignment of licensing levels for users and managing the server itself. System administrators can assign some administrative roles to the site administrators to manage groups, project, workbooks, and data connections. If the system administrator permits it, they can even add or remove site users.

The tabcmd utility currently provides 24 functions with an additional 12 global option settings.
You can access a complete function reference in the tableau server’s online manual in the tabcmd commands section. Located at:
Tabcmd also has a built-in help function for listing the available commands by entering tabcmd help commands. Figure 11.5 shows the help command display.

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Windows Command Processor

Figure 11.5 The tabcmd help function display

Entering tabcmd help and then a specific command name cause more complete options for that single command to display.

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