These days, business intelligence tools have become an integral part of any business organization because of the value they bring to the table.  We have a wide range of business intelligence tools with unique features to meet the ever-growing needs of different organizations. 

The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about business intelligence tools in Tableau. Tableau has become a market leader in the segment of BI and analytics. Even though the Microsoft Power BI has entered into the market a bit later, it has grown close competitor to Tableau with its unique features. This article compares these two tools in all aspects.

Tableau Vs Power BI: Overview

Before getting into the Power BI vs Tableau comparison, let's get to know a bit about them. 


Tableau is a powerful and one of the fastest-growing business intelligence tools in the business intelligence world. It helps organizations in simplifying the data so that it can be understood by anyone easily.  Tableau enables you to create compelling worksheets and dashboards. The employees of any level can easily understand the visualizations created by Tableau.

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Microsoft Power BI:

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence tool that helps non-technical users with tools in aggregating, analyzing, and presenting the data in a visual format. The user interface of Power BI is highly intuitive, and it can easily be integrated with other Microsoft products.   

If you are confused to choose between Tableau and Power BI, then this blog is designed for you to eliminate your confusion and to give clarity. The requirements of the organizations vary from one to another. And here, we are going to compare a few parameters that will provide you with a clear glance over Tableau and Power BI. Let us consider the below essential elements to examine.


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Tableau Vs Power BI - Key Difference & Comparison

Below are key parameters for comparing Tableau with Power BI:

  1. Data Visualization
  2. Cost
  3. Deployment
  4. Data Analysis
  5. Data Handling
  6. User Interface
  7. Customer Support and Community
  8. Functionality
  9. Integration
  10. Programming Tools Support

So let’s go through each point to compare Tableau and Power BI.   

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Tableau vs Power BI - Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Tableau and Power BI is unique, both come with unique features to visualize the data. Power BI suits best if you want to apply visuals and to modify the data.  If your primary motive is to visualize the data, then the best tool is Tableau.  Let's compare these two.

Tableau: It works better with a large number of data sets, and it comes with the effective drill-down features. 

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Power BI: It is much easier to upload data sets.  Here you can have various visualization types as your blueprints. It comes even with the drag and drops features that make your work easier and effective. 

If your primary motive is data visualization, then Tableau is the best option. In Data visualization, prospective Tableau comes first, and Power BI focuses more on predictive modeling.

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Tableau vs Power BI - Cost / Price 

Tableau vs Power bi Cost

Cost parameter brings a vast difference between these two business intelligence tools. Tableau is costlier when compared to Power BI. If your organization size is larger and able to spend more for visualization, you can opt for Tableau which comes at the cost of $ 1000 for a yearly subscription.  When we consider a monthly subscription, the pro version of Tableau comes at  $35 per user. 

Power BI comes ten times cheaper when compared to Tableau. The yearly subscription fee for the Power BI is $100. If you are opting for the monthly subscription Power BI professional comes at less than 10$ per user.

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Tableau vs Power BI - Deployment

Tableau vs Power BI Deployment

When it comes to implementation, Tableau comes with more flexible and easily customizable features. Tableau is available in both models such as on-premises and cloud, whereas  Power  Bi is available only in the SaaS model. The problem is that if your business model does not suit the SaaS model, it means you are not able to opt for the Power BI. Even though the subscription cost is high because of its deployment flexibility, it has got popular in terms of deployment.

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Tableau vs Power BI - Data Analysis

Data Analysis

If your goal is to have an in-depth analysis of the data, then the Power BI is the best choice for you.  This is because it allows you to create the relationships between the data sources. 

Tableau: From the data analysis perspective, Tableau comes with highly capable features. It enables the users to study the real-time trends with its minute trends and helps you in the effective usage of data. 

Tableau vs Power BI - Data handling 

Tableau vs Power BI Data Handling

In terms of handling massive data sets, tableau still has the upper hand over Power BI. While handling vast volumes of data, Power BI  functions a bit slow and needs direct connections instead of import functionality. 

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Tableau vs Power BI - User Interface

Tableeau vs Power BI User Interface

When it comes to user interface tableau has got the slick user interface when compared to Power BI. The interface of tableau enables you to create and customize the dashboards according to your requirements easily.  When it comes to Power BI, it has an intuitive interface that allows you to operate and learn very quickly than tableau. In terms of ease of usage and simplicity, most of the people prefer Power BI over Tableau.  

Tableau vs Power BI - Customer Support and community

Tableau vs power BI Customer Support and Community

Both tools are competing with each other in terms of serving their customers. When it comes to community support, Microsoft Power BI has a smaller community compared to Tableau due to late entry into the market. 

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Tableau vs Power BI - Functionality

Tableau vs Power BI Functionality

When it comes to functionality factor Tableau can provide answers to the questions that customers would often ask compared to Power BI. Tableau analyses the data form the roots and provides the insights better than Power BI. 

Tableau vs Power BI - Integration 

Tableau vs Power BI Integration

Nowadays, an organization has to work with various tools. So, integration between these tools is a compulsion to complete tasks more quickly and simply. Both the tools have been designed in a manner such that it can integrate with any tool. In terms of integration, Tableau is a bit better compared to Power BI.

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Tableau vs Power BI - Programming tools Support 

Tableau vs Power BI Programming Tool Support

Supporting programming languages play a crucial role in customizations and development. 

In the same fashion, these two tools have also designed to connect with different programming languages in a simple way. Tableau can work better with R when compared to Power BI.  It is even possible to integrate R with Power BI with the help of Microsoft revolution analytics, but this facility is available only for enterprise level.   

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Till now, we have taken into consideration, the elements that are used commonly while comparing two BI tools. Both the tools are unique in nature and suit well for the different needs of the organization. Different organizations have different needs and selection of the right tool depends on the specific needs of the organization.


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