How to deploy tableau server in multi-national entities?

Deploying tableau server in multi-national entities

Tableau Server is easy to install and configure yet has many features that can add complexity to deployments.

Tableau desktop and server support a wide range of locales and languages. This makes is easy to deploy in organizations with distinct nationalities. Language settings refer to the translation of text in the user interface elements within the tableau. Locale indicates the format of numbers and dates. Tableau server supports English, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Additionally, It also supports more than three hundred locales.

Default language and locale options can be configured at the server level by users with system administrator permission. This option is located on the maintenance page of the tableau server web interface. The default language is initially determined by the language settings of the server on which the software is installed. Figure 9.9 shows the dialog box regarding it.

                                    Figure 9.9 The language and locale dialog box
Users can also configure their individual language and locale settings from the user account page. However, users must execute this from their view of the user account page. Administrators cannot set language and locale options for a specific user. When a user changes these settings, this revokes the default language and locale settings designated by the administrator.

If the user does not have a language and locale specified on their user account page, then these settings can be taken from the user’s web browser-if the browser is using a language that tableau supports, keep in mind that the author of a workbook in tableau desktop can specify language and locale settings there as well. Settings specified in the workbook take outweigh over all other languages and locale settings.

The order of precedence-from highest to lowest priority-is designated as below:

  • The tableau workbook
  • The user preferences page
  • The locale specified by a user’s browser
  • The tableau server maintenance page
  • The computer on which tableau server is installed

Keep in mind that language options do not translate any report text-it does only tableau user interface elements.


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