Lumira Vs Tableau

Now, in this digital world, most people are trying to know the best self-service Business Intelligence tool is the best? Here you will get clarity by going through the entire article. As per the research, we found that the considerations are used to access various tools that were oversimplified. For example, Tableau delivers the unique User Experience with a limited set of factors at a higher level such as Data Connectivity, Data Blending, Visualization, Collaboration, Mobility, and Data Governance. 

Tableau Vs SAP Lumira

SAP Business Objects Lumira vs. Tableau 

To know which Business Intelligence software product is much better to enhance business revenues, as per the reports, the SAP Business Objects Lumira is scored with 8.6 and Tableau software is scored with 9.0 for all the performance as well as quality.

Mostly, this SAP BusinessObjects Lumira is rated with 99% while this Tableau software is rated with 99% as per user satisfaction level. You can also check and choose the best one by their features such as Options, Plans, Prices, Tools, and many others.

You can also check the given applications can also customize the least part of the process and check whether the software guarantee fits the won business workflow. 

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SAP LumiraVs Tableau

Now, the most important solution in the Business Intelligence software is with various categories such as Sisense, Gooddata, and Looker. 

Tableau Software


Lumira is most suited for the place where you wanted to customize and create tailored benchmarks for high effective customization and the creation of Tailored Benchmark for various segments for business enhancement.

The means of making information is completely available to all the department heads, managers, account directors, and directors. Real confidence is needed when using the dashboards for effective and optimized decision-making and monitoring the success of those decisions in a tailored manner. 

SAP Lumira Demo


  • Multiple data sources that are enabled with a single tool
  • The Publishing is available on the web and mobile devices
  • There are multiple canvases on the single display
  • Multiple graphical objects with drilling facilities on the given display 


Most of the visualization tools provide greater and easy access for the corporate type of varied data sources. It has a greater ability to provide an easy data acquisition mechanism at a time at run-time and design.

There is another great feature that is mostly supported by a variety of devices from various factors and excellent performance for visualizing the given data. T also has the ability to protect the Organization’s sensitive data. 

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Reliability and Availability 

Simply, this Lumira is a desktop application that will probably run on its own JVM. It mostly installs its own Java runtime environment libraries with any of the core java version conflicts. The availability of the application is completely based on the individual machine hardware configuration.

On the given decent desktop, it really performs well and it is probably launched in the 32 or else 64-bit environment based on the host's system. 


The Performance is linear with a large amount of data that can be easily explored. There are certain benchmarks that are done to acquire 10 million data cells by avoiding performance problems. There will some proper adjustment to JVM runtime properties to start higher heap size along with the other parameters that optimize the runtime environment. 


There is a great responsibility that they listen to the problems with ease and also show the most effective solution to resolve them in a quick manner. The entire customer engagement team works really hard and treats success in a great manner. There is a lot of liaisons between the assessment and resolving the issues in a timely manner. 


As per the enterprises, there is a wide range of implementation models that probably challenge data security and trustiness. Throughout the enterprise, there is not an easy installation process that can be seen and there will be many experiences with the desktop implementation models that are probably controlled with cloud environment models only. 


Tableau Business Intelligence is very easy to use where it is an extremely high range for business enhancement. Tableau Technology is great at dealing with numeric data and anything can be charted with ease. It is still done depending upon the different perspectives and the required data that you are looking for from the data itself. 

Tableau Experience


  • Blending of data from the various sources such as SQL Server and CSV and Excel files as well which mainly helps you to get up and run quickly without waiting for data loading and data integration.
  • It is a Great chance to designate the column of data by using certain metrics or else dimensions as well. There is also a vital change in the level of flexibility and with a pivot table.
  • There are drag and drop for pop-up text and the best way to annotate various visuals without consuming extra space.
  • There is a great linking factor with various objects on the given dashboards that mostly enhances visualization and interaction for the user. 


The entry-level part of data analysis can be accessible for beginners as well as Experts in the same advanced analysis. It mostly provides an end-to-end solution for analytics problems. 

Reliability and Availability 

Mostly there is a wide range of upgrades and there is no downtime as per the reports. 


As per the expectations, it mostly performs well. As per the challenge, there is sure that the data is organized correctly to optimize performance only. 


This Tableau software is very nice to use with a highly effective amount of collaboration and always ready to listen and engage.

The Tableau approaches are been adopted sooner for business enhancement. With the help of Tableau, there is no buffer. It will surely be a great success for a few similarities for large organizations to take their business level to the next height. 

Tableau Interview Questions for Beginners

Discovery Tool: SAP Lumira or else Tableau Software?

There will be a high creation of stunning visualization with a highly effective drag and drop interface. It is mostly delivered for faster and flexible self-service analysis. All users are able to merge multiple data sources to give up meaningful information for organizational development in a quick manner.

For each and every business problem there are great heavy, painful, and effective solutions to boost Organizational revenues. All the discovery tools are built in the most effective manner that takes the business level to the next advanced level. Here is the below list to check out the few functions of Tableau. 

  • It has the main ability to use custom maps 
  • The single GPS point that has multiple dimensions displayed with a certain age etc
  • Very easy for the customization layout with information displayed on the screen 
  • All the visuals can be integrated with the given dashboards and can be given the link to each other 

This Tableau Technology is here to deliver the required information to share with and the different license to access the server is a great way. Tableau is considered an excellent tool with a lot of certain functionalities and surely helps in a better understanding of data. 

The main and most important advantage of Lumira is completely full integration process with certain SAP products and various Business Objects. There is a great availability of filters that are reusable in the Lumira. There will be an effective user interface that is similar to Webs and the users who are having basic knowledge of the universe will be quickly understood the semantic layers of Lumira. The way of the filtering process, exclude and the drill out is done through the extremely well and initiative. 

As the Tableau, this Lumira allows the users to have more than one number of required data sources in the documents. It mostly offers various connections to Xls, CSV, and other databases, SAP Hana and BusinessObjects 3 and 4. SAP business objects are not more of all the inclusive set of required tools with excellent interoperability. 


The present version of Lumira is not enough to justify the given information. However, as per the last version released, this tool is going to evolve and various functionalities are been added for high effective usage. As per the research, this Tableau is on the upper hand on the geospatial information. On the other hand, A tableau is just a tool that probably helps various businesses to understand the better usage of data to users. The most negative aspect of this is that IT will have and invest a significant amount of required time to recreate it in the semantic layer before the usage of a tool than before. Now, based on the cost perspectives the Tableau Desktop is free for the students to learn in a great manner. SAP seems to be a great investment to Lumira and the production tool will be really having a bright future if you are in the SAP shop.

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