Tableau Ecosystem Contains Of Different Components


Tableau Desktop: It is the core component for all the Tableau developers. It is the place where the complete development wile takes place in Tableau.

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Tableau Server: It is the core component for the Tableau admins. The complete security, automation (scheduling), integration etc it will be performed at the server level.

Tableau Reader: It is the free application from Tableau corporation. It is used to share the visualization built on Tableau desktop locally.

Tableau Double: It is another free application which allows the users to share their visualization publicly to anyone (Global Sharing)

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Tableau Online: Using Tableau online it is possible to perform the rapid fire business Intelligence in the cloud.
Note: Tableau desktop, Tableau server, Tableau Online are available as a trail products for 14 days. They are not fire.

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Tableau Mobile: This application is available from Tableau 9.0 It allows the users to access the visualizations built on Tableau desktop over the mobiles.

Vizable: It is the new application from Tableau which allows the users to perform visualization building and development at the level of Tablets. 
The word Tableau is derived from french word “Tableau” which means picture or platform.

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Last updated: 04 Apr 2023
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