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Fast and Easy Analysis via Tableau Show Me feature

Tableau’s mission statement is to help you see and understand your data by enabling self-service visual analytics. The software is designed to facilitate analysis for non-technical information consumers. This is the concept behind Tableau’s Show Me button. Consider Show Me to be your expert helper. Show Me tells you what chart to use and why. It will also help you create complicated visualizations faster and with less effort. For example, advanced map visualizations are best started via Show Me because Tableau will properly place multiple dimensions and measures pills on the appropriate shelves with a single click. If you know what you want to see, Show Me will get you to your desired destination quickly.

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How Tableau Show Me Works:

Show Me has created a view based on the fields already used in the view, and any fields you’ve selected in the Data pane. Open Show Me by clicking Show Me on the toolbar . When you use Show Me simply select the fields you want to analyze in the Data pane and then select the type of view you want to create. Tableau automatically evaluates the selected fields and gives you the option of several types of views that would be appropriate for those fields. Further, Show Me highlights the visualization type that best matches the data.

Show Me looks at the combination of measures and dimensions you’ve selected and interprets what chart types displays the data more effectively. Most of the examples in this section use the Superstore Sales Excel data set. If you want to follow along, connect to that data source. Picking order date, sales, and then clicking Show Me will expose the options available for that combination.
Show me displays chart options diagram :

Tableau recommends a line (discrete) time series chart in Tableau Show Me feature – denoted with a blue outline. At the bottom of the Show Me area you also see additional details regarding the requirements needed for building any available chart. The time series chart requires one date, one measure, and zero or more dimensions. Selecting the highlighted chart causes the time series chart.

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Discrete date time series chart diagram :

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