Tableau is the powerful and fastest visualizing tool which is used in the Business Intelligence(BI) Industry. It simplifies the raw data into an understandable format. Analysis of the data becomes faster with Tableau.  The visualizations can be created in the form of dashboards. The visualizations or diagrammatic representation of data can easily be understood by the employees of the organizations who are at different levels.    

Tableau 2019.2 is the latest version of Tableau and it has been released on May 21, 2019. It enhances the mapping capabilities that how people can analyze the location of data. It upgrades the background of mapping technology. Tableau Desktop build up number is 20192.19.0515.1630.

Tableau 2019.2 Corrected Issues

  1. The latest version of Tableau Desktop maximum MAKEDATETIME(), DATETIME() from SQL server is null either by using YEAR[date] or the exact date.
  2. Formatting of Whisky and Box appears incorrect in the UI.
  3. Updates to the Salesforce connector. 
  4. When NUTS codes used map borders for Norway, Finland and Sweden display incorrectly.
  5. “An unrecoverable error occurred “ when you refresh Marketo Extract. 
  6. Tableau Desktop, will not display the SAP Hana input parameters when they are created in SAP Web IDE.
  7. Users who you are creating or using “Reset” the map layers pane in Desktop 2019.2 it will consider Make Default in the map layers pane and it will encounter a message as “ The online map could not be loaded. Mapbox user style (tableau-light-gray) not found. Please correct and try again”.
  8. Sometimes it encounters error messages like “Unable to connect” or “ Malformed response” when user connecting to the published data source which had been configured to prompt the user. 
  9. It will not update the data when you refresh in neither desktop or server. 

Tableau 2019.2 New Features

Vector Maps:

Now tableau is offering a wonderful feature that customer can view the detail and smoother browsing experience compare to image-based mapping products. When customers zoom in and zoom out tableau measures the map according to the image loading and it does not break the flow of customer on their analysis. New styles are updates like dark, normal and default styles which are on the right out of the box.

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Vector Maps


Parameter Actions:

This new feature is simple and easy to use, where it gives the ability to change the parameter values like calculations, filters, and reference lines by simply selecting the data points. Instead of changing the value in the text box, dashboard authors can use the parameter for flexible calculations.  


Parameter Actions


New Tableau Content Browsing Experience

  • Now users can calculate their calculations using natural language.
  • If you are not using screen space free up it using hideable dashboard.
  • With just a single click dashboard will create a new worksheet. 
  • Biometric securities such as Face Id and Touch Id with mobile.
  • Reference lines of customizing tooltips include the ability to edit or disable the text.
  • Personalized Tableau server homepage makes easier to find the relevant content quickly.