What are the common use cases for tabcmd in tableau?

Common use cases for tabcmd

There are many distinct ways to utilize tabcmd to automate repetitive or intensive production issues. If you find yourself engaging in repetitive tasks constantly, you must consider using tabcmd to automate the process to save time, improve accuracy and enhance the way you can share and update files.The examples presented next lets you learn about a sample of the ways in which tabcmd can be used. You will definitely try to think of many other ways to automate process which repeatedly requires your attention.

How Tableau creates forecasts

Tableau generates forecasted values by using time-series data that is included in your worksheet. Figure 6.1 below shows a time series chart that includes forecasted values.

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                                                  Figure 6.1: Time series with forecast

Forecasted values are presented in a lighter color than the actual values. The forecast values in Figure 6.1 can be added by right-clicking within the worksheet, and selecting the Forecast/Show Forecast menu option. You can also generate the forecast from the Analysis menu/Forecast option.

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Retrieving forecast data from workbooks

Tableau Desktop users can create forecasts with a couple of mouse clicks. The resulting figures can be exported, revised and possibly added to your datasource — providing a fast and easy way to model the future based on past history.

This forecasting ability can be used to create initial projections based on historical patterns. The tabcmd export function can be used to publish forecasted data points from a workbook view by exporting data in CSV format which can then be used to update a source database or a spreadsheet.

This first-pass view of the forecast can then be tweaked and returned to a database and stored.
Eventually, historical data can be published as well. Even though it may be easier to analyze data using tableau, some users may lack license access. You may sometimes wish to share exported PDF, PNG, or CSV files with vendors that don’t have access to the tableau. To overcome this, you can publish packaged workbooks specifically for few partners and allow them to access certain groups on your server.

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Manage data governance via tabcmd

You may want to create a quality control directory where you can publish raw files for review, then after auditing and approval, use the publish command to move the preliminary file into a production group or project. This is an interesting alternative to heavy-handed quality control. Instead of focusing on the end report, it can be focused on ensuring the quality of the data extract file and also provide information to the consumers with a vetted preliminary view that can be modified to suit specific needs.

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