Tableau empowers everyone to see and understand their data. It is typically a Business Intelligence platform for your entire organization to quickly explore and analyze data. Its drag and drop feature helps in discovering trends and outliers. With Tableau you can connect to the data you care about, (whether it’s a spreadsheet, database or big data); access data warehouses or cloud data.

The following concepts will help you decide why learning tableau is essential:

Importance of Data visualization

Data visualization is the representation of data in a visual manner. It can be like a graph, heat map, XY plot, or something equivalent.  It makes the life of an analyst or a marketer easier in terms of understanding patterns and getting insights from the data itself.

Data analytics tools are the main foundation for any digital business because they allow businesses to really understand what their customers are doing on their website or an application. Therefore, accurate tracking of directions within a data analytics tool is essential for any online business.

Data visualization enables us to get to the core of the data and allows to unveil some patterns, which cannot be easily understood by just looking at the table. It allows connecting of many different sources into one place, therefore allowing analysis which can be demanding if performed individually.

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These reasons make Tableau a better analytics tool:

1. Data Manipulation

When it comes to data manipulation, understanding data, gathering reports from databases, consolidating data, and the difficulties in deploying software are the major problems. Tableau is known as the best analytics tool as it is useful in implementing data analytics.

2. Data Integration

Compatibility issues do not occur as Tableau software helps us in building new integrations with any programming language or any type of software. Connecting data has never been this easy as the need for entry of data is replaced by Tableau.

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3. Big data revolution

Business Intelligence (BI) platform helps in resolving issues related to big data, and hence it is a key market player in the big data revolution. BI software is essential to turn data into insights in a profitable manner. The practice of visualizing data in excel sheets has been terminated and is not manageable due to the exchange of large data from databases.

Ease of using Tableau

Tableau leverages visual analytics that enables users to interact with data. This practice helps users to visually interact with data to make crucial decisions and get faster insights.

Interacting with data becomes easy with Tableau.

This is a very effective tool in creating interactive data visualizations rapidly. It is simple to use and user-friendly in nature. Tableau has the ability to create complex graphs similar to the pivot table graphs in Microsoft Excel. In addition to that, it can handle huge data and provides faster calculations on datasets. The below points describe the  benefits of Tableau.

  • Users can quickly create visuals and easily switch between types to identify the model that best represents your message.
  • Customizing the view becomes easier with few clicks as the user interface is well organized.
  • Users can seamlessly manage huge amount of data.
  • Tableau is very easy to integrate with many data sources.
  • It can create visualizations without crashing while handling large amounts of data.

It offers businesses the advantage of performing complex data visualizations in a proper, drag and drop manner. Data visualization is remarkably interactive with Tableau.

Tableau features

  • Cross-database joins

Tableau allows users to combine tables from various databases using the data source connection tabs. This feature is critical as it brings tableau upto the speed while outperforming other leading vendors in the space. Tableau has created colour-coded connections to keep track of the database where each table comes from.

  • Filtering across data sources

Besides cross-database join functionality, it allows users to apply one filter that spans across all similar data sources.

  • Cluster Analysis

The clustering function utilizes k-means for clustering the dataset based upon the dimensions and measures that are dragged into the new cluster variables card. Data clustering has a wide range of implementations in the advanced analytics realm and Data Science.

  • New Connections

It has added a variety of data source connection types. You can now have the access to Quickbooks, Google sheets, and many other regularly used sources.

  • Geography and Maps

Tableau has expanded its geographical support to many parts of the world map. It has included Europe, Asia, and many other regions. In addition to identifying more geographical areas, it now allows users to roll up geographical fields into custom territories.

List of top companies which use Tableau:

According to the data collected from iDataLabs, 32,459 companies use Tableau. The below-mentioned ones are some of the companies among them.

Companies using Tableau


Below stated data shows the representation of Tableau Market share and Its competitors in Business Intelligence.

Chart showing tableau competitors in Business Intelligence

Essential Tableau learning resources:

There are many number of training resources available with tableau which makes it a rich source for gaining knowledge. The following are the useful Tableau resources on the internet which make you master the tool set of Tableau.

Tableau Desktop Free Trial !!

Many of you have already installed tableau on your computer, but there are some people who still haven't started exploring the tool. The Tableau Free Desktop Trial is fully functional for a period of 14 days, where you can try things out.

Tableau Tutorials

Tableau offers training resources to gain some basic knowledge. There are video tutorials which are more than 5+ hours on a variety of options within the tableau environment.

Tableau Training

Tableau Training by Mindmajix enables you to start learning the fundamentals of Tableau and eventually provides you a deeper understanding of its concepts. The live classes will help you to record and review the classes later after the completion of the session.

Tableau Community

Tableau community is one of the passionate and most engaged user bases on the internet. The buzz that tableau has created in the democratization of big data has spread widely. This community has users with proficiency in various levels who are always looking to discuss about tableau. There is a youtube channel available for users who are facing difficulty in implementing Tableau methods.

Tableau Public

Tableau public is an advanced version of interacting with the community members of Tableau. It is a place where you can create and share your own reports and visualizations with the members of the Tableau community.

Joining the Tableau community has a couple of benefits:

You can first analyze what others are doing, like how the visualizations and dashboards are being created. The best presentations will attract views, shares, and comments. This is useful in collecting various ideas and implementing them into your work.

The other advantage is that you can get feedback on your own creation of dashboards by uploading them to Tableau public community.