AWS EC2 Instance Types

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AWS EC2 Instance Types

Overview on AWS EC2 Instance Types

Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute is shortly called Amazon EC2 which is probably a web service that delivers secured and resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It is mostly designed to make out the web-scale cloud computing for the developers with ease. It is very simple web service interface that allows one to obtain and configure required capacity with minimal friction. 

AWS EC2 Instance

Amazon EC2 is here to deliver the wide selection of instance types which are probably optimized to fit various use cases. All the instance types have come up with various combinations like CPU, Storage, Memory and other networking capacities. It also gives flexibilities in selecting the right mix of resources for respective applications. For every type of instance, it includes one or more instance sizes that allow to scale up various resources as per the requirements to reach the target of workload. 

For each and every instance, Amazon EC2 provides a predictable and consistent amount of CPU capacity without any need of underlying hardware. It also delivers the required resources to host computer for every respective instance. 

Amazon EC2 - Instance types

Amazon EC2 Instance Types

The Amazon EC2 instance will provide a wide range of selection in the instance types which are specifically optimized to fit the various use cases. Generally, the types of instances will comprise various combinations of memory, networking capacity, CPU, storage that gives the flexibility in order to choose the perfect mix of resources for your applications. The each Amazon EC2 instance type will typically contain one or more instance sizes by allowing the resources to the targeted workload.
The EC2 instance types are generally categorized into 5 types by the Amazon. They are:
  1. General Purpose – (T2, M4, M3)
  2. Computer Optimized – (C5, C4, C3)
  3. Memory Optimized – (X1, R4, R3)
  4.  Accelerated Computing (P3, P2, G3, F1)
  5. Storage optimized-(I3)
  6. Dense-storage Instances – (D2)

1.General Purpose Instance

  • T2

T2 AWS instance is one of the best-performed instances which offers the baseline CPU performances with the effective capability. It has an ability to burst all the performances that are directed by the CPU credits. Generally, every T2 instances will get credits based on the established rate and the size of an instance which are accurately called as the CPU credits. These type of instances will be a great option especially for the workloads, which doesn't require more CPU consistent and well suitable for the small databases, web servers, and developer environments.

Features and Use cases 

The features of T2 are high-frequency Intel Xeon Processors, Burstable CPU and it is the lowest cost general purpose instance type and free tier eligibility. It also balances computing, network resources, and memory etc. The Use cases of T2 are Websites, Development environments, web applications, build servers, code repositories, testing and staging environments. 

  • M4

These instances are described as one of the leading and best general purpose instances. It will offer a great network, memory balance by computing all the resources for several applications. They are also providing the increased networking facility which is 4 times equal to the packet rate along with guaranteed reliable latency with a high network. These instances are well devoted to the network capacity for input/output operations and EBS optimized.
M4 instances types:

  • Large
  • Xlarge
  • 2xlarge
  • 4xlarge
  • 10xlarge

Features and Use cases 

The features are EBS Optimized by default without any requirement of additional cost. The massive support is enhanced networking and balance of computing, networking resources, and memory as well. The use cases are small and mid-size databases, data processing tasks which require caching fleets, additional memory and also for running backend servers for SAP. 

  • M3 

Basically, the M3 instance type is used to balance the network, memory and compute the resources according to it. All these resources are used for the general purpose of virtual machines and mostly to the EC2 instances. These types of instances are well suitable for the small and mid-sized databases for the data processing jobs, which may require the cluster computing and extra money.

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2. Compute-optimized instances

Compute-optimized Instances

  • C5

The instance of C5 is completely optimized for computing-intensive workloads and also delivers cost-effective high performance with low rates. The main use cases are with high-performance web servers, batch processing, scientific modeling, high-performance computing (HPC), distributed analytics, ad serving, highly scalable multiplayer gaming and videos encoding etc. 

  • C4

However, these types of instances are the addition to compute-optimized instances which are features with the max number of performance processors at the lowest amount of prices. These types of instances are well suitable for the compute-bound application types which mat derives all the advantages of high-performance processors. Mostly the C4 instance types are dependent on the custom processors that are optimized for EC2. The Intel boost technology will help the clock speed of C4 instances to touch.
C4 instances types:

  • Large
  • Xlarge
  • 2xlarge
  • 4xlarge
  • 8xlarge
  • C3

C3 instance type is greatly used to offer the CPU instance storage based on the SSD which has a twice the memory and faster processors when compared to C1. These types of instances are well suitable for the applications that can derive the advantage from the compute capacity of memory, custom intensive application with high performing web servers. However, these are latest compute-optimized instances from the AWS, but they provide the high performances at affordable prices and well fitted for the intensive workloads.
C3 instances types:

  • Large
  • Xlarge
  • 2xlarge
  • 4xlarge
  • 8xlarge

3. Optimized Memory 

  • X1 

In general, these types of instances are suited well for the large-scale, enterprise-class and in-memory application at affordable prices with each GiB RAM among all the AWS EC2 instance types. It is defined as one of the latest addition of EC2 instance group that is intended to perform the high scale executing and in-memory applications over the AWS cloud. When compared to the other AWS EC2 instances, this X1 instances will offer the lowest prices for each GiB of RAM and well suited to execute the in-memory databases and applications. All these instances are SAP certified in order to run the production environments perfectly.

  • R4

The instances of R4 is completely optimized with memory intensive applications and mostly delivers the best price for GiB of RAM than R3. 

  • R3

Generally, the R3 Instances are fully equipped in order to run a memory intensive application, which is less expensive when compared to the other instances. It will offer the greater performance with more bandwidth, supported latency, increased performance and great EBS optimization support. These types of instances are well suitable for in-memory analytics databases in order to acquire the maximum memory performances with the gained high price of units. They can also support the HVM machine images only.

4. Accelerated Computing 

  • P3

The respective instances of P3 are the latest generations of general purpose GPU instance. The use cases are completely Machine or Deep Learning, computational fluid dynamics, computational finance, speech recognition, drug discovery etc. 

  • P2

The P2 instance is completely intended for certain general purpose GPU computing applications. The use cases of P2 are High-Performance databases, computational finance, molecular modeling, genomics, rendering and other server-side GPU compute workloads etc. 

  • G3

The G3 instance is completely optimized for related graphics-intensive applications. The use cases of G3 are 3D visualizations, graphics-intensive remote workstation, application streaming and other server-side graphics workloads. 

  • F1

The F1 instance is completely offered with customizable hardware accelerations with certain field programmable gate arrays. The various use cases of F1 are Genomics research, financial analytics, big data search, security, and analysis as well. 

5. Storage Optimized 

  • I3- High I/o Instance  

The family mostly includes High Storage Instances that provides Non-volatile Memory Express SSD backed instance storage optimization with low latency and high random I/o performance and provides high IOPS at low costs.

6. Dense-storage Instances:

  • D2:

These storage optimized instances will offer up to 48TB by providing the huge disk by providing them at an affordable price for each disk type performance on AWS EC2 instances. The D2 instances are specifically designed for workloads which are greater sequential write and the get the read access for large data storage. All these are well-suited for data warehouses, processing computing and Hadoop. These instances are optimized by EBS which offers dedicated block storage for your AWS account that ranges from 750 Mbps to 4000 Mbps with free usage. It also allows the users to access them regularly by achieving the great network traffic.

Infographics on New AWS EC2 Instance Types

Infographics on New AWS EC2 Instance Types

AWS EC2 Instance Sizes and Amazon EC2 Instance Storage 

The instance store is here to provide with temporary block-level storage for respective instance. The complete storage is located on certain disks which are attached to the computers in a physical way. The instance can easily store one or else number of instance storage volume which is completely exposed to the block devices. 

What is Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance?

The Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance (RI) is complete of importance which is compared with On-Demand pricing that provides a capacity reservation which is generally used for specific Availability Zone. 

Amazon EC2 Instance Scheduled For Retirement

This Amazon EC2 instance is completely scheduled with respective retirement when AWS detects irreparable failure of the hardware hosting the instance. 

Amazon EC2 Instance Pricing

One can easily pay only for the usage of EC2 instance where the costs and complexities of planning, purchasing, and maintenance of hardware that can easily transform with the certain fixed amount of costs. 

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