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What Is AWS Management Console?

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What is AWS Management Console?

AWS Management Console

In the current trending world, there is a wide variety of technology services for developing, managing and operating applications in the most reliable manner. Probably, AWS has started offering technology infrastructure platform in the year 2006. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the secure cloud services platform which offers database storage, computer power, content delivery and other various functionality that helps the business grow and scale. 

AWS Management Console - AWS Services


AWS- The Broad IT Infrastructure Platform


AWS Cloud computing delivers a simple way to access storage, server, databases and another broad set of application services over the Internet. The cloud services platform that is Amazon Web Services probably owns and maintains the network-connected hardware requirement for the various application services.

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AWS Management Console is the most popular method to access though Management console because of its reliability in usage and its power to accomplish tasks. The most important reason to prefer AWS Management console is that it does not require any software to start with and having an internet connection and the required browser in a sufficient way. The Management console is considered as the place where advanced and administrative operations can be easily performed on the AWS Services. 

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AWS Management Console

Accessing and managing Amazon Web Services through a perceptive web-based user interface in a reliable manner. There is also an AWS console mobile app to have quick view resource in an incredible way. AWS Management console is considered as the web application that simply refers and compromises of a wide range of services to manage Amazon Web Services in a reliable manner. It also delivers access to each of the service console that offers various tools to work with Amazon S3 buckets, launching and connecting to Amazon EC2 instances, getting more information about account and billing and setting of Amazon CloudWatch alarms. It mainly focuses on the below given 

AWS Management Services

One-click access to AWS Service 

AWS Account Administration 

AWS Management using a Handled device 

AWS Infrastructure Management across the Globe 

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What are the features of AWS Management Console?

Let us see some of the features of AWS Management console that helps to boost current revenues with industry-centric approaches. 

Administering AWS Account

The best console facilities cloud management to various aspects of this AWS account that includes managing security credentials, monitoring monthly spending by service and also setting up of new these IAM users. 

Finding Services in AWS Console

For each and every action, there are incredible ways for which you can simply locate or else navigate the required services that you need. Behalf of console Home, the user can easily make use of the search functionality, expanding of All Services section for browsing to through the given list of all the services which are given by AWS and the selected services from the Recently Visited Services Section.

One can also easily go through the selected Services Menu in given top-level navigation that shows the search functionality and given lists of services can easily be grouped or else arranged in an alphabetical model. 

Learning More about AWS

The certain features of AWS Console Home Page feature different types of resources which mainly helps to learn about the services and features about AWS. It can easily get started to build solutions in the faster manner. There are probably two sections that are “Build a solution” which is very simple and automated wizards along with the workflows to give an effective solution with ease. 

The “Learn to build” section will lead to various aggregated learning and training resource which is organized by solution type and use case. The given resources include tutorials, self-placed labs, documentation and project guides.

Pin Service Shortcuts 

Personalize the required AWS console experience by creating some of the shortcuts to have users visits in often manner. Just have a pin icon on the global navigation bar that allows to drag and drop service links on this toolbar to have shortcuts. 


Resource Groups

With the help of resource groups, one can have the command over different resources to share with certain common tags. The usage of streamline of the console helps in creating a various resource group for each service, application, and collection of various resources that to have work in a regular manner. 


Tag Editor

The usage of Tag editor will easily help to manage all the resource types which can support tags in any of the regions. At a time, one can easily apply tag keys and certain values to various multiple resources. It also supports bulk editing and global tag search which helps to find all the resources with ease. You can even do tag changes across the numerous resources with certain few clicks. 


Manage AWS Resources from your Mobile Device 

With the help of AWS console Mobile App, one can easily and quickly view the current resources that include CloudWatch alarms. It also helps to perform some of the required operational tasks from the mobile device. 


Important Requirements

First of all, the basic requirement is an existing AWS account. If the required person complete sign-in process with an Access Management (IAM) user account and AWS Identity, there is a requirement of account details that includes some of the email address from the administrator. 

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How to work with AWS Management console?

  • One can easily get started with a required service that provides different ways for navigation to individual service console. 
  • Adding and removing the required shortcuts that show to boost revenues
  • Selecting the required region 
  • You can change the password as per your own perspective 
  • Get Billing Information in the right manner 
  • Usage of a device of your own choice 
  • Troubleshooting 

This AWS Management console is considered as the graphical interface to have an access with an incredible range of AWS cloud services and managing of computer storage in an efficient manner and other cloud resources. One can also use the required tags for the creation of various resources groups to manage the required AWS in a collective manner. The console also includes Tag Editor tool for managing metadata that can be probably added to the resources.

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