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AWS Services List - Top 10 AWS Services

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You might have seen a lot of services that are offered by AWS - But you might have messed up with all the services that service suit for your organization's requirements. So, we've prepared the Top 10 AWS Services List in 2021 for you which clears your confusion and helps you to find a list of essential services that fit for your project implementation.

In this blog, we have discussed the popular Amazon Web Services, which are the most used Amazon Services by clients and admins. Additionally, we will also be looking at 5 more Best AWS cloud services that are popular and useful for your requirements.  So, let's dive into the most popular AWS Services List.

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Top 15 AWS Services List in 2021

Here are the Top Amazon Web Services are:

Service #1 - Amazon S3

Amazon S3 Amazon S3 is listed top in the AWS services list - because, storing and retrieving the data plays a prominent role in cloud computing. So, AWS offers a wonderful service called Amazon Simple Storage Service or Amazon S3 to store and retrieve data from the cloud. S3 allows the user to store, upload, retrieve large files up to 5 TB from the cloud. It is a scalable, low-cost and high-speed web-based service designed for archival and online backup of application programs and data. Using S3, the user can access the same system that Amazon uses to run its website. Users have control over the public or private accessibility of the data.



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Service #2 - Amazon EC2 [Elastic Compute Cloud]


AWS EC2 Amazon EC2 provides scalable computing capacity in the AWS cloud. Using Amazon EC2, you can develop and deploy applications quickly and effectively for a low cost. And also you can use Amazon EC2 to launch virtual servers according to your requirements.

Service #3 - AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda Amazon Lambda is a service that allows the user to run code without any server. Amazon Lambda executes the code only when the user needed and scales automatically. Users pay only for the compute time, no need to charge when your code is not running. This service supports the code written in Node.js, Java, Python, and languages supported by Amazon Linux.

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Service #4 - Amazon Glacier

Amazon Glacier Amazon Glacier is one of the most important services provided by AWS. The Glacier is an online web storage service that provides you with low cost and effective storage with security features for archival and data backup. With Glacier, you can store the information effectively for months, years, or even decades.

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Service #5 - Amazon SNS

AWS SNS Amazon SNS is a web service provided by the AWS. SNS stands for Simple Notification Service, and it manages and delivers the messages or notifications to the users and clients from any cloud platform. In SNS, there are two types of clients, subscribers, and publishers. Publishers produce and send a message to the subscriber instance through the communication channels.

Subscribers receive notification from the publisher over one of the supported protocols such as Amazon SQS, HTTP, and Lambda, etc. Amazon SNS automatically triggers the service and sends an email with a message that “ your EC2 instance is growing” when you are using Auto Scaling. Amazon SNS automatically triggers the service and sends an email with a message that “ your EC2 instance is growing” when you are using Auto Scaling.

Service #6 - Amazon CloudFront

AWs CloudFront To Know how fast your website is working, you can use the CloudFront service. It speeds up the sharing of your dynamic and static web content such as .css, .html, and image files to your users. It securely delivers your images, videos, data, and applications to users and clients with high transfer speed and low latency, all within a developer-friendly environment.

Service #7 - Amazon EBS [Elastic Block Store]

AWS EBS EBS is an Amazon service, which is used to store persistent data, and it is block-level storage to use EC2 instances. You can use EBS service, to move the data from one instance to another instance without losing the stored data at EBS. You can mount multiple volumes on the same instance, but each volume can be attached to a single instance at a time.

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Service #8 - Amazon Kinesis

AWS Kinesis Are you worried about how to deal with the large volume of data? AWS is offering Amazon Kinesis service to handle big data in real-time. It allows developers to take any large volume of data from any source that can run on EC2 instances. It stores, capture, and processes the data from large distributed streams like social media feeds and log events. After completion of processing the data, it distributes the data to the consumers simultaneously.

Service #9 - Amazon VPC

AWS VPC Is my data secure in the AWS Cloud? Yes, your information is secure in the AWS cloud with the Amazon VPC service. Using the Virtual Private Network, the data is secured because only authorized people can view the data. So, the information is not exposed to outside people or networks.

Service #10 - Amazon SQS

AWS SQS Amazon SQS stands for Simple Queue Service, and it manages the message queue service. Using this service, you can move the data or message from one application to another even though it is not in the running or active state. SQS sends messages between multiple services, including S3, DynamoDB, EC2 Instance, and also it uses the Java message queue service to deliver the information. The maximum visibility timeout of a message is 12 hours in the SQS queue. 

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Till now we have discussed the top 10 AWS services, right?

As we said before, now we are going to have a look at the list of Five more Best AWS Services that are also very popular among the organizations.

Amazon Web Services Cloud Services List

Here are the 5 more popular services in AWS:

Service #11 - Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

AWS Elastic Beanstalk Developers can easily deploy the services and web applications developed with .NET, Java, PHP, Python and more without providing any infrastructure. A number of cloud clients, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, offer development tools to make the process easy and simple.

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Service #12 - DynamoDB

DynamoDB It is a fully managed NoSQL database service that supports document data structures and key values that are offered by Amazon.com. DynamoDB allows you to create the database tables so that you can retrieve and store any format of data. It controls the data traffic over multiple servers and maintains the performance of the tables.

Service #13 - Amazon RDS [Relational Database Service]

AWS RDS It is a fully SQL database cloud service that allows users to operate and create relational databases. RDS can manage from any AWS Management Console. Using RDS, you can access files and databases from anywhere in a highly scalable and cost-effective way.

Service #14 - Amazon ElastiCache

AWS ElastiCache It is a memory cache system service on the cloud and supports Redis and Memcached. ElasticCache improves the memory performance by CPU Intensive Queries and Caching I/O queries in memory for quick results. It integrates with all other services, and you can manage from both user API and management console. Using Virtual Private Cloud, you can run the Elasticache cluster in Amazon

Service #15 - Amazon Redshift

AWS Redshift Amazon Redshift is a fully managed data warehouse service in the cloud. Redshift gives you to access structured data from the existing SQL, ODBC, and JDBC. When you are executing the large query, it divides the query into small parts and assigns them among the multiple nodes for parallel operations. According to the user requirements, it controls the nodes in the Redshift.



Here, the article comes to an end, we have given an overview of the top AWS services, we hope that you now have a better understanding of AWS cloud products. Please make a note that, AWS also offers a few more other services but our primary objective is to help you to find out the list of best services offered by AWS.

Let us know which AWS service is the best to suit your requirements?

We’d like to hear from you in the below comment section.

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