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60% of workloads will be moving to cloud solutions by 2020.  30% of software enterprises have already shifted from proprietorship to subscription-based IT infrastructure platforms. More than 50% of multinational companies prefer consumption-based data management services. There are 5M + servers physically existing in data centers that are handled by the cloud. What are these statistics mean? There is a huge need for an Online store where cloud computing can take place. Amazon Web Service is one such online store for customers to utilize cloud computing solutions for big data management. 

AWS Marketplace, on the other hand, is launched to accommodate the need for more ASW services to the enterprises that they can build their own software solutions on top of the AWS platform freely and more securely.

What made AWS Launch AWS Marketplace?

We know, to make our PC or Internet secure we need to install Anti VIrus Software in our system and install those plugins that scan the Internet from threads.  For the Antivirus to do that, you need to download the software. For that, you need some storage in your system, separate license and you might be using the software once-in-a-while may be less than 3 times a month.  How about having an Antivirus that need not download, no installation, no storage, and no licensing. Just pay when you want to scan your system. Just pay for the service of scanning the Internet on monthly basis. Just pay for the service you have taken. Isn't it interesting?.

AMS Marketplace exactly does the same. It allows you to utilize the service with a full-featured cloud experience with no software to install, and no procurement and integration delays. You just need to choose a convenient license method that satisfies your business needs.

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What are the Prerequisites for Using AWS Marketplace?

An AWS customer account and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances.

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What is the Product Available in AWS Marketplace?

Software infrastructure products like OSes, security, big data managing, and migration tools.; Developer tools like Bug tracker, data monitoring, data source control, and application testing; Business Intelligence software that collaborates e-commerce application, to data storage and data recovery; and data discovery and many other Microsoft desktop applications for managing billing and accounting. This software helps developers and administrators to manage and maintain their day-to-day data transactions and business operations smoothly.

AWS Marketplace - IoT Software on AWS

Who can you use AWS Marketplace?

You can use it as a seller or a subscriber. As a seller of a software product, you can all the sales of your product and as a subscriber, you can use specific software for your business purposes. 

What is the Feature Provided by AWS Marketplace for a Software Seller? 

As a seller, you need to register in AWS Marketplace with the details required.

Once you as a Software seller got the place not only to provide the software product, but you can market it, provide customer support, manage multiple products and upload the product documentation files. The pages that are provided for a seller are: 

1. Marketing page 
2. Customer Support Eligibility page
3. Reports page
4. Manage Products page
5. File Upload page

Some of the pages are shown below:

Marketing page

To view all your marketing results right from the traffic, conversion rate, customer usage of the product, and ROI..

Customer Support Eligibility page

  • This place helps you to access real-time information about a customer's subscription to your products

Reports page

This page allows you to download all the reports of those departments involved in the successful sale of your product to product subscriptions.

Manage Products page

  • This page shares all your AMI ( Amazon Machine Images)  with AWS Marketplace and has them scanned to ensure the basic requirements. and to know data for your existing published products.

File Upload page

• To upload files lik product metadata, images, and documentation this page is useful.

What is the feature provided by AWS Marketplace for a Software Subscriber? 

The selected software is provided in the form of Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) which contains all the required information to boot an Amazon EC2 instance on your system. 

Choose the software as per your business need. The products list is shown something like this

Click on the Splunk cloud

Let us consider, your business needs Splunk cloud software. Click on the Splunk cloud, you will find a contact form and price details.

Find a contact form and price details

Once you paid the bill, you get a notification that you are subscribed and asks you to create a customized link like this:

create a customized link

What are the benefits of the AWS marketplace to sellers and subscribers?

1. A single place to explore multiple software products along with their functionalities, features, price described carefully and fully authorized, 
2. Simplifies buyers- customers cycle.
3. Reduces license management cycle.
4. A single place for achieving marketing, selling, billing, and accounting kind of business process.

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